Many are violating Warren’s pool laws

Staff report


The newly hired Warren planning coordinator says there are so many people violating the city’s ordinances regarding use of swimming pools that he can’t keep up with them all.

Dan Sferra Jr. says he wants Warren residents to understand that any pool in the city that is more than 24 inches deep or contains 180 square feet or more of surface area requires a zoning/building permit.

The permit, which costs $40, also must include a plot plan, which describes the location of the pool to ensure that it isn’t within 10 feet of the property line, Sferra said.

Such pools also must be enclosed in a fence 5 feet high for the safety of anyone who might get into the pool without permission, he added.

Further, an extension cord running to the pool to power the filtration system doesn’t satisfy the regulations either, Sferra said. No pool of that size can be located in a front yard, he added.

The problem has been inflatable pools, Sferra said. Many people get upset when Sferra informs them that their inflatable pool requires a permit.

“Nobody thinks they need a permit,” Sferra said, adding, “What I try to tell people is that the rules are in place for safety.” The rules also protect the homeowner from the liability of someone getting hurt or drowning in their pool.

“There are so many of them,” Sferra said of inflatable pools in the city, that it’s going to be difficult to locate them all.

Sferra has been planning and building department planning coordinator since early June.

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