Beware of trade deals with China

Beware of trade deals with China

On July 15-17 A U.S.-China Governors Forum will be held in Salt Lake City to exchange laundry lists in the name of friendship and cooperation. I for one am a little bit leery about sucking up to Communists because we always end up with the short end of the stick.

In brief, state run corporations from communist China are buying up natural resources and land with the U.S. dollars they’ve accumulated from selling us the products that we used to make for ourselves. For example, the China National Machinery Industry Corp. known as SINOMACH, is negotiating to buy 50 square miles of land near the Boise Idaho Airport as the site of a proposed manufacturing , trade, and technology zone. What’s really sickening about these moves to buy up America by the Chinese Communists is the warm reception they’re getting from the governors of most of the states.

There’s also an investment-immigration program sponsored by the U.S. government, which has the potential to bring to the U.S. tens of thousands of China’s privileged Communist millionaires to be small investors in American Businesses. Now don’t you think that our government is taking this friendship and cooperation thing just a little bit too far? China already owns us financially but apparently that’s not enough, now they want to move over here and take the rest.

We keep letting these brutal regimes buy up our country and dump their cheap goods on us. Wake up, Washington.

Bud McKelvey, Hermitage, Pa.