YSU police chief deserves no raise

YSU police chief deserves no raise

As a student of Youngstown State University, I personally have experienced some of the highs and lows of the campus in the past few years. To those who have accepted pay freezes, the students acknowledge you from the depths of our hearts for your help to keep the campus out of the red.

As reported by others, the YSU police chief is receiving a pay raise. I have lived in Youngstown my entire life. Most homicides are between relationship problems and gang/drug problems. So, most people here are relatively safe. I have never been robbed, beaten, arrested, or even been in a car accident while living in Youngstown. But my first year on campus, my car was stolen from a lot under surveillance of the YSU police. The camera, directly facing my car, was not on. Hence, no work could be done to retrieve my car because there could be no suspect descriptions. It still hasn’t been found.

The only time I wanted to call the campus police was during the three weeks that the security lights weren’t working in the resident parking lot.

In the 2009-2010 school year, a student arrived at the Cafaro dorm around 2 a.m. after having problems breathing the last few minutes of her car ride. A cop at the counter couldn’t remember how to dial an outside number and took several minutes to finally manage the task. If you can’t remember how to use the phone, call the RA or whip out your cell and do it on that.

YSU is a very safe campus from the outside, except for the rare armed robbery.

Sometimes, I wish I was back at Chaney High, where all I ever had to do was listen for any possible yelling and be prepared to walk another way to class.

Heather Miller, Youngstown