Recycling the old barn

Razing the roof in Canfield Township


By Robert K. Yosay


Sitting alongside busy state Route 46, the old, red, weather-beaten barn with slate roof and oak lathe was hardly noticeable.

That is until Jansen Paumier of Salem thought that with a little work, time and elbow grease he could dismantle the barn — board by board and slate by slate — and use the materials in a new barn.

Jansen has been building new “old” barns and remodeling his Salem home with the wood and slate, giving new life to the weathered wood, mostly oak, that had many pieces cut and installed by hand.

When finished and put back to use, the wood — kept well by Mother Nature and time — has a beauty all its own. Unique to every piece, the weathered wood grain could almost tell its story.

Jansen enjoys the challenge of dismantling a barn.

The slate is his favorite material to work with. Most of it is gray and still much the same as the day it was installed.

He said it is the most durable of roofing materials and shows the awesome power of nature, which formed it. He said even though the slate has been in place for more than 50 years, it can last 100 more years if installed properly.

Beautiful wood and durable slate, destined for the trash, will soon be a part of another life in another location.

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