Ohioans get bad rap from Kasich

Ohioans get bad rap from Kasich

Ohio GOP considers tax breaks for businesses despite $8B deficit, the Jan. 16 Vindicator reported

Gov. John Kasich in his inaugural address announced he hoped to restore economic security and add jobs. He would eliminate Ohio’s personal income tax, privatize state functions from the Ohio Turnpike and prisons to liquor sales, and reform public pensions. Then, still wet behind the ears, he sets out to Detroit. We don’t know what his agenda was, but on his return, he berates the citizens of Ohio with a litany of faults that he received from those whom he met.

As this tirade on us was via a television newscast, only the first item is remembered: “Ohioans have a bad attitude.” His response was to return home with his tail between his legs, and repeat those blasphemies to us. It is these Ohio workers who produce the automobiles that give the Big Three executives their multi-million dollar salaries, bonuses, pensions and stock options, and our governor comes back and berates us with their invectives.

Ohio was, is and will continue to be a great state. It is the people that make a state what it is. We have a new breed of “robber barons” who would try to take this heritage away from us by degrading our efforts to produce the best product that can be made. We can hold our own in any endeavor that may come our way; we are ready. I believe that the governor owes all Ohio residents an apology.

Leonard J. Sainato, Warren