If you aren’t a goose, don’t honk

If you aren’t a goose, don’t honk

Members of the senior class of 2011 at Hubbard High School better be careful this spring about the ways in which they celebrate their last day at school.

Plaster your cars with signs and blue and white crepe paper if you like, but don’t blow your own horns, at least not those on your cars.

The city of Hubbard has set a standard for enforcing its ordinance prohibiting the gratuitous blowing of horns .

As City Law Director Jeffrey D. Adler explained at a city council meeting last week: “The ordinance basically says you shall not blow your car horn unless it is to warn pedestrians or other vehicles.” That said, the city is apparently enforcing its ordinance somewhat selectively, as Adler added: “Contrary to news reports, this isn’t going to be enforced for someone tapping their horn to their neighbor, or pulling in their driveway and beeping twice to pick up a relative.”

But, we’d still tend to be careful when driving through the city.

Even though the police department is down by one man due to the still unexplained suspension-with-pay of police Chief Martin Kanetsky, Mayor Richard D. Keenan gives the impression that horn-honkers won’t be getting a free pass.

Interestingly, the mayor suggests that the city can’t enforce its ordinance that requires the shoveling of sidewalks because it would be unfair to cite only some people.

So there’s 100 percent tolerance for snow-removal scofflaws, but zero tolerance for horn honkers.

Now that that’s straightened out, what’s the standard for enforcement in cases of spitting on sidewalks, oversized signage and coarse language?

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