Candidates interviewed for Campbell administrator post

Staff report


Mayor William VanSuch is interviewing candidates for the job of city administrator, he confirmed Thursday.

One of three candidates is Lew Jackson, who has been in the post since December 2007. VanSuch would not say who the other two candidates are.

He said he intends to make up his mind within a week.

The position, which had been part time when Jackson was appointed, is now full time and pays $30,000 a year.

According to the city’s home-rule charter, the city administrator is responsible for the general supervision and proper operation of the police, fire, street and parks and sewage-treatment departments.

The administrator is the manager of the water department and is a purchasing agent for all city departments.

VanSuch, the former council president, became mayor Jan. 5 after former Mayor George Krinos resigned.

VanSuch dismissed Krinos’ full-time secretary, Denise Sarigianopoulos, with a termination letter Jan. 7, he said.

His new secretary is Judie Clement, a former clerk of council, who began work Jan. 10.

“I wanted someone I was comfortable with, and Judie has a lot of experience,” he said.

Clement’s work-weeks will not exceed 30 hours, he said.

The full-time secretary had been an issue with council because the city didn’t appropriate money to pay her $21,000-a-year salary.

Krinos, who began his two-year term in December 2009, told council in January 2010 that he would forgo his city health-care benefits to pay for the secretary. But in March, he began taking those benefits again.

VanSuch said he is taking his benefits, but, as a single person, his are only $4,000 a year vs. Krinos’ family plan at $16,000. He said that the city is saving around $16,000 a year because his benefits cost less and his secretary is part time.

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