There are good and bad nursing homes; be alert, ask questions

There are good and bad nursing homes; be alert, ask questions

There have been at least two letters recently discussing nursing home care, or should I say the lack of it. I have worked in long-term-care nursing homes for almost 30 years. I began as a nurse’s assistant and continued my education, working as an LPN and then an RN. I have been a director of nursing for many years, and I can completely relate to what these writers are saying. Most of it sadly is true. Over the years and through many arguments regarding care issues with my superiors,

I too have had enough. So I decided to write a book and tell the hard truth about nursing home operations and what the public doesn’t know — not all of it being bad. There are some really good facilities in our area and there are some that are less than acceptable, but the public must start being more responsible also. For example, don’t admit your mom to a facility simply because “we have a chapel, and a lovely gift shop that the residents will enjoy.” There are so many questions that the public need to ask these people who are going to be with your loved one 24/7. Don’t ever feel intimidated by nursing home staff ... this is your business.

My book, “Same Circus, Different Tent” will be out this year. I hope it helps families take control of the care their family member is entitled to. Our elderly deserve the absolute best. Nothing will ever change if we don’t demand better care and higher staffing levels. Too many of these letters regarding poor care have been written. Too many horror stories have been heard.

Sharon K. Young, RN, Youngstown

Closing schools in interest of safety

The Youngstown City school board is to be commended for closing the schools Jan. 12.

The decision showed their concern over the safety of their students as well as the staff.

Thanks for your efforts to make the community safe.

Barbara Willett, Boardman