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Animal Charity board appoints humane agent

Published: Sat, January 15, 2011 @ 12:08 a.m.

By Elise Franco

and Denise Dick



Former Animal Charity employee Kyle Zeigler will begin work as humane agent on Monday.

Gary Pilcher, chairman of the Animal Charity board, said the board reached out to Zeigler Thursday, asking him to fill the humane agent position. Zeigler accepted the job Friday and will begin work Monday.

Joe Borosky and Nikole Baringer formerly had the positions of humane agent and chief executive officer, respectively, but lost their jobs Jan. 10 after the board decided it would no longer provide those services because of financial problems. Two part-time animal caretakers also were let go.

A temporary financial resolution seemed to come just two days later however, after philanthropists Anthony and Mary Lariccia of Boardman announced they would contribute $50,000 annually until the agency regains its financial footing.

Pilcher said Zeigler’s professionalism and positive attitude, and the fact that he’s well-known within the agency, were all factors in his hiring.

“We’re looking for someone with good bedside manners, among other things, and that’s his temperament,” he said. “I think we’re going to have a new and improved Animal Charity real quick.”

Zeigler will make $11 per hour and work a 40-hour work week, Pilcher said.

He said Zeigler’s termination, which happened last summer, was one of the first indications that something was wrong within the agency. Zeigler worked as a humane agent under Borosky.

“Nikole [Baringer] fired him without saying anything to the board,” Pilcher said. “Sometimes you just get a sense there’s something wrong.”

Baringer said that she discussed Zeigler’s termination with the former board chairman, who is no longer an active board member. She also contends that Zeigler’s termination followed infractions which had been documented in his file.

The issue that led to his termination dealt with him not following proper procedure with a dog that had been rescued from the dog pound.

Prior to December, Baringer was permitted to terminate employees without going through the board, she said. “It was in December that the board told me that all terminations must go through the board,” she said.

Baringer served as the agency’s CEO for eight years.

She also took exception to Pilcher’s earlier statements that the reason she and others would not be rehired dealt with “efficiency” and that the agency had “underlying personnel issues.”

“The board never sat down to talk with me about efficiency or underlying personnel issues,” she said. There’s no discipline in her file, and she received regular pay increases during her tenure, Baringer said.

Pilcher said the next order is to fill the chief executive officer position.

“Were going to have to put feelers out and maybe even advertise,” he said. “This is the person who ought to be heavily involved in fund raising and being a PR agent in the community.”

Meanwhile, a story in Thursday’s Vindicator about the Lariccias’ donation to the agency included a photograph of Dave Nelson, Mahoning County dog warden, holding a puppy. The female shepherd mix and her two sisters had been found under a porch on Halleck Street.

Nelson said a North Side man came into the pound Thursday after seeing the puppy’s photograph in the paper and adopted her.

“We have two left,” he said. That might not last long, though, as Nelson expected people who inquired about the dogs to visit the pound.


1someonewhocares(6 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

This is not going to fly! They have added insult to injury to themself. Kyle is just as bad as his mentor Borosky.This agency should have started fresh.Now that the reins have been passed to Klye, they are not going to be solving any problems,just making new.Where are Kyle's qualifications?On his bio it reads mechanic!Does he have any training with animals,or just what Brosoky has shown him.There are plenty of qaulified people here that would do a better job. I look for this agency to crumble again within 6 months, and the ones that will suffer,AGAIN are the VOICELESS.

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2catzrule(25 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

I hope he will start returning calls. His mails box was ALWAYS FULL and when you were able to leave a message, he never returned them.

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3catzrule(25 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Animal Charity did not clean house deep enough. This new person was side by side with Borosky. He was present during all the screw ups with the Steven Crowley case and the Cat Ladies raid taking and killing over 60 cats with NO CHARGES OF ABUSE/NEGLECT.

The Board needs a fresh face to distance themselves from the black eye that the former staff has brought them. Wipe the slate clean and start with new people. What is the hurry? You must be careful to reorganize this agency because now you have the generous donation of the Lariccia family and it would be a waste to put in place "more of the same" People will not be donating to Animal Charity when they question the operation and you have left them many unanswered questions. Again, what is the hurry? Advertise and interview and put the best person in the job. A quick fix is not what you need now. You need a permanant fix. Please take the time and do what is right especially since you have accepted the Lariccia money.

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4kimk1957(21 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

This clone of Borosky, who has a history of physical assault, is NOT qualified to fill this position! Someone on the Board may think he is nice and have good manners...but bottom line, he does not.

What was the urgent hurry to fill that job?

Why didn't the Board take the time to properly solicit applications or run an ad to find someone better qualified?

Judge Belinky...please do not swear him in until you have more information about him. Talk to folks at other shelters who have dealt with him. If you dig deeper...you will not be impressed.

Board of Directors...PLEASE reconsider this decision. This is a BIG mistake. If you're trying to get Animal Charity reestablished, hiring another unqualified Joe Schmoe is not the answer. This is yet, another giant step backward for you.

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5southsidedave(5199 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Everyone has lost sight of the poor suffering animals that are being abused and neglected.

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6peedymom(13 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

No one who has posted here has lost sight of the poor suffering animals. In order to protect animals we need an humane agent who is qualified and who does not have a history of questionable decisions and actions. He was fired and now is re-hired? What was the board thinking? They obviously did not do any research and seem content to let things stand the way they were. I half expect Kyle to re-hire Joe Borosky. This job should be posted and qualified applicants should be interviewed. The same goes for the Animal Charity CEO position that is now open. Unless this is done above board, the same problems that plagued the organization before will continue.

I hope Judge Belinky does some serious thinking before he approves this appointment. He got a lot of flack over the Cat Ladies raid in September and the only response he gave was that he "only confirmed the appointment", he didn't choose the agent (Borosky). Well, this time he needs to know what he is approving and not just take someone else's word that this is the best possible hire. He will be ultimately be the one responsible if this appointment is approved and there are further problems with Animal Charity.

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71970mach1(1005 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

"There are plenty of qualified people here that would do a better job."

Really? Who?
I don't know Zeigler, so I don't know if he will be good or bad.

However, to be a humane agent requires specific certification. Very FEW people have that. It is not difficult training, but it does have to be done. (Well, unless you worked for Barringer, who routinely sent people out to do humane work when they were not qualified humane agents).

Zeigler, Dave Nelson (he already has a job) and Joe Borosksy are the only ones I can think of who have the necessary training.

Since you said there are "plenty" of others, please name them.

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8peedymom(13 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

We will never know who the other qualified people are who might be interested in the job. Why? Because the powers that be never looked any farther than a fired former worker. They rushed into re-hiring Kyle Ziegler without looking at any one else. What business doesn't even try to find the best possible candidate for a job? I don't know Ziegler either, but the fact is that he was fired from Animal Charity and he participated in several questionable raids with Joe Borosky.

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9catzrule(25 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

The only requirements to be the humane agent is to take a 20 hour course. YES! This is all!! When Ziegler was hired his background was auto repair. Truthfully the job does not pay enough to get a full time person of any value who is depending on this job alone. There is a phrase that "you get what you pay for" and it may apply here. I was hoping they would have applicants with animal backgrounds who have retired elsewhere (military, school, gov't, Lordstown) and are receiving their pension and this humane job would be their second career. By animal background I mean connections with animals thru farning, home kennel, horse boarding, etc..... We will never know who they could have hired in place of Ziegler? The contributions will not start flowing into Animal Charity with all this controversy and the Lariccia money will only be a band-aid to keep them open a few months. They cannot operate without donations and they need to show they really mean to reorganize their operation before people will start to send them money. I have no faith in them as of today.

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10Werecat(75 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

How about just hiring somebody with a good work ethic, compassion and common sense? Give the new officer a probationary period, conditional with completing and passing the humane officer training course the next time it is offered. Companies do that all the time if they find a prospective employee with the personality to do the job well but lacking a specific training certification.

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11athena62600(8 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

1970mach1: There are people who have completed humane agent training in the tri-county area.

They just hired 5 people in Trumbull County, there is at least one other person at the pound who has completed training (John I believe is his name), and there are even people at some of the animal shelters and rescue groups who have been humane agents in the past. Heck I have even looked into it.

The position should have been advertised to have made sure the right person was hired. You can't just say, "oh there are only 3 people with training in this field," and call it a day.

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12aklenec(3 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

athena62600 - just to confirm, you are right - John Klenec from the Mahoning County Dog Warden's office has completed the Humane Agent training - he paid for it on his own along with Shelter Operations and Shelter Management training - he wants to gain as much knowledge as he can within his field, not that it is doing him any good career advancement wise - but we are hopeful that someday it will pay off somehow...he is the type of person who should be filling all these positions regarding the animals...someone who truely cares about their well being.
This whole Humane Agent crisis is just another case of "politics" in the Mahoning County...it is getting really old.

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13anothercityresident(13 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

In the past I have sent $$ to Animal Charity. Now I just cannot do that. A family member called numerous times trying to report a neglected animal and the calls were never returned to obtain any information. Jean Kelty (whom we had met there) must be absolutely rolling at how her place has turned out.

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14Omerta(3 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Gary Pilcher. I don't know you but thank God that byou had the insight to see through Joe Borosky and Nichole Barringer. I know Joe and Kyle and I can tell you that Kyle's only problem is that Joe was his training Officer. There was a lot more going on there than you are aware. Joe was using a company vehicle like his own personal vehicle and driving it out to Lake Milton where he holds a part time job. I'm sure that at one time when a complaint was filed with the Youngstown Mayor's office that this activity stopped for a while. After the dust settled he was back at it. I'm quite sure that the little funding that Animal Charity receives does not take into account giving Joe a vehicle to conduct his personal business in or to drive to other jobs with. I'm very happy that the Board has come to their sences. The only tradgedy in this is that there were other employees fired at the whim of both Joe and Nichole without a good reason and most of those have moved on to other jobs. Some of them were very good people. Well qualified for the positions they had and their love for the animals and their service to the community. Their only problem is that they cramped the style of Joe and Nichole. So Kudos to you and the Board Mr. Pilcher. I may just start bringing my families pets back to Animal Charity, and I hope that the legal system in this county just leaves you to your decision. Sure would be a shame to bring up Joe and Nicholes dirty laundry in a court of law. Thanks Vindy for doing an excellent job ( as usual) on this story.

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15Werecat(75 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

I have no love for any member of the happy trio of Borosky, Zeigler or Baringer and if Borosky told me the sky was blue I'd have to see for myself it hadn't turned red. Still, Zeigler and his work history should have been checked, and the job opened up to other canidates.

From what I understood, Zeigler worked at AC long before Borosky, so how did he end up being trained by a newer hire?

This little tidbit was posted by Borosky this morning on Facebook:

Joe Borosky You want the real story? This is why Kyle got fired...he messed this case up so bad that charges could not be filed. He failed to identify the suspect who was standing right in front of him I.E check a photo ID. Also was given a fake addres...s and phone number. He brought the dog to Animal Charity where he put it in a cage and left it for the night. He never did a Humane report. And then he wanted me to clean it up. This is not the only case he has had trouble with. And he has never had a successful prosecution of a humane case on his own. If you don't believe me, check the court records. P.S the dog died under the veterinarian's care.

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163l337(2 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

For all of you to judge Ziegler is insane. That place was so corrupt from Barringer and Borosky's stranglehold that no one else had a voice. And if they did and tried to voice their opinions they were imediatly terminated. I was one of those people. I worked at the Clinic for over 5 years and was let go on day out of the blue simply beacuse Borosky had it out for me.
Ziegler has gone through SEVERAL hours of training for animal care and humane officer courses. I could see how his moral would be down working under Borosky. Ziegler was fired right before Thanksgiving not during the summer. The reason that the mail boxes are full is becuase of that right there. Ziegler was the one that took in the calls off the machine. Borosky didn't show up until noon on a good day and left at 3....so of course nothing was getting done!
Animal Charity if going to have alot of changes fast. and for the better. SO why doesn't everyone just settle down and let it happen and THEN you can make your rude comments about people you don't even know.

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17oakiedoky(6 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

31337...Ziegler, coming from the old crew, and a plateful on his hands has a LOT of work to do. It's only natural to think that he is a sour apple. His name is "tanted" working along side of Borosky. In the eyes of the public he is an accessory to murder. Should have the position been left open to find the BEST candidate whether it is Kyle or someone else, YES! And I think that's another reason why most people are frustrated. You know this doesn't look good from the outside looking in. You may know Kyle better personally, but the facts are still facts. I really hope he can stepped up to the plate and speak for the abused and neglected animals, thats all the community wants to see!

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