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Buy a stamp, save a person’s job

Published: Mon, January 10, 2011 @ 12:00 a.m.

Buy a stamp, save a person’s job

Every time I read an article regarding the demise of the Postal Service, it makes my blood boil.

“Postal service losing billions” in the Jan. 1 Vindy spoke of a projected $238 Billion shortfall in the next 10 years. What bothers me is the government’s stand on not allowing a 2- cent raise in postage, yet they will allow the oil industry to rip the American public off at the gas pump. What is wrong with this picture?

Yes, the use of online banking, bill paying, etc., has taken away a lot of the postal service business. I will not put my financial information on the Internet. It is already proven that this information can be stolen by a hacker.

The U.S.Postal Service has been around for a long, long time and really is an American heritage that is slowly being set aside for the sake of what’s called “progress.”

I, like most people, get bills with an enclosed return envelope that has a notation in the stamp area that say’s “Save a stamp — Pay online.” Right, save a stamp people, and put thousands of more people out of work. The cost of what we pay for unemployment benefits is a far cry from a stamp.

I had a rubber stamp made with red ink that says, “Support our Postal Service — Use a Stamp,” and I place it along side the stamp on the envelope.

Furthermore, we have thousands of elderly and others who do not have Internet service. What are they to do?

Be assured, that when banks and business insist that we pay online, I will be digging a hole in my back yard to bury my milk can .

Paul Noble, New Middletown


11970mach1(1005 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Easy there, Newman.

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2Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Think nothing of it Paul . Our government at this very moment is salivitating about putting a tax increase on gasoline and diesel fuel . I'm sure that the next step would be to increase postage .

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3Adnil(24 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

I just recently received someone's mail with a TOTALLY different surname, street number, street name and zip code! In another case, a relative's credit card payent took 3 whole weeks to go from Ohio to Delaware!

You wonder why the post office is losing money?

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4republicanRick(1420 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

The gentleman from New Middletown, after drafting his letter, road his horse into town and complained there were no stores selling buggy whips. Progress is like a big wave in the ocean -- you can't stop it, so you might as well ride it. In 10 years there will be no home delivery of newspapers or mail -- better learn how to work an iPad in the meantime.

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5DJ0(72 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

The USPS had better adapt or die. Sure, its a venerable old institution, albeit one that has been losing money practically from its inception. Consider Amtrak, another government subsidized institution. Both are necessary, even at the taxpayer's expense, The PO, however hasn't seen fit to adapt. How much money is spent on advertising? How much junk mail gets a free pass on delivery? It clogs the system and fills our mailboxes and waste baskets daily. Keeping industry here is the best way to save jobs, not sending it overseas... or buying a stamp. Don't even get me started about the government ripping us off at the pump!

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6anothermike(220 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Once again, who among you thinks they could deliver an envelope from Youngstown, Oh to Mesa, AZ for less than fifty cents and make a profit?? How about three bucks?? The government exists to protect and provide services to it's citizens. Should we eliminate the police and fire depts everywhere since they generate no revenue? Government agencies are not about profit and there is no guarantee that if everything was "privatized", that the same problems would cease to exist......

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7walter_sobchak(2173 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

As much as I am for privatization, the USPS must and will survive if nothing more than to deliver government and legal documents. It is a Constitutionally provided service and is a necessity for some people. But, nothing says that the service can't be altered to fit the needs of the citizens. Delivery can be cut back to 5 days maximum and variable postage rates must be considered. Service is suffering at the post office and that should be changed. However, if I want to save postage and pay my bills on-line, so be it. Don't forget the same US govt will not mail income tax forms and prefers that you file return electronically!

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8MLC75(625 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

I don't think we need mail delivery six days a week.The USPS could save money by cutting out Saturday delivery for starters,if that doesn't work, cut out one more day during the week,maybe Wednesday.I'm sure that will save them some money and help them continue.

I have seen the USPS starting to decline on quality service,I get mail from time to time,for an address that is completely across town.It isn't even close to my streeet address.I have also seen UPS and FED Ex start to show a decline in service also.

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9republicanRick(1420 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Why must the USPS be kept to deliver government and legal papers? They could be sent on an as-need basis by UPS...or electronically. Why aren't the liberal tree-huggers jumping at the chance to eliminate the postal service? Can you imagine getting rid of millions of trucks from the streets and eliminating the fumes from all the trucks?

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10countryboymark(25 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

This kind of thinking will never change some residents in the Youngstown area.

Has anyone visited a post office lately? Should our tax dollars support such a well run oiled machine (sarcasm)?

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11dhtj(33 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

I don't care if the price of a stamp goes up or down. The best place for my money is in my pocket. I will continue to pay on line. Personally, myself and the majority of americans could get by with mail delivery every other day. Until we have trading policies where we play on a level playing field our once great country will never suceed. More taxes less jobs. Look at how many jobs we would have if we did not buy imports especially in the automobile market.. Like the old saying goes, "Your job next keep buying imports".

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12Traveler(606 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

We want the post office to run like a business but then tell it what days it has to deliver and how much it can charge. We no longer allow it to sell us treasure bonds.

In many country's the post offices act as saving banks and sell gold coins but we all know that if the USPS every even though of it the banks would lobby them out of existence.

One of the reason the USPS is going broke is that we dont want it to compete with banks and services like UPS or FedEx

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13unhappyvoter1(87 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago


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14republicanRick(1420 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Take it easy unhappyvoter, you liberals seem to think that vitriol like you posted leads to deranged shooters. Practice what you preach.

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15DJ0(72 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

... stay on subject. It only causes problems if ya stray. Too many writers here suffer from short attention span anyway.

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16ValleyNative(174 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

My mail carrier is awful. Maybe she should be fired.

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171loaf(100 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

I mailed 15 copayment checks for a recent surgery I had the first of the month.Most of these will go on for a couple years.Expensive on a limited retirement income?Did the letter writer hear about the Maine seanator trying to get a law to force permanently disabled PO workers to retire?The difference in taxpayer dollars is about 27%.At least the 3 over 90 years old and over 1000 over 80.

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18anothermike(220 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

What the hell did he/she just say????

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191loaf(100 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

Check up and see what the PO policy on Workmans Comp is.You'll also find the ones on it at 80 or 90 are not even subjected to periodic check ups to see if they are still disabled.The difference in WC and retirement is about 27% after taxes,

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20Jake(112 comments)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

People who think government post office jobs are the means to a strong economy are one of the reasons this area's economy went down the toilet and has stayed there. Meanwhile, they vilify a private industry that provides more products to us than they'll ever realize - oil makes a lot more than gasoline - as well as real jobs that don't depend on taxpayers to prop them up while they lose billions to inefficiency and outdated services that no one wants or needs.

Until we learn Econ 101, we're screwed.

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21DR62(1 comment)posted 4 years, 5 months ago

You people talk about the USPS not adapting. Private businesses can adapt to things like the rising price of gasoline but the USPS can't do that. They can't just raise the price of stamps whenever they want.
To be honest the USPS is getting ripped off by the public! Yeah! I have people on my route getting books,prescriptions,business documents andvarious bills on top of all the cards & letters that people just think it's OK to drop in someone's mailbox when in fact it's against the law.
There are approximately 38,000 routes in the US. At one letter(44cents) per route/ per day(300?) represents over $50mill.lost revenue. That's a drop in the bucket consider what the PO lost last year but that huge loss includes BILLIONS that the PO was forced to pay into prefunding retirements. Which NO other business is required to do. Oh yeah, WE AREN'T FUNDED BY TAX DOLLARS ! Just stamp & other services sales. I'm serious about the people putting stuff in mailboxes -It's rampant. It happens on my route EVERY day(multiple times) so I know it probably happens on other routes as well. Rant over.

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