Police investigate weekend robberies




Police are investigating two robberies that took place in the city over the weekend.

A 54-year-old city man told police he was beaten and robbed of merchandise because he refused to buy cigarettes for two younger men. They could not produce identification to make the purchase themselves at a North Side drugstore.

The man told police he went to the CVS drugstore on Park Avenue at 8 a.m. Sunday to shop for various items. He said two men were arguing with a cashier who refused to sell them cigarettes and cigars without identification. The men asked the victim to make the purchase, but he refused.

The victim said he purchased his items and left the store only to be met by the two young men somewhere near Ford Avenue, where he was beaten and various keys were stolen from him. The victim told police he was beaten because the men were angry with him for not buying their cigarettes and cigars.

The victim was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center for treatment of a bruised temple, bruised left eye and chest pains.

In a separate incident, a 21-year-old city man told police he was driving along Market Street near Williamson Street on Saturday when he was involved in a car accident with a car containing two men. He said he tried to exchange information with the driver, but the passenger began beating him.

The man said he ran away and returned to his car a short time later to discover all of the belongings inside his vehicle were missing.

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