Band’s gear is stolen



Thieves made off with 90 percent of the equipment owned by local rock band The Zou in a robbery last week.

More than 100 items were stolen Thursday morning from an extended-size van parked in the driveway of band member Murad Shorrab’s Ford Avenue apartment. The stolen equipment includes guitars, drums, keyboards, amplifiers and hardware. The band has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to its recovery. Call band member Khaled Tabbara at 330-519-9684 ( or Shorrab at 330-770-7296 (

The band gave a list of the stolen goods to music stores and pawn shops in the region and also has spread the word through the music community via social media.

“A silver lining is the outpouring we’ve gotten from our friends and fans,” said Tabbara. Music stories and bands have offered to lend the band equipment for shows, he said, noting that The Zou is now writing and recording music for its next CD and has no shows scheduled this month.

The band is unsure of the value of the loss and how much will be covered by insurance. Tabbara said some of the equipment has sentimental value, including a guitar he received as a gift, and much of it has been customized to achieve the unique sound for which The Zou is known.

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