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Youngstown rings in new year with homicide

Published: Sat, January 1, 2011 @ 5:00 p.m.


Police are investigating the city’s first homicide of 2011.

Randy A. Cappelli, 30, was found a few feet from a burning car around 4:40 a.m. Saturday. Police said he had multiple gunshot wounds and was dead when they arrived at the 1000 block of Shady Run Road.

For the complete story, see tomorrow’s Vindicator and Vindy.com


1briant(57 comments)posted 4 years ago

Well, it is a good start to beating 2010....One down......how many more this upcoing year to go? Any gamblers out there? Is there a Vegas line for over/under- homocides in a small town?

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2starofesther(168 comments)posted 4 years ago

Praying for this city Praying for this World! Society would live much better if they had values and morals and respect and observe the Ten Commandments....

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3ytowhoh330(89 comments)posted 4 years ago

What a way to start the new year. Give me a break these thugs are just too much!

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4ytownguy2010(5 comments)posted 4 years ago

not suprised

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5Ytownboy(142 comments)posted 4 years ago

Actually, the homicide rate is way down from its high in the 1990s. In 1995 there were 56 murders. There were 23 in 2009 and only 20 last year.

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6redvert(2107 comments)posted 4 years ago

Other cities celebrate their first birth. We do it different in the ghetto!

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7KingGator(10 comments)posted 4 years ago

My nephew John Jones Jr. was killed in Youngstown a few years ago. Unsolved murder?

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8UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 4 years ago

New year - same Youngstown!

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9georgejeanie(909 comments)posted 4 years ago

And they want to put a grocery store down there. they ought to let them starve.

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10Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years ago



State v. Randy Cappelli, sentenced to two years rehabilitaion


Heather Keenan and Randy Cappelli, 351 Kendall, Campbell, boy, Nov. 5.


State v. Randy Cappelli sentenced to 253 days

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11app68(22 comments)posted 4 years ago

The number of killings is down,but so is the population in Youngstown so it's just a numbers game that the officials use to there favor.

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12Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 4 years ago

Nice way to start 2011 in da hood. They shooting for 365 murders in 365 days?

Just the other day from the useless Police Chief.

Records show there are 13 unsolved homicides from 2009.

Hughes said he is proud of efforts in the department that have shown a decrease in several areas of crime in 2010. He said continued efforts to do routine checks and confiscate guns should help push those numbers down in the coming year.

“Our ability to hunt you down and have justice served after the crime is a large reason for the numbers going down. It has made a difference, and it will continue to make a difference,” said Hughes.


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13briant(57 comments)posted 4 years ago

I am glad that someone quoted the murders as "down"...However, if you think it is better, in your heart, then walk the plank yourself:

Southern Blvd. from Florida to Midlothian...I dare you....How many crimes and murdes are UNREPORTED???

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14briant(57 comments)posted 4 years ago

STAN: Awesome post!!!

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15heartbroken11(3 comments)posted 4 years ago

People seem to forget that the victims of murders leave behind families. Randy was loved and he will be missed. And to Stan...you can go to hell! His son's birth had nothing to do with his death, so why the hell would you put that on here?! You should be ashamed of yourself to post links of his past under the story about his murder. If he was someone in your family you would be crying like we are! Nobody deserves to die like he did and he deserves justice like anybody else!

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16north_side_girl(213 comments)posted 4 years ago

whoever wrote this headline should resign in shame

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17UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 4 years ago

heartbroken11 - if you taught your family member some moral values maybe he wouldn't be dead now. Think about it!

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18MyTwoCents(4 comments)posted 4 years ago

Heartbroken11, my condolence to you and your family.

All the rest of you are heartless cowards who need to check their moral values.

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19really101(1 comment)posted 4 years ago

@unionforever--- I don't think a person who speaks rudely to a grieving person and makes assumptions about a MURDER VICTIM should be trying to give a lesson in MORALS. What a arrogant person u must be. And for all the other rude comments I must ask....why are all of you attacking and making assumptions about the victim? Shouldn't it be the MURDERER we should feel outraged about not the VICTIM?

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20Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years ago

heartbroken11 :

"People seem to forget that the victims of murders leave behind families. Randy was loved and he will be missed. And to Stan...you can go to hell! His son's birth had nothing to do with his death, so why the hell would you put that on here?! "

I posted the birth of his son to show that a father was killed .

"You should be ashamed of yourself to post links of his past under the story about his murder."

His past has much to do about what led to his death .

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21juli1(1 comment)posted 4 years ago

For everyone to know...Randy was a friend to some people, a son to a mother and a family member to someone. Why doesn't everyone post something about keeping all off them in your prayers instead of posting ignorant comments about the city WE ALL ARE LIVING IN?

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22Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years ago

The human side of this tragedy is truly heartbreaking . Randy's death needn't have happened . Many of us are praying that drugs and crime in the city are brought under control . Prayer may energize the spirit but many need motivated to make this a reality . To Randy's family I say this : "You are not alone as others are also touched by his death". May Jesus lessen your burden of this tragedy .

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23Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years ago

This is sad,..

With condolences for the victims family and friends being foremost here. One can only hope they muster the strength and support to get through such a tragic and untimely misfortune. This isn't a Youngstown ordeal it's a personal family and those of close friendship matter.

A matter for which when it occurred in regards to the new calender year is absolutely irrelevant,.. such an insensitive Headline.

We as a people have to responsibly have and exude more compassion, respect and understanding. In how we lead our lives as well as how we interact with others. Where with reported details being released by more detailed news sources aside in regards to manner.

Where as best I know it's not known or determined what this tragedy was brought on by nor resulted from. Which is to state that this victim isn't to be presumed of guilt here.

Where with civil respect and compassion this has to be an extraordinarily trying time for the family and friends of the deceased no matter what the ordeal stemmed from.

That said thus also and lastly here. May the family, friends, fond neighbors and entire community of the decedent. Dare not render respect and support for the now fatherless son. Whom will now and forever need all the love, respect and support of guidance he can get.

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24Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years ago


Where I don't find it immoral nor disrespecting to retrieve ones public record to review. However, I did and do find it careless, cunning, tasteless, repulsive, insensitive, misleading and irresponsible. For you or anyone else to try to make the one and only criminal infraction you found. Be referenced twice as to make it appear as if the deceased was cyclically convicted.

Where for you to have explained in a somewhat apologetic manner or repositioning is appreciated. However, if it was a mistake to had presented a single law infraction incident twice.

I feel and I'd believe that needs to be apologetically addressed. That is if true sincerity is anywhere within what you stated in your expression of reposition.

Understand and respect that the last thing the victims family, friends or society at large needs right now. Is to initiate or partake in any form of desensitizing of such a tragic incident.

Be it known we're all going to depart this realm at some moment in time. Which before we do it's we as people that can both set the respecting tone. As leaders or supporters of instilling and enforcing that difference. As being among our contributions to all whom survive us.

In the balance of our abilities and limitations govern by our mortality. If we can't make things better in life beyond self. We're already morally dead, spiritually deceased and hazardously infectious if we revel in trying to make things worst.

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25NorthwoodsZJ(1 comment)posted 4 years ago

@heartbroken11 -- Randy was a former co-worker of mine as well as a good friend. My condolences go out to you and your family (assuming you knew Randy as well). He was a great guy and I'll surely miss him.

Rest in peace, Randy.

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261love(3 comments)posted 4 years ago

It just goes to show how cold the world is...to sit there and show such ignorance over a life lost! Regardless the cause nobody deserves to be shot and killed over anything!! Too many people think they can play God an take a life, yet in the end justice will be served! My heart breaks for randys family and you are all in my prayers through such a tragic time as this, Randy was a great guy with a big heart and many loved ones left behind to carry the pain of his life cut short, those of you showing such ignorance should be ashamed, maybe if everyone showed a little more compassion and live one another this world wouldn't be such a bad place... May you rest in peace Randy you will be sadly missed!

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27Tony83(1 comment)posted 4 years ago

I agree, stan you do need to just shut your mouth!! Randy was a brother to me and a great person, your very pathetic stop leaving so many stupid comments and get a life!! Maybe move out of your parents basement and get a real life!

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28Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years ago

Well Nunya . . ..

I found more that I didn't post . What I did post were news stories . I did post enough to show a pattern of what led to the tragedy and also the human side that shows family suffering .The bottom line is that Randy's death needn't have happened .

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291love(3 comments)posted 4 years ago

Your right Stan his death shouldn't of happened, the problem being cold hearted ppl thinking they can take somebodys life! We all battle our own personal demons and I'm sure u have some Of your own...ur not a reporter on the case and rather than place judgement send prayers out for the family left behind and hurting!!! It's not about a statistic but a life!

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30heartbroken11(3 comments)posted 4 years ago

I am the mother of his two children. No, Randy was not a saint. There is still no reason for some of you to bash someone that you didn't know. Everyone that cared about him is hurting. Nobody deserves to die like he did! Condolences are appreciated but the rest of you are heartless. I guarantee your opinions would change if this headline was about someone that you cared about. He lived his life and now its over...let him REST IN PEACE!

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31Rokscout(310 comments)posted 4 years ago

What was he doing then? Random crime, or not?

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32Nor(1 comment)posted 4 years ago

I feel very sad when I hear of anyone being murdered regardless of the reason. My prayers go out to this man's family and friends. I looked up this article because I wanted specifics due to the fact that I live very close to Shady Run.
Some of the comments made about the area are very unsettling. I am a law abiding citizen with high moral values as are most of my neighbors. There are so many GOOD PEOPLE who live down here in the "ghetto". I cannot believe that someone would say "let them starve" when referring to their fellow human beings.

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33Ben(7 comments)posted 4 years ago

New Years in Y-town without a murder. That would be a headline. Keep the tradition alive in da hood that was once a proud and vibrant city.

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34Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years ago


Here's the thing

Where in the same breathe that you contend to have compassion for the deceased and feelings for the surviving family and friends. You so careless and callously contend a host of things as to portray the victim at fault,..

I use the descriptive terms of careless and callous. Because one has to question how do you know this tragedy was a dispute over Crack or any other narcotic?,.. as you allege.

See also just how do you know the deceased wasn't just out partying, shopping and or running an errand and was preyed upon to be robbed? How do you know that he wasn't entrapped or abducted at a time considerably preceding 4am in the morning.

See that 4am could and is merely the time of report that annotated the time of discovery. Mind you a law enforcement discovery of the culprits attempt to rid the evidence of what they'd done.

Lastly it's also not a trait of bad parenting, absence of responsibility or non caring fathering for a parent to be found murdered.

Hence, by those measures it makes your empathy beyond suspect. To include your multi angled allegations are mere rush to judgment scorn. That of more malicious machination than any conclusive facts or compassion.

See where not to be combative here but by unblemished certitude. Your redundant assertions aren't only without conclusive merit as to proof positive pertain to this victim. But the callous manner in which you try to desensitize he's been slain is antagonistically abominable.

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35Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years ago

@ heartbroken11

Along with condolences

In spite of my not being in accord with them. Please accept my rendering of an apology to you and your children. For the unsubstantiated state of mind and catastrophic condition of the hearts of those seeking to disparage in such a manner of deviance.

In your time of reflection understand that the indefensible innuendo. Is merely the trumpeted ignorance of ingrates and merely the folly of such feeble fools. Thus draw strength for the love you've shared and the manner of what no one aside from you can feel, know and retain.

You're a sole surviving parent of the children now. So be it known you're not alone and those of clean spirit, good heart and caring soul will be in this world to help you all. Let not the word of the woeful or deeds of the wicked dictate the condition of your heart nor impede the path of your pursuit of righteousness.

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36knowledge330(2 comments)posted 4 years ago

May God keep his arms around the family of a man who lost his life. And a lot of people on here seem to be forgetting that fact, I'm sure you live in nice neighborhoods with low crime rates and all that fancy stuff but every place isnt as glamorous as your canfield or boardman or poland home which by the way if you moved to sompleace like idk...LA, Chi, NY the $ you pay now and you think your living in such a wondeful place wouldnt get you beans and you'd be living in a neighborhood like the one you get one your computer & bash (YOUNGSTOWN) so thank God for a low cost of living o holy ones. Youngstown has major problems & every one knows it HOWEVER...what are you doing besides spewing hate? Absolutely nothing, because its not your problem right? Nothing can be done without action so if you really care so much take action & I assume alot of people do because of all the comments I see when the story is negative (Just those thugs again) along with many other things that just show how racist, immature, closed minded, & self righteous people are. Dont they always say "if you dont vote you dont have a right to complain"? Well if your not a part of the solution in youngstown why not keep your mouth closed and pray it gets better (thats if you believe in God) and yes some of us in the "hood" do. I probably fit some of your closed minded sterotypes I like to sag my pants because its comfortable and listen to loud rap music etc but I also take active part in my childs life, never been arrested never been to jail and I'm one of the most articulate people you'll ever meet so y not take a break from being a pain and spread love, get to know people and do something positive. Once again a man lost his life (senselessly) his family & friends deserve respect.

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37Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years ago

@ censoredship


You know it's profound how you speak with such a jagged tongue and a bludgeoning of omnidirectional bewilderment. Via your mixed messaging of conjecture where you feign compassion your more concerted serial contentions. Are of a conviction to seek to cast guilt on a decedent that you don't know if he was innocent or guilty.

See just like it's no crime to live, visit or be in any area of Youngstown or anywhere else. Be it known that there's not only stores and businesses in that area. For which you don't know if, when, where, why or by whom he was targeted.

To try to tie in a practically half a decade old traffic violation. Where the deceased was driving under suspension for acreage of child support. To be any sign or signal of conveying the victim was of incorrigible criminality is absurd,.. by all standards.

Then to try infusing prostitutes, partying, drug dealing or purchasing in this. As some conclusive conjecture of conviction is case irrelevant and non applicable to this tragedy,..who's positioned as the panhandling prostitute here?
See thus it's with unbiased perspective that you speak as if past is prologue. Although you veil it in such a mixture of morphed, milled and maligning machinations. That fits the description of a proverbial prop pagoda of peace offering lasciviously laced with Punji sticks.

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38aeparish(669 comments)posted 4 years ago

I wouldn't say it's necessarily fair to blame the parents. He was 30 years old... at that stage in the game, anyone should know the difference between right and wrong, regardless of their upbringing. And when did anyone say this was over drugs in the first place? Granted, there's a really good possibility... but it's not a guarantee.

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39Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years ago


Lets be clear here,..

The thing is there's a life lost by deliberate murder here. Where regardless of whimsical assumption of assailing accusatory or speculative assertions as the aplomb of acrimony.

Lets start by stating and acknowledging that illegal drug usage. To includes peddling, theft and deception like all criminal enterprise and extreme alcoholism or prejudice festered with. Isn't just imminently self endangering. But it spirals out of control and all too often there's a corpse or corpses to accentuate the accuracy of the apocalyptic ending,.. that's indisputable FACT.

However, that's not to say that this victims murder had anything to do with any of that on behalf of the victim or assailant or assignments. Hence, where it may appear to, it's not yet proven and for human decency shouldn't be alleged as it was as any imperative fact,.. Or can you attest to supportive Facts?

See personally I openly respect that I don't know what happened. And for the most part I'm assured neither does those making unfounded allegations to contend they do.

For which for those who may or do know various things pertaining to the events that occurred. It'd be imperative to share your knowledge with law enforcement. Where in contrast those others whom don't know particulars of who, what and why.

It'd be respectful if you'd / they'd / we'd at least await until more details are provided before any citing of contending this was brought on by the deceased. Where in all such tragedies how it was conducted to include the manner and where and what time. Are all substantial to investigative work on trying to track who did it.

However, for the unknowing to be overtly speculative and just assume and or allege what the nature of the dispute was. In and of itself is unsubstantiated, presumptively callous and very possibly wrong even in theory. Not to mention how careless of a disregard they display possessing for having no consideration for the deceased nor the surviving family and friends.

Where not trying to vindicatively sugarcoat and or canonize nor vindictively persecute this or any other victim or culprit. However, there needs to be a more compassionate awareness and adherence to the personal character vestige. That it's not always what you say but how you say it.

Which is to say that we'll all have opinions and one can verbalize their assumptions in a manner where they're not so vile, abusive or demeaning in how they express their belief, assumption or theory.

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40Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years ago


See one doesn't have to have any formal experience in forensics. To deduce that this crime doesn't sound like any happenstance enactment in the least.

In retrospect it sounds more like somebody absolutely had that intent and deliberate desire to carry that slaying out upon the victim. Which in and of itself gives more credence to the victim had no idea what was planned than any willful acknowledgment of collaboration to embrace his own murder.

In a distinct way it also sounds very, very personal. In which it sounds to had been carried out by someone that knew the victim. And not ruling out that the victim very possibly knew or recognized the assailant or assistants as well.

Where by not being privileged to thoroughly review the evidence. There's a number of intricate things that would have to be reviewed to get a better composite lead and recreative picture of everything. As to accurately draw a lead on such intricacies like time line, markings and a host of other investigative details.


See no matter how meticulous one attempts to be. There's no such thing as a perfect crime. All crimes have culprits, victims, trails, motives and there's no way anyone can be somewhere and or do something. And not leave distinctive remnants that serve as facts to reveal they were there.

Sure some culprits go to great extreme to evade discovery. But in all crimes committed there's always some there, there. Where it comes down to just how determined and knowledgeable. That the personnel doing the investigative probing has in their determination to track the culprit or culprits.

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411love(3 comments)posted 4 years ago

@margetalica you my friend are the one who needs to get a grip! i can not believe how ignorant you continue to be, when a family is grieving their loved one, perhaps you have been lucky all your life to never had to experience such a loss, an as for your reference to drugs,its a very sad story when drugs take over someones life,it can happen to the best of us,but it doesnt define who we once were, an you mean to tell me youve never cared for or had a family member that was an addict? have some compassion for the deceaseds family or find something else to comment on...it is obvious it didnt matter to you if the kid were dead or alive so stop spitting out so much hatred on here it is what it is let it be already...maybe you should turn the table to the murderers here and pray for justice in this case, there are ppl in this world that a human life holds no value to...whatever the cause a life was lost, we all are a part of someones family, im praying for this city and for you

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42cambridge(3129 comments)posted 4 years ago

MARGETALICA......You fit in well on this site with the rest of the low life's who relish in other people's pain. I guess it must make you feel better about your own loser life.

I noticed you ran an add to meet a man on your profile wall. Fat chance. Speaking of fat, 5' 3'' and 235 lbs along with your sweet demeanor, good luck with that. Someone like you with their own substance abuse, FOOD, shouldn't be throwing rocks at anyone else.

Your just another slob blaming their miserable loser life on anyone but your self. You should leave these poor people alone in their time of sadness and work on your own life.


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43starofesther(168 comments)posted 4 years ago

People make mistakes doing drugs but they are still human! First one without sin cast the first stone

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44Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 4 years ago


"I probably fit some of your closed minded sterotypes I like to sag my pants because its comfortable and listen to loud rap music etc but I also take active part in my childs life, never been arrested never been to jail and I'm one of the most articulate people you'll ever meet so y not take a break from being a pain and spread love, get to know people and do something positive."

Your child must really be proud of you, sagging your pants and listening to loud rap music. Grow up already. No one wants to see your underwear or listen to your rap music. I hope you don't crank up the rap when your with your child, ear damage you know to the child and you. Why you have to play it loud? Let everyone know what useless garbage you listen to?
Think it's about time you mature a little bit and quit being a follower and doing what is "cool". Be a leader instead. Time to man up and be a adult.
Sagging pants and rap. Grow up.

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45Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 4 years ago


"I cannot believe that someone would say "let them starve" when referring to their fellow human beings."

If your referring to this article:

Prisoners at Ohio State Penitentiary in Youngstown to begin hunger strike


There the ONES that are going on a hunger strike. No one is FORCING them not to eat, there doing it on there own. So why force them to eat when they don't want to, there adults you know. So "Let them starve" if they want to. And not to mention, they KILLED another human being, there not exactly the cream of normal civilization.

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46Bentjules(3 comments)posted 4 years ago

I sit here thinking about the man that I knew. Randy Capelli ... a friend of my family ... only a few blessed people knew the true heart of Randy and I'm glad I was one of the ones who was granted this blessing. Randy wasn't an angel and had an armload of problems but underneath all of that he was a loving, caring soul. And yes I know all about the drugs of this community ... as a community we see it everyday. I believe drug addiction is a sickness that some people cannot cure. It is funny how someone that you don't see that often or talk to everyday have such an effect on you. I miss you Randy even though I didn't see you all the time but I am remembering the times we spent together ... I will remeber you often ... God Bless You

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47Bentjules(3 comments)posted 4 years ago

People who didn't personally know Randy have no business saying anything at all about him. If you think you know so much maybe you should go work for the Youngstown Police Department and help them solve all the "unsolved murders". Please leave this man alone and let his family and friends grieve for him. He will be so sadly missed. Let's pray that this never happens to anyone in your family, and god forbid if it does I hope that people don't pass judgment as you did.

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48Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years ago

When your time is up in the hood you get no appeals or compassion . Drugs and money trump any value placed on life .

Those who do drugs care more for that next high than anything else . Those who sell drugs in the hood set the rules . The rules are not flexible . Taking your life brings no remorse . Your death only brings them more respect in the hood . If your life has any meaning to you stay out and quit the drugs . Your next trip in may very well be your last .

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49reggie(30 comments)posted 4 years ago

My thoughts and Prayers go out to the family. for people making remarks, no matter what he was doing this was wrong to kill him like this. Those of you who are making rude and terrible remarks about this should step back and realize the way youngstown and the world is today, DO NOT THROW STONES.. u may be fine and your kids are fine but who is to say your grandchildren would never get on drugs and this could happen to them. no matter what this family did NO need to have the police wake them and tell them he is gone and how it happened. what a terrible heartache for any parent. as for caring about drugs more then anything wake the heck up people thats why its called addiction. its truely not them and sure they need help but they have to get it. to talk as u people are about this poor family's son, brother, cousin, friend is totally wrong. how about for the new year u guys get abit more nicer on your remarks , his family will read this and are suffering enough! guess till it happens in your family u will not learn, how words hurt! sure we all know or suspect what he was doing but he was still loved by many. RIP RANDY........

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5044509resident(46 comments)posted 4 years ago

@ MARGETALICA.. SHUT THE F%^! UP ALREADY. you sound so dumb. u r ignorant and nothing that you have stated has been proven. maybe u will be next so i no longer have to read your ignorant post. how old r u 12?

Suggest removal:

51Bentjules(3 comments)posted 4 years ago

@MARGETALICA Why are you so bitter??? Hmmm it makes me wonder???

Suggest removal:

52knowledge330(2 comments)posted 4 years ago

("lifes2short") Your child must really be proud of you, sagging your pants and listening to loud rap music. Grow up already. No one wants to see your underwear or listen to your rap music. I hope you don't crank up the rap when your with your child, ear damage you know to the child and you. Why you have to play it loud? Let everyone know what useless garbage you listen to?
Think it's about time you mature a little bit and quit being a follower and doing what is "cool". Be a leader instead. Time to man up and be a adult.
Sagging pants and rap. Grow up.

You jus proved my point and I need not say anything else but I will. My daughter actually is proud of me and this is why, because I was 16 when her mother (notice I didnt say baby mama) had her yet I still graduated high school and now attend ysu so despite what you may think of me I'm probably smarter than you (definitely way less of a bigot), and i'm sure shes proud of me because unlike alot of other kids who arent as lucky she can actually I know my dad, my dad loves me and my dad actually spends time in my life. I'm sure a 6year old dosent care what kind of music her dad listens to (and not that its any of your business I listen to my music loud because I want to thats it and that all!), I live in the same america u do so if you dont like constitution and you feel I shouldnt be allowed to listen to what I want how I want talk to the guys wrote it!) or if he sags his pants and contrary to popular belief just because you sag doesnt mean your pants have to be around your ankles. "Grow up" take your own advice, I dont judge people based on trivial things like what type of music they like or the volume they to listen to it at. I posted my comment to pay a man who lost his life 4no reason some respect and drop a little knowledge on people like you because its more important issue and hand but people like you choose to reply to comments like mine. In closing, I've always been a leader which is why at 22years old I've never seen the inside of a cell nor have I ever been arrested. People gravitate towards me because I'm a cool person I dont do what OTHERS think is cool. May God bless you because you are truly lost.

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53JME(801 comments)posted 4 years ago

knowledge330, while your at YSU enroll in a couple of english and grammer courses.

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54JME(801 comments)posted 4 years ago

Grammar, not grammer

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55Rokscout(310 comments)posted 4 years ago

Never being arrested, or seeing the inside of a cell, does not a leader make.

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56ValleyNative(174 comments)posted 4 years ago

I loved the title for this article. Seemed so festive. God bless the Vindy

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57Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 4 years ago

knowledge says:

"....so despite what you may think of me I'm probably smarter than you (definitely way less of a bigot)"

Your 22 years old knowledge, you haven't lived yet. Your still a puppy. When you grow up and get in the real world, your sagging pants and loud music won't cut it. Have to have respect to get respect. As far as calling someone a bigot, you don't know me, so how in the world can you say that? Amazing how these young adults think they know everything about life. Wish it was that easy knowledge.

knowledge says:

"I'm sure a 6year old dosent care what kind of music her dad listens to (and not that its any of your business I listen to my music loud because I want to thats it and that all!)"

A 6 year old knows more then you think knowledge. I have 3 children older then you, and I was a single father. So watch what you do and say in front of your child knowledge, because they understand. Experience goes a long way knowledge.

knowledge says:

"I live in the same america u do so if you dont like constitution and you feel I shouldnt be allowed to listen to what I want how I want talk to the guys wrote it!) or if he sags his pants and contrary to popular belief just because you sag doesnt mean your pants have to be around your ankles."

Knowledge, did I ever say you not allowed to wear your pants sagging or listen to loud rap music? Maybe comprehend what you read sometimes and you'll go far in life knowledge.

knowledge says:

""Grow up" take your own advice, I dont judge people based on trivial things like what type of music they like or the volume they to listen to it at."

Did I judge you? I'm just trying to give you a little advice. Nothing wrong with that, is there knowledge. Take it or leave it knowledge.

knowledge says:

"I've always been a leader which is why at 22years old I've never seen the inside of a cell nor have I ever been arrested. People gravitate towards me because I'm a cool person I dont do what OTHERS think is cool. May God bless you because you are truly lost."

A leader at 22 years old. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, once again knowledge your just a child. And alot of great people were inside a cell jail or been arrested, Jesus for one, well I'm sure your friends think your "cool", just remember you have a child that wants to look up to you, so do whats right.

BTW YSU offers a really good English/Grammar class, I suggest you attend them because your really need it.

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58aeparish(669 comments)posted 4 years ago


JME... the correct word to use in that sentence would have been "you're," not "your." Oh, and you missed a comma in there. So why don't you take a seat next to knowledge and register for the classes, too?

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59JME(801 comments)posted 4 years ago

aeparish, maybe you should also join us..lol

"classes, too"

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60JME(801 comments)posted 4 years ago

Unless it's Nunya :)

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61Nunya(1356 comments)posted 4 years ago


Oh stop it,.. LMAO !!!

You're gonna exacerbate " censoredship's " complex and prompt him to write another miss the mark manifesto.

There's no one to be singled out here and to agree or disagree with anyone is merely the sharing agreement or difference in like or expressed thought. To wit those said differences only encompasses a diversity of detectable difference among us as individuals.

However, and mind you a difference and of a consistency. That defines who we are in grasp, persona, character, intuition, and perspective as different.

You gotta laugh in how " censoredship " contends - Sometimes his " predictive " text puts " wrong things " { that he writes } in his comments which looks idiotic { even to him },... ROTFFLMAO !!!

Question - Anyone else having trouble logging in lately?

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62atek101(77 comments)posted 4 years ago

The blatant, insulting sarcasm of our city's primary news publisher that is evident in the title of this article is unbecoming and unprofessional.

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63Traveler(606 comments)posted 4 years ago

When you do stupid stuff (out at 4am in one of the worst sections of youngstown) stupid stuff happens to you.

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64Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years ago

Crack culture is what it is . The city has determined that it is here to stay so get used to it . The masses who have embraced the high from the drugs will not relinquish the euphoria from their indulgence . For the unindoctrinated toleration and avoidance of a showdown may be the only option until leadership at city hall changes .

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65southsidedave(4948 comments)posted 4 years ago

So what else is new in the city?

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66Negotiator(2 comments)posted 4 years ago

I have heard from the ridiculous to the sublime.
"Let those on the South side starve"???
"I dare you to walk from Florida to Midlothian"???

I am inclinde to post the following;

Am I automatically cast as a drug dealer or user, thug or prostitute because I live in this neighborhood?

Well I do live here and I am neither. I am part of the Southside that doesn't get much press. I own my home, rake my leaves, and am helping to form a block club in our community. If I feel like taking a walk at 4 am in my community you want to label me or suggest something bad should happen to me. But Traveler, (post #69) In fact this has happened. I was walking from a late night church service where church had ended at midnight 3 hours earlier. I stayed behind to clean up. I was harrassed by the police on the way home. Did I get what I deserved??? I say no. I got what your perception warranted. As for Post #13, I wish you put money on your dare cause I have walked many of times from Florida (where I live) to Midlothian (to my job) sometimes at odd hours going to or coming from a 3rd shift job, the local tv station on Midlothian and Southern blvd behind the Wallgreens store. And GeorgeJean (post #9), I also walk regularly to the same corner (Indianola and Glenwood) they are building that Supermarket to go to my church across the street on that same corner. But you think everybody there should starve. My Pastor even fell into the trap of imploring me to not walk. I told him if no Godly man ever walks these streets then we are relegated to handing the streets over to the ungodly. I met crack dealers and at least one known prostitute in my travels, trying to offer me their product. I offer Jesus, invite them to join me to church and keep walking. Next time they see me they'd just wave and smile as if glad to see something good in their area. I am sharing my story because "we" make the difference. I met a man working on his house in the summer and offered him help. Now he brings his kids to church every Sunday. Had I not been "walking the plank" (post #13) I would never have had those experiences. You can read about horrible stories, or be part or something better.

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67Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years ago

Negotiator :

Jamar Houser also walked that part of town . Today a Godly Woman lies in her grave . What placed Angelina Fimognari in deaths way ? Just going to church . Perhaps she misunderstood Jamar ?

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68RandyEve29(1 comment)posted 4 years ago

My Brother Randy Cappelli was shot 7 times in the head! yes he had his struggles but i also had mine and ive been clean for 5 years now, i work at GM and have 2 beautiful daughters. my 8 year old i had when i was 17. lost my mother when i was 9, my dad is a heroin addict still going. Ive had a life...had guns to my head bc i didnt wanna have sex wit the dealer.
I have alota tragedy in my life...alot i will not share bc its to personal. Randy and I struggled togther, he was my best friend. we also have 2 other brother all close in age. there r 4 of us im youngest and only girl.
Neways Ive seen the stuff u inconciderate MFs write. If i were to shoot ur mother, brother, or bf, gf, sister, whoever sum1 close to u, not jus close, more, would u b crying, would u wan cum find me n kill me? wud u want me in jail for what i did to ur loved 1? Oh im sure if not then ur not human. So why is it that bc its not a tragedy in ur life...this is a f*cking joke? As far as randys past...yeah he did do drugs so what. people party! it was new years eve...im sure every MF in yougstown was high on somethin! he knew these people he was with he some what trusted them enough to b in the same car. Noone deserves to b shot 7 times in the head!!!! My brother was so fun to b round he was handsome, all the girls loved him. he loved 4wheelin, fishing, camping, being with his family n friends. never stayed away even if he was messing up no n then. he wasnt a full blown addict. he partyied once in awhile.
Neway for those who aint got nothing nice to say please try n put urself in my shoes, in RJ and Justins shoes his sons. Think b4 u open ur mouth! If ur just a heartless piece of sh*t, i hope my brother haunts u! bc u r no good...what happened to randy shuda happened to u instead.
Randy i love u bro, and glad ur home with mom and aunt diane! i miss u so much it hurts, i no we will meet again, until then i c u in my dreams!

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69dot40(1 comment)posted 4 years ago

I wish to give my deepest sympathy to the family and freinds of Randy Cappelli. My heart goes out to you. I have known Randy for a very short time but in the time I knew him, he touched my heart. I had the pleasure of working with him for a short time. We talked about our past and our children and lives that we wanted to live. He gave me the impression that he wanted more for his life. That is why this is so awful to have happened to him. I talk to a person every morning that was so close to him and is having a terrible time dealing with his death. She feels so guilty that she is here and not with him. She loves him so much that I can see and feel the hurt in her eyes and the tears she sheds for him everyday. She is so angry that he was taken away from her so soon in their lives together. All I can do is pray for her and his family that they recieve closure in finding the person or persons responsible for his death and put them to justice. I know that will not bring Randy back but it will help to know that the person responsible will never be able to live their life the way they wanted to because of their actions in causing the death of another . For those people who chose to slam Randy, you need think about if it was one of your own that was being trashed. How would you feel reading these comments about one of your own family members. You would not like it. If you have any respect for others, you would let his family and friends grieve for him in peace. Leave these people alone. They have enough to deal with. Just remember , What if it were one of your own????? What would you want people to say???? To Randy, REST IN PEACE..... YOU WERE AND ARE TRULY LOVED BY MANY..

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70walter_sobchak(2002 comments)posted 4 years ago


ANytime someone is murdered, it is someones father, brother, sister, ...whatever... and it is a tragedy. But, in yompton, the majority of the problems is with gangs and illegal drugs. I don't understand that with as long as we have tried to educate the population about the evils of drugs, especially with the very young age it is started, why would anyone want to go down that road? Do you really think that you are going to be the one who is different and it is not giong to end up in a tragedy?

I grew up on the Southside in the 60's but I guess the drug educatioon worked on me. I knew it would end up no good so I never did this sort of thing. And, I was partying on New Years Eve, but with two men, Mr. John Daniels and Samuel Adams. And, other than a stray firework or two, nobody was hurt and we had no gun play!

MY deepest sympathy on your loss but I learned at a very early age that you make your own bed and then you have to sleep in it.

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