Not a fan of the new governor

Not a fan of the new governor

You have to love Gov. John Kasich. OK, you don’t have to love him. Forgive the hyperbole. Actually, you don`t even have to like him, and based on his actions and words since election day last November, I think by the time he leaves office, most Ohioans won’t like him.

Our governor is a cocky, arrogant corporatist who seems to believe he has rode in on a white horse to save us from ourselves. Kasich traveled to Detroit to meet with the Big 3 automakers concerning their operations in Ohio. The irony of this trip, is that had Kasich been making the decision to loan GM and Chrysler the money to survive, he would have been only visiting Ford since like every Republican in Congress, he was vehemently against it. The loans were totally against his free market, union workers are the downfall of America philosophy.

Kasich returned from Motown saying that the Big 3 execs had bad mouthed the state and remarked how they told him the business climate for automakers basically sucked. Like many others, including former Gov. Ted Strickland, I am very confused. We are confused because for the last few years all we have heard from the GM executives who have visited the Lordstown plants is what a major part Ohio has played in the decision to build the Cruze, the car designed to save General Motors, at Lordstown.

Something doesn’t add up. Do we trust the GM executives, who have publicly praised Ohio numerous times or do we trust a former Lehman Brothers executive and a former Fox News talking head? As an Ohio State fan, I never would pick Michigan over Columbus, but in this case I believe the truth is up North, not in the governor’s office. It seems the guy riding the white horse isn’t all about the truth in this instance.

Tim O’Hara, Austintown