Why not start sooner to build on success in Youngstown schools?

Why not start sooner to build on success in Youngstown schools?

It was most gratifying to read an article that showed progress in the Youngstown school system (Intensive school sport program/Juvenile Court, Jan. 29). This program teaches respect and good citizenship. My thought is, this program would be beneficial for the Youngstown schools to implement, only starting in the kindergarten and first grade classes.

My neighbor and I have spoken about something similar with the volunteer help of parents, grandparents and concerned citizens teaching these concepts. Whatever children learn needs to be taught at an early age. Children come to school with no knowledge of what manners and respect are, because parents don’t take, or don’t have, the time to instruct them. We may be able to see a change in a child’s attitude if we take the time to teach them.

It is an excellent job that Mr. Jackson and the Juvenile Court are doing. I do hope this program will continue.

I encourage the superintendent and the school board to try this program.

Olla L. Tate, Youngstown

Keep the profits close to home

I live near the area of the now- defunct Cleveland School, which my children attended years ago. For those reasons, I was interested in the report that a grocery store is being considered for some of that property, owned and to be sold by the local school district.

I presume that such an enterprise is subject to a redistricting for the area, and some street modification, to make the project feasible. I further assume that the city government must therefore be involved in the projection of such an enterprise. I also assume that the city authorities and the projected grocery store owners believe it would be helpful to the area and profitable to the owners.

Not all, but most, citizens of this area would agree that we are best served if the profits of local commercial enterprise are kept in this community. I read that the store under consideration would be part of a chain centered in one of the Carolinas, where profits would go.

I hope that locally-owned enterprises (such as Sparkle, Rulli’s, Save-A-Lot, etc.) are considered by authorities and would be interested.

Robert B. McConnell, Youngstown