Giving evolution too much credit

Giving evolution too much credit

The Columbus Dispatch ed- itorial titled “Science wins; teacher loses” reprinted in the Jan. 21 Vindicator raises some questions.

This teacher was fired because he wasn’t doing his job. After reading the original article in the Dispatch, I will not question his firing. But one of the reasons for his firing was that he “infused his classroom with his religious convictions” which included the rejection of the theory of evolution.

I wish to question the statement that the theory of evolution is a basic fact of science. The Dispatch article also called that theory “the fundamental fact on which biological science rests.”

It is not true that science rests on this theory. It is not true that it is a fundamental fact. What is true is that every theory needs to be tested and sometimes adjusted or even rejected. That is the nature of scientific theories including theory of evolution.

Only blind acceptance of evolution fails to see some of the significant problems with it.

It should be easy to see that the rejection of a creator God leads to something like the theory of evolution to explain what is here. Aclosed mind toward God will insist on evolution as truth.

Significant ideas are being pursued by scientists under the presupposition of a creator, and it is sad to see so many reject them out of hand without any serious consideration or study.

In conclusion, our youth need to learn how to question theories and evaluate them fairly, and we should do the same.

Dr. Philip C. Munro, Youngstown

We should set a better example

In his State of the Union ad- dress, President Obama proudly declared “America’s moral example must always shine for all who yearn for freedom” and that “America supports the democratic aspirations of all people.”

Within hours, those aspirations for democracy exploded on the streets of Egypt and were quickly engulfed in clouds of toxic tear gas made in the USA by a manufacturer (CSI) that routinely flies the Israeli flag at its manufacturing site in nearby Jamestown, Pa. Not exactly a shining moral example, is it?

Even the teary eyes of protesters in Egypt and beyond clearly see this for what it is: hypocrisy and complicity with tyranny. Time for the president to practice what he preaches.

Werner Lange, Newton Falls