Never assume a loved one is safe

Never assume a loved one is safe

I would like to join those who have commented on the state of nursing homes in the area.

My father fell last Memorial Day and broke his hip. He was admitted to a nursing home for rehabilitation and was there for June and July. Dad also had Alzheimer’s and was 83 years old. During that time he fell out of his wheelchair three times (they are not allowed to be restrained now). We would go in and find his pills on the floor.

The administrator always would relay that if we had any questions or had a problem to contact him. To this day we have never seen, talked to or had correspondence with that person.

Dad developed a very bad bed sore on his heel. We brought him home for about a week, and he passed on Aug. 4, 2010, due to gangrene. This bed sore should have been given more attention.

The only true saviors in this story were the rehab people there — they were super. And the wonderful MVI people we had to minister to my father. We have a true place in our hearts for these dedicated medical people.

Never assume your loved ones are being treated with dignity. The worst part is still wondering what happened to dad when we weren’t around.

Carol Clark, Berlin Center