Salem council race gains candidates

By D.A. Wilkinson


Three more Republican candidates have announced they will run for Salem City Council.

Bob Thomas has announced he will run for the 2nd-Ward seat, and Rick Drummond has said he will run for the 3rd Ward.

Cynthia Baronzzi Dickey has announced she will run for the 4th-Ward seat.

David Nestic, the incumbent councilman from the 1st Ward, filed as an independent candidate and will not be opposed, said Dave Johnson, Columbiana County Republican Party chairman.

Baronzzi Dickey said, “I have never held public office before, but after witnessing the effects of recent council decisions upon the families of Salem, I feel a need to become involved in an official capacity to try to effect positive changes for Salem.”

Baronzzi Dickey said city council recently tried to repeal the long- standing tax credit for residents who work outside the city and raise all city income taxes by 50 percent. It took this action at a time when county residents are suffering economically, she said.

Thomas said, “I want Salem to be the kind of strong and vibrant and safe community that it was when I grew up here. I want the city’s streets and sidewalks paved again, fully paved and not just patched. I want our parks to be funded and to be clean and safe for people to enjoy. During winter months, I want the streets plowed and the snow removed off of our downtown curb areas and sidewalks so people can park and get out of their cars safely. I want to see city council become more responsible for our hard-earned tax dollars.”

He said city council had been diverting money to pay benefits that are higher than benefits in the private sector.

Drummond said his experience in information technology, as a project manager and senior business analyst, would be useful to improve the city’s operations. He added that government at all levels must serve its constituents.

“The city must find a way to stop needless spending and become more efficient. We expect our citizens to live within their means. The citizens should expect no less of the city,” he said.

Johnson last year blasted council over its spending.

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