Rapper-comedian wants to be prez

Daniel Moore is a steelworker, union activist, polka musician, rapper, protest singer-songwriter and a stand-up comedian. What’s next?

How about presidential candidate.

Moore, a.k.a. “Big D,” says he’s going to take a tongue-in-cheek stab at the White House in 2016. But his real goal is serious. He hopes to provide some social commentary and fodder for political discourse.

The 52-year-old Newton Falls resident and Air Force veteran has something in mind similar to what comedian Pat Paulsen did in the late ’60s and ’70s, when he made mock runs for commander in chief.

To get an early jump on his campaign, Moore has released a fundraising CD, “Time to Play Politics.” To purchase, go to standunited.weebly.com.

Moore and his wife, Lisa, have two teen children, Danny and Ashley, who sing on the CD. Regional protest singer Mike Stout also provided songs for the release.

Moore’s campaign manager and partner in hip-hop is Bryan West, a Navy veteran and owner of Method 8 Studios in Youngstown. He’s also collaborating with Reignmaker Entertainment, also of Youngstown.

Moore’s best-known song is “Enough Is Enough,” which has about 7,000 views on YouTube.com. In another song, “Kasich vs. Moore,” he takes on Ohio’s governor over the Senate Bill 5 battle. Moore sang the song at an open-mic night at the Lemon Grove in Youngstown several weeks ago.

Although his presidential run is just for fun, Moore hopes to connect with the Occupy Wall Street movement. “We need to channel that anger and frustration into a positive direction,” he said.

When Moore is not busy running for president, he works at NLMK Steel in Farrell, Pa.

Director finds perfect place for a movie ABOUT zombies

Youngstown zombie apocalypse re-enactors — and judging by the success of the annual Zombie Crawl, there are a lot of them — should know about a film that will be made here.

“The Zombinator” will be shot in the city by indie filmmaker Sergio Myers of 7 Ponies Productions of Los Angeles.

Filming will begin Monday. Go to The Zombinator page on Facebook if you want to be in it.

Why Youngstown?

Myers was recently in the city shooting a documentary on fashion blog frockon.com, because Joanne Tombo of Youngstown is one of the bloggers.

Where many see abandoned buildings, post-industrial blight, littered and empty streets and steel-gray skies, Myers saw a perfect set for a zombie film.

Chamber of commerce officials should NOT take that as a selling point.

Myers works in what he calls “free-flow filmmaking,” a genre he created in which there is no script. He determines the action while the cameras are rolling

“I have an outline of how the story goes, and when I turn up on set, I tell each actor what their scene is, their relationship to that scene, and the other people in that scene, and say action,” he said in a news release.

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