Sparta beats Athens in Glenwood’s Greek Olympics


Neighbors | Sarah Foor .The seventh-graders competed in teams during the event, one representing the city-state Athens, and the other Sparta. When the Spartans were declared the winner of the second-annual Greek Olympics, sociual studies teacher and team leader Tom Basista (right) celebrated with his Spartan team.


Neighbors | Sarah Foor .During their Nov. 22 Greek Olympics, a group of Glenwood Middle School seventh-grade girls prepared for the gallop race. The gallop was meant to echo the the horse-led chariot races of the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece.


Neighbors | Sarah Foor .Glenwood Middle School seventh-grader Amanda Bendel looked calm and collected as she competed in the hula-hoop event at the Nov. 22 Greek Olympics.


Neighbors | Sarah Foor .Savannah Samford (front) hula-hooped like a pro during the Greek Olympics hula event. Her task became a bit harder as participants in the event were asked to hula on one foot and jumping up and down.


All the seventh-graders at Boardman Glenwood Middle School gathered in the school gymnasium on Nov. 22 to compete in the second annual Maroon and Gray Greek Olympics.

Each year, the competition kicks off a study of ancient Greece and the history of the first Olympic games.

“The students are divided into the two city-states who competed in the first Olympic competition — Sparta and Athens. I admit, as Boardman Spartans, we are somewhat partial to the city-state of Sparta, but of course the champion team earns their victory fair and square,” joked BGMS principal Anthony Alvino.

The games offered a wealth of events utilizing many different skills, and every seventh-grader had a chance to participate.

The event began with the entrance of an Olympic torch before the games were under way. The students completed races on scooters, while galloping, and also while completing a traditional sprint. The games moved on to basketball free throw shots and a bean bag toss.

The finale of the event was a hula-hoop contest that tested endurance and balance with increasingly difficult requests to hula on one foot and while hopping up and down.

During the Olympic games, teachers Tom Basista and Carlo Cordon represented Sparta and Athens, respectively.

Winners in each event category were honored with a trophy, but most of the excitement was held for the announcement of the overall winning team of the Olympics.

In the end, Basista’s Spartans took the prize and showed great pride in representing Boardman’s “Spartan” connection well in the Olympics.

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