Christmas is about Christ

Christmas is about Christ

Many Americans do not un- derstand what is wrong with our country and why it is going down hill. My opinion is that we have fallen away from God. God and freedom are what this country was founded on.

Now something like Christmas is being torn apart. The first word in Christmas is Christ. If it were not for Him being born we would not have Christmas. We are told not to sing songs with Christmas or Christ in them. We are not to wish each other Merry Christmas, but instead happy holidays. Why is this? Christ is the reason for the season not just a time for buying things and going into debt, but for celebrating Christ’s birthday.

Our leaders are bringing our country down and we are letting them. Our own president quotes from the Koran not the Bible that this country was founded on. God and Christian beliefs, not Muslim beliefs, were what the entire foundation of the United States of America were and should remain.

As a side note, Islam is not a religion it is actually a socialistic agenda. Investigate it yourself.

The only way I can sum this up is what it tells us in the Bible. God said if you deny Me then I will deny you. Makes a lot of sense since we have denied God in our country, in schools, stores, military and even taking “In God We Trust” off of our money (check that one out on the new gold dollar coins).

We have been going down hill because we have turned our backs on God. I say let us put Christ back in Christmas and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and get back to where our great country belongs ... in the hands of God.

Brian Palumbo, Burghill