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Firing a Campbell water worker wasn’t in city’s best interest

Published: Mon, August 29, 2011 @ 12:00 a.m.

Firing a Campbell water worker wasn’t in city’s best interest

I read with astonishment and disbelief that the mayor of Campbell would go to the extreme of firing someone with, in my opinion, no justification.

As a resident of the city and one who attends meetings, I remember back in October when Mr. Jackson was hired. At the time of Mr. Jackson’s appointment for the position at the water department, not one single council member made any sort of reference to it at any meeting, and that included Mr. VanSuch, who at that time was council president.

Prior to the appointment of Mr. Jackson, when the law director for the city was asked to give his legal opinion on Civil Service exams, he stated there was no mandatory requirement under Ohio law that a list must be maintained if the municipality is not hiring or has, for example, imposed a hiring freeze. He also cited Ohio Revised Code section 124.30 which states in the event that there are urgent reasons for filling a vacancy in any position in the classified service and the director is unable to certify to that appointing authority a list of eligible persons for the appointment, the appointing authority may fill the position by non-competitive examination.

To the best of my knowledge Mr. Jackson has performed his duties extremely well, been a model employee, passed all EPA requirements and certification, but yet is under attack from the current mayor. It is also my understanding that the cost of training Mr. Jackson for his position is between $5,000 and $7,000. Are we going to spend that again to train someone else because he didn’t pass the unnecessary and questionable exam?

This whole thing to me is nothing more than a political grudge against the former city administrator, who this mayor also fired.

The firing of Mr. Jackson, who is the sole provider for his young children, has an excellent job record and meets all EPA requirements and certifications, is not serving the mayor’s constituents.

Chris Grachanin, Campbell


1chiefmac1(6 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

i stongly agree on all your points, Jackson is certified to do his job and has never called off once since he was hired. Its personal plain and simple. I guess the more responsible an employee you are the harder they are on you. If he had a ton of personal problems and was a detriment to his job the current administration would try like hell to keep him.

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2mrblue(1129 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Campbell politics----just plain DIRTY. Those few hires under Jack Dill-----did they take a test, or because they were friends, was a test ignored? Think about it. Personal agendas---that is all that Campbell politicians care about. Think about this-----VanSuch, who by the way is clueless, brings back Dill, who by the way was voted out, to run the city, which he is now doing. Add to that----Opencar enters the mayors race to split the vote in hopes that VanSuch wins and then resigns due to health issues. Dill then becomes mayor. Agree with me or not, this is just an opinion to which I hope that I am wrong.

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3laborlaw(5 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

I guess that I am left wondering why no one has brought up that Jackson's appointment (by Krinos) was conditioned on him passing a civil service exam. If Jackson had passed the exam, this would never have even been an issue. While everyone here seems to be railing about playing politics, it seems like it would be more unfair to the members of the public and citizens who sat for the exam and passed it if the results were simply ignored. How is that possibly fair or even equitable to those people seeking employment through the civil service process, but don't know anyone or have an inside track. The civil service process, albeit imperfect, is supposed to eliminate this type of sniping. Unfortunately, it appears as though holding an employee to this standard is being seen as retribution as opposed to ensuring the all members of the public have a fair crack at civil service positions.

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4soupcity(19 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Labor law, another employee that was hired under Dill, a stepson of a fellow co-worker in administration was hired under the same stipulation of passing a civil service exam,Exact same appointment letter, minus administration names (Even though there was an eligibility list in place and he wasnt on it!) when an exam was requested by the superintendent the city said he didnt require it and it was never brought up again...Again BECAUSE OF WHO HIS STEP DAD WAS!!! That employee had a terrible work record, attendance wise and work wise and caused the city a considerable amount in a lawsuit that was caused by his lack of attention while driving a city vehicle and caused a collision with a citizen of Campbell, he was written up and disciplined numerous times and disrupted the whole work schedule due to his knowledge that nothing will happen to him... ADMINISTRATION NEVER wanted to discipline him, 90% of his discrepencies happened while he was on probation! NOTHING WAS DONE!!! he was never forced to take a civil service exam nor held accountable for his attendance or lack there of, nor the work ino that he readily falsified... maybe if his name was Jackson then he would have been handled accordingly... trust me there is more than 3 sides to this story ... easy to see what they want you to see when that is all you are given... Jackson was set up to fail period! Everyone should have a fair crack at the exam... However @ least 75% if not more have been eliminated due to their criminal history... think about it, a test obviously does not show true clarity into an individual, These people go into our parents and grandparents homes, deal with our families on a daily basis in some shape or form, is that someone that you want to come into contact with the people that you care about? This kid is trusted, certified and responsible... maybe if he would have shook Vansuch's hand at the council meeting the night he was swore in he wouldnt have these problems... right Bill???

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5valleyview312(8 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Wasn't Jackson's Father Jack Dill's Administrator wasn't he part of the Administration everyopne's criticizing, If anyone after one year can't pass a civil service test and received $5000.00 worth of tax payer's training shouldn't be retained! He doesn't have OEPA certification and your saying uneducated criminals passed the test! The kid's Dad was the Administrator when he was hired which is illegal its called nepotism! Its about time Campbell has a Mayor with guts not politics, he's the Mayor not Jack Dill who was good enough for Jackson's Dad when he needed a job and hospitalization! If the kid couldn't get a 75% which was a C when I went to Campbell! 5000 dollars worth of training, NEPOTISM, Dad worked for Dill who you say was no good,! All adds up to 0000 reasons to keep him!

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6soupcity(19 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Again the civil service test questions have nothing to do with this job the questions asked on those tests do not pertain to these jobs some questions do but very few, they seriously ask the most off the wall questions very few answers relate to the position it tests for, HE IS OEPA CERTIFIED, his training and certifications are 100% complete...
Trust me if Vansuch had guts, he would fess up to his lies rather than state the good ole answer of I DON'T RECALL when questioned on his actions! Bill even stated on court record that HE NEVER SAID HE WAS GOING TO FIRE DONALD JACKSON, that he had to talk to the administrator and to the superintendant
..Jackson was Dills administrator... he is not a crook he has tried to do right by this town, ask the people of this town who they go to when they need something done... sure isnt Dill and it sure isnt Billy... Nepotism... look at EVERY employee in this town here because they were friends or family of Dill growing up with his kids get over it ... it is what it is everyone knows that, I dont care how they got there jobs... its if you can keep them!!! And the people that they keep wanting to go after live in this city and replaced with people that live outside of Campbell...City is Losing more money... Wake up and look !!! Guts Thats funny!!!

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75thwardcouncilman(9 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Let me get this straight laborlaw and valleyview,Both of you think its perfectly fine to terminate Donny Jackson.And you say thats guts not politics?What a crock! That is not only heartless but you have no conscious! This young man lost his wife to cancer and is raising 2 young kids by himself, and you think this isnt politics? BS!!!!! Let me set the record straight. Donny's father was fired over pure politics. Mr VanSuch fired him for not supporting Dill he thought he was supporting Krinos in the last election.FACT! It wasnt because of Mr Jacksons performance.The citizens liked him as well as the city employees..And when Mr VanSuch replaced Lew with Dill as Administrator, one of the councilman was overheard saying "what goes around comes around".And you say its not politics?BS! Now they want to take it even further and take it out on Donny and his family,and hide behind a civil service test that there was no reason to give.What is the consensus of anyone you talk to in this city? Its to bring the young people back to this city.And this is YOUR solution? Come back to Campbell, but just dont disgree with me. Because if you do, i'll take it out on you AND your family. Wow that will get them running back.Give me a break you cant stoop any lower than this.And I see on Mr VanSuch's signs it reads "because I care".he forgot to put "unless you disagree with me"

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8jimc53(2 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

My opinion is Mayor VanSuch did not create this problem..it was created by Mr.Krinos. D.Jackson accepted that job with the understanding he would have to take the civil service test and pass. He did not pass. So let me get this straight..You want Mayor Vansuch to keep Jackson even though he didn't pass the test? what about the guys who did pass? Is that fair to them? Then it would cost the city more money in law suits. There are jobs in the city that do not require a civil service test. I respect an honest person who is trying to do the right thing, although i feel bad for Mr.Jacksons situation, what is the law is the law..He took this job knowing he had to take the test and pass. I personally don't even think he should have been hired in that manner..But his dad was the city admin. at the time..sooooo?????

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9devilforlife(6 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Why was there a man who failed the civil service for the meter reader position reading water meters throughout the city of campbell last month. I wonder if he is going to read this month also. Come on Mayor get with it!

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10vinnyporkchop(3 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

You people need to get your facts straight. First the mayor did not go looking to fire DJackson. The Civil Service Com. sent a letter to the mayor informing him that Jackson did not pass the test and should be removed and the person most quailified with the highest test score be hired in his place. This letter is public record, the mayor has nothing to hide. As for the letting go of Lew Jackson the city administrator, Jack Dill was much more qualified has having served 10 years as mayor. Mr. VanSuch became mayor because Mr. Krinos resigned. Being thrown into the situation on a short term Mr VanSuch needed a city adminstrator with experince and connections to help the city progress quickly in a short time. Politics is not personal when your really trying to do something good.

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11soupcity(19 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

vinny... get your facts straight!!! First off Vansuch talked quite openly since the meeting he was sworn in that D. Jackson would be gone, mainly because he didnt shake his hand and congratulate him at the council meeting where he was sworn in, 2nd that letter was never issued till Vansuch needed it to cover his butt in court, trust me there were many employees that have failed that test in the past that have never got a recomendation for termination, amazing how this one did! 2nd... Ask him why he wants to hire a meter reader with the SAME FAILING GRADE as Mr. Jackson on that exam!!! Maybe because he figures he can at least get the support from that kids family in the election!
Dill more qualified ... get a clue, the city bottomed out while he was here, Jackson has contributed more to this city in his time as administrator for DILL and KRINOS and VANSUCH! Companies have refused to deal with Dill and have said that to Vansuch... he still allowed them to leave rather than not bring back his buddy... THE CITY DOESNT WANT HIM! they voted him out... at least give the citizens of this town that much respect... The man doesnt care period, just a way to get benefits is all it is for him! If he "CARED" so much why didnt he even show his face at a meeting the citizens held a few weeks ago to help the city?? Jackson and Opencar were there...

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12devilforlife(6 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

soupcity your right on the money, but you failed to mention that the kid that failed the test was for a utility laborer/meter clerk. a job that doesn't even exist.

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135thwardcouncilman(9 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Vinny...Actually what you need to do is go to the mayors office and get a copy of the City Charter. When you recieve it go to section 4.11 paragraph 3. Just incase Mr. VanSuch cant seem to find the charter here is what it says.
With that being said Mr. Grocutt lives in Florida the tests were written there then shipped here he did not personally give the tests, the tests then were shipped back to him for scoring. Um what part of WITHIN THE STATE did Mr. VanSuch not understand, in the city charter, which for as many years as he has served in some capacity in the city he should know it as well as he does his bible! Therefore the tests should be null and void! And truly was nothing more than a personal political grudge, plain pure and simple!
Now onto Devil I hate to correct you but the exams that were given on March 22,2011 and the results recieved on April 7,2011 were as follows METER READER/ UTILITY CLERK and PLANT OPERATOR. I thought you should be made aware of this.
Also just for the record the new guy that is reading meters someone said didn't pass the test, you are right he failed and came in 22nd on the list. Now tell me is that fair to everyone? Politics as usual.

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145thwardcouncilman(9 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Here's some food for thought too... the previous meter reader was done over a month ago so if Mr. VanSuch or the Civil Service Commission is requesting Donalds termination, why are they not demanding the Mayor to fill the position that is open????? Also has the Mayor hired anyone for the Landlord Registration position???? They were suppose to start collecting on that July 1st? Did he really believe it was up to council to hire someone for that position like he stated at one of the meetings? You would think he would of known Council doesn't do the hiring, how long did he serve on council????

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15soupcity(19 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Well said 5th ward... Also Matash( I believe it was him) admitted in court that the exam was done incorrectly, that NOONE on the civil service commision is certified! It was done that way to save money! I'm
assuming that Grocutt may not be certified either considering he retired years ago!

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16onlyincampbell(35 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

wow I just picked up the Hometown Journal, this same person put the letter in that too. The vindy left alot out out!

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17vinnyporkchop(3 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

Wow! soupcity and devilforlife you guys are so funny! Lets not forget a court of law upheld the city's right to remove jackson which means the city is in the right!!! And since you guys are so outraged at this why dont you ask jackson for the letter he got from then mayor Krinos that states "this appointment is provisional and you are still required to take a civil service test" That is taken directly from the letter given to jackson when he was hired!! This letter and the letter from the civil service com (that is dated before notice was given to jackson) is public record. It's evident to me that since this is a election year and that you two are against the current administration you'll do your best to make something out of nothing. The facts are the facts he was required to take the test, he failed the test so he should be let go. He took a shot and sued the city and lost because he was wrong and the city is right. I'm also guessing that soupcity is running in this election since you mention charter rules and other things only a canidate would say. Be careful poeple can see through lies.

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18onlyincampbell(35 comments)posted 3 years, 8 months ago

porkchop..after reading your last post it would seem that you did not read this part of the letter.
The law director for the city was asked to give his legal opinion on Civil Service exams, he stated there was no mandatory requirement under Ohio law that a list must be maintained if the municipality is not hiring or has, for example, imposed a hiring freeze. He also cited Ohio Revised Code section 124.30 which states in the event that there are urgent reasons for filling a vacancy in any position in the classified service and the director is unable to certify to that appointing authority a list of eligible persons for the appointment, the appointing authority may fill the position by non-competitive examination.
You really believe this Mayor is not doing this for political reasons???? Pick up the Hometown Journal and read this letter in it's entirety I found it very informative and really question VanSuch's motives now concerning Donald Jackson.
After you read the letter and take your VanSuch blinders off, you tell me, should the civil service exam results only apply to Mr. Jackson or to all who took the test? You can't have your cake and eat it to. It's either abide by it or not. And as far as your remark to soupcity actually anyone who cares about this city should know the city charter no matter if your a politician or a resident thats what you call being a responsible and well informed citizen and one way to keep politicians such as VanSuch in check.

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19soupcity(19 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

Just for the record vinny.. I AM NOT RUNNING for office if that will help you and the idiot crew to narrow down who I am... but reread what I wrote... BOTH LETTERS SAID THE SAME THING... minus the administrative names, I have the letters... I don't need to ask for them! I am sure they would come up missng anyway! The point I was trying to make was that it was good enough to hold Mr. Jackson to it but it wasn't good enough to hold the lawdirectors step son to it! An exam was requested for him when he was working and they said that he did not have to take it... Same time worked that D Jackson had... The court took the stand they did because a provisional employee is at the adminstrations will... they can do as they please unfortunatley... they really don't need an excuse other than they dont like you! Just like he is doing, all he has because the kids record is perfect... he has nothing to go on, if it was anything else he could never get rid of him and he knows it... HIS OWN WORDS WERE THAT HE HAS TO GET HIM OUT BY OCTOBER BECAUSE IT WOULD BE HARDER TO GET RID OF HIM AFTER THAT!!! ... As far as the letter from civil service commission trust me I can right a letter dated prior to todays date and say I wrote it three months ago as well... Billy is full of it... He knows it and I am sure you know it... seeing that it is so many of his words that have been coming out of your mouth! Bottom line, civil service commission who lied and our so called powers that be should be ashamed of themselves... hopefully this will all come back 10fold on them and they will reap what they sow! So get another earful from Bill and see if he can actually RECALL what he has said... its amazing how different the two things are! another thing Vinny... why no comment on the meter reader with the same failing grade? huh... hurry run and see what he has to say on that one... would love to hear your opinion on that!

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20valleyview312(8 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

5th Ward your are just like you talk a 5th ward in a 4 ward City. I have heard many hungry poor people with sad stories. I know Mr. VanSuch would hire them all including Mr. Jackson, but what he has done in a short time is why we need to keep him, THE RIGHT THING, he could have easily made a deal with Mr. Jackson's dad and not had him as an opponent for Mayor! Mayor Van Such is running to do the right thing Mr. Jackson's Dad is running because like you feels his son was wrong, if the Mayor keeps both Jackson's he has one less opponent, you know and every person with a BRAIN in Campbell knows it!!! I hope you stay the 5th Ward Councilnman and never have anything to do with REAL GOVERNMENT in Campbell!!!

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21vinnyporkchop(3 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

First off I ment 5wardcouncilman is running not soup city. But let's address the meter reader. It's common knowledge that he failed the test also but who hired him. Oh let's see Krinos and Jackson . How do you know he's not next to be fired, I guess you have to wait to see. The funny part about you people is you sit around and complain about the mayor, the city, and all the stuff that goes on and you do nothing about it but spread rumors and lies. I posted on this blog to state the facts not my made up opinions. I have done that so I will not post any more. My home in Campbell is for sale and soon I will leave this place behind and people like you are the reason. Enjoy the mess you make and lies you tell.

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225thwardcouncilman(9 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

ok valleyview you say what Vansuch did in a short time is why we should keep him.Wow what a Billy spin that is. Put your thinking cap on for a minute so you can follow this.
Dill is mayor the city goes into fiscal emergency and there are layoffs.Now next election Krinos wins as mayor he brings people back to work and has a heart and sees a young man fell on hard times lost his wife to cancer and is raising two young kids on his own and really needs a break in life so he hires him.He also hires another city employees son as seasonal at the park.And the next thing your hearing is about the city comming out of fiscal emergency.
Now Krinos resigns for personal matters.And Vansuch becomes mayor being he was council president.He fires Jackson as administrator and brings back Dill.Whats first thing on the agenda.Find out a way to get rid of Jacksons son who works hard does what is required, and never misses a day of work and by the way he is a campbell citizen.
WOW those are great acomplishments there Vansuch.And as you say valleyview "thats all in a short time" what a big accomplishment.To that I say no thank you Billy.In all honesty Krinos did more for this city as Mayor than Billy could hope for.

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235thwardcouncilman(9 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

PorkChop please enlighten me on what parts of any of my posts are lies? Also the difference between Mr. Jackson and the meter reader is he still has his job in various parts of the city still failed the civil service exam but doesn't have to fight to keep his job. That only says one thing and one thing only...and thats VanSuch doesn't like Donald because of who he is, if it were all about the test the other guy would be in the same boat which clearly he is not.So put your Billy spin on "Because I care" most of us here know the facts and the truth behind it all. And for the record no I am not seeking any position in this city on election day. I post this because I DO CARE!

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24soupcity(19 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

what no more comment Vinny... Did I stump you with that last one? I guess so... The problem with this city IS the people like you that want to run for the hills when the going gets tough, we are here for the long haul good or bad THIS IS OUR HOME,Our families are here and however bleak this citys future looks we are determined not to let it go without trying to fix it first! Have fun selling your house maybe Dill will get you a great deal with his son and they can section 8 it out so we can lose more on our property value. I am no fan of Krinos but he tried, he is far from perfect and frankly I cant stand the man on a personal level, but I attended the meetings and I watched council (all of them) turn down everything he tried to do, My feeling was let him try and if he failed then shame on us for voting him in office, hell it couldnt have gotten any worse then where we were... Billy has done nothing for the past 8 months... nothing, but go for blood on the people who have "betrayed" him in his eyes... half the time you talk to him he has no clue what is going on he has to pass the buck to Dill ... and that is just like talking to a wall. They just dont care about anyone but themselves! Happy trails!

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25devilforlife(6 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago


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26devilforlife(6 comments)posted 3 years, 7 months ago

The same guy is reading the city this month who failed the civil service test?!

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