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Fitch kicks off with a big win, defeats Harding 28-7


Austintown Fitch

7/4Div. IAll-American Conference Gold Tier

Warren Harding

8/4Div. IAll-American Conference Gold Tier

By Jon Moffett


The start of the football season for Austintown Fitch started out a lot like a boulder rolling downhill.

At first, the Falcons just sort of grinded forward a little bit. But as time went on and they picked up some momentum, they were running without much of a chance of anything stopping them.

Unfortunately, Warren Harding had the unenviable task of trying to do just that.

When the clock wound down, the Falcons were jumping and celebrating a 28-7 opening-night victory at Mollenkopf Stadium as they headed back to the team bus.

Things started out a little sluggish for both sides. The Raiders were able to halt vaunted rushing attack of seniors Will Mahone, one of the top running back recruits in the state, and quarterback Demetrious Davis for most of the first half.

But the Falcons used a no-huddle attack with about a minute before halftime to turn up the tempo. Mahone had runs of 13, 12 and 14 in the Falcons’ final drive of the half. He finished the job with a 9-yard run for the first points of the season.

When asked if his team woke up a bit with the fast-paced attack, veteran Fitch coach Phil Annarella laughed.

“Boy, we sure did. I don’t know if we, like, woke up or whatever. But we did what we do, and we tried to pick up the tempo offensively,” he said. “But that made a big difference to get that score right before the half. And then the momentum seemed to be in our favor.”

But it wasn’t always that way.

The Raiders owned the first half — sans Mahone’s final minute or two — but had nothing to show for it. Five turnovers (three in the first half) sealed the Raiders’ fate.

“We had way too many opportunities come up empty,” said first-year Harding coach Rick Rios. “We turned the ball over, I think, three or four times in the red zone and you can’t do that.”

Harding forced a Fitch punt on the opening drive, but its first series ended when Falcosn defensive back Justin Fooks came up with an interception.

The Raiders forced another Falcon punt, but again their own drive ended with a turnover. Junior LeShun Daniels coughed up the ball after a 16-yard run to put the Raiders at the Fitch 12. Davis’ twin brother Chris jumped on the ball.

Fitch picked off four Harding passes, with Chris Davis taking one back 32 yards for a touchdown, and had six sacks.

Kyle Betts, who had three sacks, said the goal was to get as much pressure as possible.

“We work on it every day in seven-on-sevens,” Betts said. “We knew their quarterback had a strong arm, and their running back ran hard. So we knew we’d have to gang tackle and have all 11 guys going to the ball.”

Fitch added a pair of touchdown runs by junior Tyreese Anderson of 23 and two yards. Harding’s only points came on a 16-yard run by Daniels with 8:01 remaining in the game.



Welocme to NE Ohio Rick Rios, your with the big boys now, not the Toledo City League. Don't loose to Howland or the FOR SALE signs will be on your front lawn the next day. The last Warren coach went 8-3 and went to the playoffs and still got fired.

posted 4 years, 10 months ago


Dota won against 8 nobodies and got killed against every good program.
Get Real Dota Stunk and had the worst schedule ever in Harding history with all those patsies Trina had to schedule so Harding wouldn't have losing seasons.
By the way Dota lost again 0 -17 it shows he not very good.
WB should schedule all easy teams so it can inflat his horrible record! And people like you can try and fool the public. What a joke you are!

posted 4 years, 10 months ago


Memo to Rios:
Football 101 - score 0-0, 2:30 left in the 1st half. You've won the field position battle and are at the Fitch 40 yd line with 4th and 5.
Wisdom, logic & common sense dictate you punt to keep them pinned back then try to force a turnover calling your time outs to keep your opponent backed up on their goal line before the half ends.
When Fitch came out in their base defense on 4th down you weren't fooling them or anybody.
You essentially handed Fitch the game at that point with the loss of momentum.
Turnovers and stupidity are still the norm at Harding since Thom McDaniels was run out of Warren.
You Reap what you sow. McDaniels out Dota & Rios in and stupidity and turnovers run rampant.
The Warren kids are every bit as talented if not more than Fitch but again Harding is out coached.
Congrats to Coach Phil.
Better Luck next time Rick. Play sound fundamental football and you will put your self in better position to compete and win instead of blowing up the game and your Team.
What a bone head call...

posted 4 years, 10 months ago


An unsolicited suggestion to whoever makes the Vindy photo assignments: make sure the photographer assigned to the upcoming Poland-Fitch game takes with them a beach chair. They're gonna be snapping a lot of pics in whichever endzone the Bullpuppies are *trying* to defend -- might as well get comfy.

posted 4 years, 10 months ago


Looks like Trina will have to schedule "nobodys" for Rios too. In three years, Rios will be back in the Toledo schools coaching nobodys against nobodys.

posted 4 years, 10 months ago


Check out the Tribune website. They had no story about Harding getting their butts kicked. Hhhmmmm.....

posted 4 years, 10 months ago


What ever happen to that kid they tried to recruit from Boardman?

posted 4 years, 10 months ago

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