Learning the language is part of being able to know who we are

Learning the language is part of being able to know who we are

In reading your front page ar- ticle. “Is Cursive Cursed,” I felt there was one major reason to continue teaching cursive that was omitted: you may lose your history.

There is most likely a box of old letters or a diary tucked away in your parents or grandparents house that you will come across after they pass. These letters are a window to your history and they will be written in cursive.

When I needed to sell off my parents’ house I discovered all kinds of notes, letters and cards my mom had saved, letters from my dad in WWII, from my brother in Vietnam, even my grandparents naturalization papers.

Our past is written in cursive, but you have to learn it to read it.

Marilyn Lockhart, Poland

We all have what it takes

As an American citizen, voter, taxpayer and independent, I truly believe in people regardless of their race, creed, color, religion, gender, political party, or status in life in America and the world.

I believe the solution to the very difficult problems now facing America and the world is for each of us to apply ourselves to achieving some small victories each and every day. This must reach across our great country — in our great states, in our counties, homes, churches, temples, mosques, schools, jobs, businesses, government, inside our lives each and every day.

I truly believe that God is love and He made it very simple for each of us to do what must be done 24/7. All we have to do is believe it, live it, and do it. And achieve for yourself, our country, and our world some small victories.

Willie James Richards, Youngstown