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Ohio State meets with NCAA

Published: Sat, August 13, 2011 @ 12:02 a.m.



Former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel arrives for a hearing in Indianapolis, Ind., Friday, Aug. 12, 2011. Tressel had hoped to travel to Indianapolis to be a central figure at the inaugural Big Ten championship game in December. Instead, he's in the city to testify about his role in NCAA violations which have shaken the foundation of Ohio State's powerhouse football program and cost him his job. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Associated Press


Ohio State’s hearing before the NCAA took only four hours. Now it must wait up to 12 weeks to find out how it will be penalized for rules broken by its football program.

A memorabilia-for-cash scandal that resulted in player suspensions, coach Jim Tressel’s forced resignation and the departure of star quarterback Terrelle Pryor also led to Ohio State’s hearing before the NCAA’s committee on infractions on Friday.

No one from the public or media was allowed into the guarded meeting room in the ballroom of a downtown hotel.

Apparently Ohio State officials felt the penalties they had self-imposed earlier — Tressel’s departure, vacating the 2010 season including a victory in the Sugar Bowl and a two-year NCAA probation — were not enough to mollify the NCAA’s version of judge and jury. Athletic director Gene Smith said that in addition to those previous sanctions, Ohio State will forfeit its $338,811 share of the Big Ten’s payment for having played in the bowl game.

Previously, Smith had said that Ohio State had already offered “severe” sanctions.

Smith also said he looked forward to hearing Ohio State’s final penalties in 8 to 12 weeks — much longer than the 6-to-8 week window he had mentioned previously.

Tressel declined to answer questions as he hustled with his attorney through the hotel’s lobby and jumped into an elevator.

He did leave behind a news release.

“I had an open and constructive exchange with the committee on infractions,” the statement read. “They were well prepared and will now go about their work in deliberations. Again, I would like to apologize to the Buckeye nation, most especially to the players, staff and fans who remain so dear to me.”

ESPN.com reported earlier this week Ohio State had received a letter from the NCAA saying that it was looking into additional allegations. But Smith, reading from a statement, said, “The NCAA staff concluded that the evidence at this time does not warrant additional allegations and that our joint review of any remaining items did not necessitate a delay to today’s hearing.”

Ohio State president Gordon Gee also weighed in.

“I appreciated the opportunity to appear today,” he said in a statement. “The committee treated us fairly and gave us ample time to share our perspective. Throughout, we have been determined to do what is right in responding to the information we discovered.”

The central point of the hearing was the contention — admitted by Tressel — that he alone among Ohio State officials broke NCAA bylaws when he learned some of his players had accepted improper benefits from a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner in April 2010. He then declined to tell Ohio State or NCAA officials for more than nine months, contrary to his contract and other NCAA rules.

In effect, Tressel knowingly played ineligible players throughout last season.

Tressel’s decision led Ohio State to pressure him to step down in May after 10 seasons, a 106-22 record, seven Big Ten titles and the 2002 national championship. It also sparked the NCAA investigation.

The NCAA committee will determine if Ohio State’s sanctions went far enough. It could tack on a bowl ban or limit the Buckeyes’ number of recruits, among other possibilities. The NCAA has informed Ohio State that the two most serious findings it could hit the school with — lack of institutional control and failure to monitor players and coaches — are off the board based on information it has received so far.

Six Ohio State players were suspended for the first five games this fall for trading memorabilia for cash and discounted tattoos. Pryor, one of those suspended players, gave up his final year of eligibility for a shot at playing in the NFL. One other player has left the program; yet another player will sit out the season-opener.

Smith told The Associated Press earlier this week that the investigations into the players’ actions and those of Tressel have cost Ohio State’s athletic department about $800,000 so far.

The hearing took place in the large Indiana ballroom on the first floor of the downtown Marriott. The room had 38 microphones placed on tables set up in a square. There were guards preventing the public or media from entering any of the 14 doors along two sides that open to a common hallway of the hotel.

Ohio State and its NCAA consultants, The Compliance Group, met for almost 5 hours on Thursday night to discuss its case.

The 10-member committee on infractions, chaired by Mideastern Athletic Conference Commissioner Dennis Thomas, heard testimony and asked questions.

Once the committee’s recommended penalties are announced, Ohio State can appeal the verdict.

Ohio State officials have worked closely with the NCAA since last December in a climate where several big-time football (Southern California, North Carolina) and men’s basketball (Tennessee, Connecticut) programs have been or are in trouble. There is an undercurrent that the NCAA may choose to take a hard line on the Buckeyes’ violations.

The most recent spate of rule-breaking at Ohio State overlapped with probation remaining from when the men’s basketball program committed major violations under then-coach Jim O’Brien in 2004. That makes Ohio State a so-called repeat violator and could affect the school’s treatment by the NCAA.


1Thunderboom(67 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

The people who ran the Inquisions would envy the NCAA in this case. This is overkill. It seems like an orchestrated attempt at bring down one of the most sucessful football programs in the country. I understand what they did was wrong but how many lives were destroyed by this. I don't think what they did will send these young men on a life of crime. Thank you Coach Tressel for all your hard work,I wish you Godspeed. GO BUCKS!!!!!!!

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2woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Overkill huh? Wow but i bet if this was Michigan you sorry hairless nuts(thats what a buckeye is) would be asking for the death penalty. The problem is that you "fans" cant accept the fact your lilly white coach was dirty and your greatest years of success ever against Michigan is tainted like an hiv infected needle. Get over it, take the punishment like men, and lastly go get a tattoo of "cheater" somewhere on your collective scarlet butts

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3shutyourface(246 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

lilly white? Why do we have to bring race into this? Michigan is not better b/c Ohio State may get punished. You didn't win the national championship b/c Ohio State may get punished. You got an unproven big lineman from St.Ed's and a forfiet. Wow look out you guys are BACK!

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4woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Oh i happen to be white so i dont know how i brought race into it but ok hairless nut. No we diddnt win a National Title since the 1990s but the title you guys recently one may be tainted. Reece may not have been eligible because how many oral exams do most college students get? Ive spent 7 years at YSU received two Bachelors degrees and a Masters and yet never once did i have an oral exam.
All high school athletes going to the college ranks are unproven so thats not a valid point.The forfeit well we have to take it. The question of Michigan being back are you serious? 57-44-6 vs Ohio State,most wins in Cumblowus, and the most wins in NCAA HISTORY, and more National Titles then Ohio State so undoubtedly Michigan will be back. The hiring of this new coach and the offense being transformed back to the offense that needs to be run in the Big Ten and the new Defensive Coordinator which emphasizes defense will surely help. Now remember over the course of the last decade the Big Ten has been ridiculed and considered weak and guess whos been up and down at that time? Michigan. Whos been on top O-H-N-O St.So guess what in order for the Big Ten to gain the respect and prestige they once had Michigan gotta get back and you hairless nut fans need to realize that as well. Because your run at the top is when the disrespect has started two butt whippings in the title game and now Tattoogate.

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5mrblue(1000 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

I am tired of the whole mess and especially tired of the press that Tressel is getting. He screwed up, so get over it and move on. You can't feel sorry for a man that made over 20 million dollars in the past ten years. Just like so many other coaches who thought that they were smarter than everybody----he got caught!

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6Thunderboom(67 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Killin ya isn't it wool. Brutus still has the stains on his shoes from stompin woolverines. If you are thinking the BUCKS kicked your butt because of trading goods for tattoos then you are as dillusional as the other dwindling number of M-GO BLOW fans. PS This ain't gonna be your either, get used to it.

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7woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Well if you allow players to run amuck and promise them they can sell apparel, skip classes, etc etc etc to get these kids while turning a blind eye then you are cheating. You hairless nuts got caught now stop whining.
So Thunderboom how long have you been a fan? I remember 10 years ago barely anyone wore O-H-N-O ST gear then all of a sudden the band wagon formed. What do you guys really have during that time 1 controversial title and two embarassing title runs. Oh and 0-13 last year, a coach forced to resign, and potential NCAA sanctions. Yeah we suck but we suck playing fair you guys were winning bending the rules. I d rather lose honestly then win by cheating. Lastly 57-44-6 Michigan leads all time series. nuff said

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8Thunderboom(67 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Wool, Obviously you like HAIRY nuts--hmmmmm. I was born before Woody Hayes dreamed of being Coach at THE Ohio State University. So you might believe I've been a fan for a bit. I was going to the "Shoe" before Archie Griffin,the ONLY two time Heisman Trophy winner, set foot on that field. But I must admit I admire Rich Rodriquez,who in true Missedagain fashion, donated everything he had with those ugly colors to charity. Eat your heart out. I'd be willing to bet you have found Religion these days for November is coming. Another "L" for the Maize & Blew, another Christmas ruined.
PS God wears Scarlett & Grey.

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9woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Well good for you you arent a frontrunner congratulations. So you have seen alot of Michigan beating OSU. Maize and Blue ugly? No many more teams wear those colors and you guys have incorporated black to brighten up your dreary colors. Yes Arch is only two time winner but thats the only thing you guys have more then Maize and Blue. Wins Michigan, National Titles Michigan and most importantly head-to-head Michigan. Maybe buddy if you live to be 200 the series will be tied.Rich Rod yes he did do that but Tressy boy donated his vests tattoo discounts and ineligible players to beat Michigan and Arkansas. Oh and also to win a National Title last year with his preseaon contender. What happened there? Oh Wisconsin. Now take your Sugar Bowl and Big Ten Champs tshirt back to Everthing Hairless, Poisonous Nut store and get a refund because they are based on a lie and tattoo. And the gold pants this year melt that medal down because its useless.

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10Thunderboom(67 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Wool Buddy, I didn't want to do this but now I must do to you what The Buckeyes did to Mistakeagain last November, or for the last SEVEN seasons for that matter. I will concede that you lead the series 57-44-6. However from 1897 to 1918 the record was 15-0-2 advantage Blew,not exactally recent history. Let's bring some facts to depress you even more than you have been the last decade. Seven, yes SEVEN Heisman trophies. Including the only repeat player. All but two of those players from Ohio and two played High School ball in the shadow of "The Shoe". Three Heisman Trophies to the Blew team and not one of them from Mistakeagain, and get this, TWO were from Ohio. Bucks with 130 All Americans, Blew,126. Bucks 42 Bowl appearances,Furry Creatures,40. Even on this years roster 20% of the Blew Players are from, guess where? The Buckeye!! And to make it even worse for you only about 40% of the Blew players are homegrown,pittiful. Had enough? I am just starting to have fun. On The Buckeye Roster 70% dyed in the Scarlet & Grey born n bred. Only 2 players from Mistakeagain LOL LOL!!! It, in my lifetime, been just that way,and I see no change in the near future. Need a Valium yet? Even with their troubles; loss of Head Coach,loss of all star players, sanctions,new head coach, a virtual new program. Still in the USA Paper (not exactally an OSU friendly publication) The Buckeyes pre-season No.16---Mistakeagain NOT ranked in the top 25,humiliating. Is this killing you? It sure is killing me! Two words I will never forget, Appalachian State,in your house? IN YOUR HOUSE? HaHaHa, I can't stop,I am on a roll,you asked for it. But I digress. I'm pretty sure you are a decent person, just a bit misled. I think you not so much love Mistakeagain as you hate OSU. Maybe it is because you couldn't get into The Ohio State University oh those years ago and settled for YSU. Rejection must be a bear. I'm just speculating. I tried to warn you. The cold winds of November cometh,take heed.
PS Still hung-up on Hairless Nuts. Wow

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11woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Hahahaha wow yeah we lost to Appy State. And yes alot of players have come from "the worst state ever" to get away from "the worst state ever". Ah no I diddnt try to get into OSU im sure i could have i mean Reece made it, Terrelle made it, etc etc, etc,. Wait was that a shot at YSU? Isnt that where you guys recruited your now infamous Tressel? Two games I wont forget Florida and Louisiana State and the whippings they gave the poisonous nuts. We will see now how this plays out I predict the world will get back on its axis and stud Ohio high schoolers will trekk back up to Michigan and you guys will be back to the second tier team you are. Now go get a tattoo and maybe some prostitutes and have a great day.

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12Thunderboom(67 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Wool, for heavens sake why do you want to pet the Piranha. Time for another lesson.Bend over here it comes. Since the date of my birth the record has been 32-28-3 advantage BUCKEYES. Six of the last eight coaches at THE Ohio State University have been from Ohio. THREE of the last five Mistakeagain coaches, INCLUDING the present coach are from OHIO! That includes Schembechler. Maybe I give you to much credit. You do NOT dispute my facts instead you retort in a scattergun fashion,with personal attacks. Come on son fight like a man. Tell ME anything I have reported is erroneous,please dispute me with facts. You still believe that The Bucks beat you by selling memorabilia for tattoos. You have eluded to skipping classes,oral exams, and cheating. All of which you have obviously made up because even the witchunters at the NCAA found none of this to support your vapid allegations,and it was not for the lack of trying. I enjoy the healthy exchange of history and facts but in you I have learned nothing. Masters Degree Eh??? US News & World Report (liberal rag that it is) nonetheless has just said The Ohio State University is THE best public university in The U.S. Their words not mine. I will debate you on the facts anytime,I will not stoop to your level of hollow accusations,prostitutes etc. Bone up son, do your homework.
When that team up north exits their scary tunnel and touch that banner, the banner should say "Mistakeagain THE ONLY Div.1A ranked (#5at the time) team to lose to Div 1FCS Team--EVER. LOL LOL----IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!
Again be warned, November comes like a rabbid Pit Bull,THAT will be THE Buckeyes AGAIN. GO BUCKS!!!!!!!

PS What no "HAIRLESS NUT " comment. Maybe there is hope for you yet-------NAAAAAAAAAH!

Suggest removal:

13woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Appalachain State the team that won 3 national titles in that era and beat other Division 1 schools. Well you have stated facts and so have I. Personally I dont care where the players and coaches come from. The fact is Texas, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are the high school hotbeds of the world so no surprise that where Michigan players come from. The question is why have so many left Ohio to go to Michigan? And why have so many over the years had success? In closing my final comments are factual Most wins ii college football history MICHIGAN, more National Titles Michigan or Osu MICHIGAN, overall head to head 57-44-6 MICHIGAN. And how many times did a subpar Michigan team beat OSU causing them to fall short of a national time? Many. And coaches Woody punched em, Cooper couldnt beat em, and Tressel lied to em.

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14Thunderboom(67 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

You just don't get it do you son. There is so much talent in Ohio other states feed off it. Missedagain gets our castoffs. The Boren boys were smart to get out of there and come home. How thick are you? Missedagain is NOT a hotbed of homegrown talent,they do NOT export talent,they import it. In the Schembechler(again from OHIO) years almost half the team was from OHIO. He assistant coached for Woody. Woody taught him how to coach. Yes he was a helluva coach,but he had a helluva teacher. I have read some of your other posts maybe to understand where you are coming from. What I get is,you are a "bomb thrower" a "drive by" you have just enough information to make stupid comments to stir people up. If you are an educated person as you claim it certainly doesn't show. I doubt your claims. Me? I am a retired truck driver with barely a high school education. Yet I have been able to counter your every move with facts and statistics. I have beaten you into submission just as The Scarlett & Grey has done and will continue to do your team in the future. Get used to it. Your nightmare continues, November is a day closer,do you hear the footsteps in your sleep? CAUTION: Buckeyes Are extremely poisonous to Woolverines.
P.S. Take a note to self.Do Not book any more teams from Div 1FCS. Tell UNRANKED Missedagain there will be no mercy from the Buckeyes.
Appy State---In YOUR house. LOL!!!!! You will take that to your grave.

Suggest removal:

15woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

NEWSFLASH: According to MaxPreps Michigan currently has the #1 recruiting class for 2012 in the nation. 11 are from Ohio out of the 22 commits. So you keep talking buddy boy it appears as if now Ohios best are gonna be wearing Maize and Blue. Doesnt pay to cheat. End of story

Suggest removal:

16woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

NEWFLASH 2: O-h-n-o St not even in top 25

Suggest removal:

17Thunderboom(67 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Wool, As usual WRONG again. Maybe you have been reading the Ann Arbor Press Poll. This Morning pre-season USA--Bucks #16. I'll concede that may change. The NCAA Witchunters aren't done with their Proctology exam. I heard the AMA is complaining that they are causing a shortage of rubber gloves. Their director is trying to prove he is worth his$1.5mil per salary. Well hooray for the Maids n Blew! More Ohio State castoffs. So Columbus flushes its toilet and it empties into the PIG House, or do they call it the Big House? Even Ryan Mallett found out he was the healthiest horse in the glue factory and went running back to Arkansas. NEVER forget,the players you get from Ohio are Missedagains' best players . Not Ohios' best . They are in The Shoe. I cannot imagine how painful most of this past decade has been for you. Yesssssss! Much of what you say is specious at best. What I said was (pay attention now) Missedagain is the ONLY ranked ( #5 at the time) team to lose to a Div 1 FCS team, EVER. In YOUR house. You keep repeating your Mantra "They cheated, they cheated". I don't know,maybe that allieviates some of the excruciating pain from the humiliating beating you suffered last November. Keep repeating as you drink a "Big House" full of Kool-Aid. November is a day closer,sleep well. GO BUCKS!!!!! O-H---I-O!!!!!!!

Suggest removal:

18Thunderboom(67 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Bulletin,Bulletin,Bulletin!!!! Rivals.com Lists the top 250 College Prospects. Four of the top 100 to the Buckeyes,including No.2 LB Curtis Grant, No. 34 (you're gonna love this Wool) QB, yes QB Braxton Miller. Of the TOP 100 to the Maids n Blew--- 1 and that is No.85 Justice Hayes. My stomach is killin me from laughing. Yours???? A total of eight to THE Ohio State University, six of em homegrown. Of the 250, five to Mistakeagain, only 2 from the fatherland. Three of the five are out in the 200's, but that's OK cause that is probably where the Maids n Blew will finish this season. You are wrong AGAIN!!! But that also is OK,you keep reading MaxPreps a High School rag. Do you get free Crayolas to color in it?? Drink the Kool-Aid, color it Scarlett and Grey. November------. GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! O-H---I-O!!!!
Do what Appy State did. LOL LOL LOL
P.S. LOL means Laugh Out LOUD!!! I only remind you of this because it is something you probably have not done in a lonnnnngggg time,and maybe you forgot how. HaHaHaHa!!!! (more laughing) get it?? In YOUR house????

Suggest removal:

19woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Thunderboom you my buddy are misinformed. Yes Ohio State is ranked 16 and yes that recruiting class is on point for last year. My buddy you obviously diddnt read or understand my post. I said 2012 recruiting class which would be high school seniors and those who will be incoming freshmen next year, not already on campus. This may indicate that Osu transgressions last year will effect their future recruiting classes. So my buddy i know as an Osu fan its hard but try to understand im talking about the future beyond this year. 2011 oSU graded better but next years class Michigan is rated #1.
So Charles Woodson, Ty Law (from Pa), Desmond Howard, Elvis Grbac, were castoffs? Wow so sad history man. Remember a 4 loss Wolverine team in the 90s who beat a undefeated osu team? Two words Tshiamonga Biakabatuka. Lastly name me an Osu quaterback that graded better in the pros then Tom Brady and 3 of the four previously mentioned castoffs as you say are first ballot Hall of Famers.

Suggest removal:

20woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Also i did some more research Appalachain State 2005, 2006, 2007 National Champions with four wins in those years over Division 1 schools. At least we had the "hair on our nuts" to play them. O-H-N-O St played a Youngstown State team that lost over 20 players to graduation including Tom Zetts QB. So mock all you want but we will never know how the App St vs O-H-N-O St game woulda went but im sure that it couldnt have ben worse than the Florida and LSU games did. Oh yeah Les Miles "a Michigan man" coached LSU to victory, and Urban Meyer "an Ohio man" did you in the other time. I suppose he was just a "castoff" coach from Ohio. Painful truth for you to sip on while taking your morning pills.

Suggest removal:

21LRG5150(17 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

So you are proud of losing to Appy State? Congrats. You bring up tOSU's losses to Florida and LSU. How about scUM's 0-3 Rose Bowl performance in the last decade? Something to be proud of. Any isn't scUM on probation as we speak for NCAA violations? Yes...for cheating by violating practice rules to get a competitive advantage on the field. Probably worse then trading something for a tattoo.

Keep on hanging onto your 8 pre-1950 national titles and your early 1900's dominance of tOSU. Your great grandfather can tell you about those teams.
By the way - your god Bo never one a national title.

Suggest removal:

22LRG5150(17 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

*"won", not "one" in that last sentence.

Suggest removal:

23woolyd(579 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Wow LRG so angry must be the fact you guys got caught and the tide is turning. Your teams best run against Michigan and yet seems they were doing illegal acts to get players and benefits. Go turn on ESPNU right now and you can watch that butt whipping Wisconsin put on you again.

Suggest removal:

24Thunderboom(67 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Wool, Is there something wrong with you. Seriously, maybe the depression of the last decade is getting to you. Maybe it is knowing that November 26 gets closer every day. It seems all your responses should start with "Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah"! Do you want to live in the future or the past. You insist on swatting the hornets nest. Well,time for todays lesson, I hope you brought the the K-Y Jelly, you'll need it. By your standard then, if Mistakeagain plays Yo. Ursuline and loses you could say "Well they have been State Champions of Ohio". I was saving this but as LRG has let the cat out of the bag it is time to address the "Elephant in the living room". Thanks to RichRod Missedagain is already serving THREE years probation for "Exceeding NCAA limits on practice and training time". Way more serious than trading bling for tattoos. Wouldn't you think?? RichRod is being investigated for the same thing in W.Va. I understand that the NCAA was going to invoke more sanctions but after they saw the Maids n Blew play they understood That they needed all the practice they could get. The problem for you is that even cheating didn't help. Our recruiting may suffer for a bit, but as usual, the Buckeyes will take their lumps, man-up, and go back to doing what they do best. Being Champions! Missedagain? Well them not so much I think. Where did Kellen Jones go HELLO! This is the dam just starting to leak .For the Maids n Blew you think there is light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunatly that is The Buckeye train comin the other way. The Boren boys, Ryan Mallett, and now Mr. Jones. Your nightmare is just beginning. The good ones will abandon the Titanic known as the "Big House", soon to be called the Echo Chamber. LOL LOL (remember that?) You can always spot a Mistakeagain fan. They are the ones with a rash on their chests from where their chins have been resting these past years. Honestly though I no more believe you are a Missedagain fan than I believe you earned a Masters Degree. Your sentence structure,spelling, punctuation, etc. pathetic. In my opinion the only degree you have is in Master-Baiting (play-on words). I know you are not a Maids n Blew fan for you seem to know less than nothing about the program, other than what you read in a headline. Just in case you are. How'd that Gator Bowl for you guys, I was busy focusing on Arkansas. Mistakeagains new State Motto "Missedagain, Ohio State Owns Our Ass" The ONLY Div 1 ranked team EVER to lose to a Div1FCS team(Hamburger College) EVER!!!!!!!!!! To your grave, your effin grave.
Go BUCKS!!!!!! O-H---I-O!!!

Suggest removal:

25Thunderboom(67 comments)posted 3 years, 2 months ago

Wool, It is as I figured. Just like the Buckeyes, I win-------- AGAIN !

Suggest removal:

26woolyd(579 comments)posted 2 years, 11 months ago


Suggest removal:


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