Everybody has to make cuts

Everybody has to make cuts

Administrators of Poland schools claim they have no choice but to ask the taxpayers for more money. The additional cost to a Poland homeowner of a $100,000 home would be $150 a year. They act like it’s a $1.50.

They have a choice: cut their wages from the superintendent on down the ladder.

We haven’t had a cost of living raise in two years. Food, which is necessary, and the price of gasoline alone does a good job on our income. What does it take to make them understand? We’ve made cuts in our way of living as it is.

Barbara Eggleston, Poland

Think twice before vaccinating

I want to thank Andrea Keller for her April 7 letter about vaccination and its linkage to autism and a host of other infirmities.

My husband and I are the parents of four beautiful children, ages 10-19, and never had our children vaccinated. All are healthy and well adjusted, in fact, we never had a pediatrician although the children have visited our family physician for minor ailments on occasion.

I read the book “A Shot in the Dark” before the birth of our first child and it convinced me of the dangers of vaccination. We also attended a conference in Michigan on the question of vaccination where parents of vaccine damaged children (and the children), doctors, experts and lawyers gathered to exchange information. What we heard and saw was very compelling. I know someone whose baby contracted a fatal blood disease following vaccination. The medical authorities denied vaccination as the cause but I don’t believe them, there are too many incidences that go unreported estimating an erroneous law risk.

I hate to say this but it is truth: There’s a lot of politics involved with vaccination and there’s a lot of profit and security to behold when the government is a regular customer, you draw your own conclusions.

Sandra Groza Hrabowy, Liberty