Mahoning County Court filings



Marriage licenses

Jason T. Davis, 35, of 448 Catherine St., Younsgstown, and Yevette T. Lee, 31, of 686 Delaware, Youngstown.

David M. Rose, 25, of 9763 W. Calla Road, Salem, and Marisa L. Emery, 23, of same.

Bruce D. Clatterbuck, 61, of 235 Mathews Road, Boardman, and Yana I. Mbugua, 46,of same.

Benjamin S.Ulman, 25, of 135 W Maryland Ave., Sebring, and Savannah M. Riggs, 18, of 6565 W Florida Ave., Sebring.

Divorces asked

James E. Burgess, 2340 Buckeye Circle, Youngstown, v. Donna J. Cornell , 3635 E Calla Road, Poland.

Diann Acevedo, 2160 Thurber Lane, Youngstown, v. Juan Acevedo, 3984 S Schenley Ave., No. 4, Youngstown.

Alvin Sims Sr., 339 Jackson, Youngstown v. Nakeitha Jones, 3303 Idlewood, Youngstown.

David K. Lawrence, 52 E Judson, Youngstown, v. Angela L. Lawrence, 5247 Shelbourne Circle, No. 14, Memphis, Tenn.

Cathy Lou Carson, 1038 Grandview Apt. B, v. Gary L. Carson, 3320 SE River Road, Berlin Center.

Dissolutions asked

Janeen Suverison, 554 Tenny Ave., Campbell and Stephen Suverison, 644 Westfield Drive, Youngstown.

Muhannad Kassawat, P.O. Box 3743 Youngstown, and Julie L. Felix, 7020 Indian Trail, Poland.

Catherine J. Young, 141 Ellsworth Road, Berlin Center, v. James B. Young, 7051 Subic Circle , A3 B, Fort Stewart, Ga.

Jake M. Franken, 2096 Longfellow St., Canton, and Alyssa D. Franken, 1412 Coty Drive SW , Canton.

Donna J. Makosky, 478 Melbourne Ave., Boardman, and John R. Makosky II,172 Warner Road, Hubbard.

Keith A. Richards , 5 E Parcliff Ave. and Jaquelyn Richards, 412 Elm St., Apt. B, Struthers.

New complaints

Americredit Financial Servieces v. Paul Citano, money judgement.

The Bank of New York Mellon et al Jon Oliver Witwer et al, money.

John E. Deem et al v. Grange Ins. Co. et al, personal injury.

Lawrence Boatwright v. Penn-Ohio Logistics et al , complaint.

Deutsche Bank National Trust v. John F. Staschiak et al, foreclosure.

Capita One Bank USA v. Erika Linam, complaint.

First Communication LLC v. Eurocar Inc. et al, complaint.

Regina Jones v. Mahoning County Prosecuting Att. Paul J. Gains, complaint.

State Auto Mutual Insurance Co. v. Irwin & Leighton Inc., complaint.

Wells Fargo Bank v. Edward Dorbish et al, complaint for foreclosure.

Bank of America v. Marlene Bennett et al, foreclosure.


State v. Derrick Earvin, placed on community control for three years.

State v. Christine Petroskey, sentenced.

State v. Sereice E. Harris, pleads guilty.

State v. Joseph M. Czap, sentenced.

State v. Troy J. Keslar, sentenced.

State v. Laresa M. Tolbert, sentenced.

State v. Kyle D. Thrasher, sentenced.

State v. Kyle Thrasher, sentenced.

State v. Matthew R. McCracken, pleads guilty.

GRP Loan LLC v. Dominic J. Frazzini Jr. et al, sheriff’s sale canceled.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. v. Betty M. Gregory, order of distribution.

Robayln Sciubba et al v. Leonard Dudek, settled and dismissed.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust v. Carolyn Kramarich et al, order of sale withdrawn.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v. David J. Lapmarado et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. John Wakin, order of distribution.

Joann Fleetion et al v. Courtney L. Bleggi et al, settled and dismissed.

Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown v. Warren I. Chapella et al, order of sale vacated.

David N. Vasvari v. Vasco Electric Inc. et al, decision of magistrate.

Cilvia M. Xenikis v. Jays Famous Hot Dogs et al, settled and dismissed.

BAC Home Loans Servicing LP v. Tom K. White et al, sheriff’s sale canceled.

Debra McMurray v. Renee M. Barber, order of magistrate.

Victoria L. Banion v. Edward Yasher Jr. et al, settled and dismissed.

Cierra Meenachan v. Charlotte Smith, dismissed.

FIA Card Services NA v. Anthony Beshara, order of magistrate.

US Bank NA ND v. Randell J. Kish, dismissed.

Manchester Bennett Powers and Ullman v. Yeo Farms LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Patrick M. Connor et al v. Saxon Club et al, settled and dismissed.

Beverly Brown Vogel et al v. Judith Ann Smith, order of magistrate.

Citibank South Dakota NA v. Robert A. Rego, judgment for plaintiff.

John C. Morse Jr. et al v. Donald Kurian et al, order of magistrate.

D. Evelyn Jones v. Tracy L. Gue et al, order of magistrate.

Shannon Parker v. Aylin Ulus et al, order of magistrate.

Ford Motor Credit Company LLC v. Glenn Pethtel et al, order of magistrate.

Raymond J. Evanoski v. Parker Hannifin Corp. et al, settled and dismissed.

Midland Funding LLC v. Tim O’Bryan, order of magistrate.

Steve Dobozy Jr. v. Steve Dobozy et al, order of magistrate.

Ohio Receivables LLC v. Gino J. Genova, dismissed.

Chase Bank USA NA v. Randall Rutushin, dismissed.

First Resolution Investment Corp. v. Dorothy J. Crum, dismissed.

Shelly Materials Inc. v. Acme Company, dismissed.

Citibank South Dakota NA v. Joe A. Cox, dismissed.

Chase Home Finance LLC v. David Kerr et al, order of magistrate.

Home Savings and Loan of Youngstown v. Stacey L. Blanton et al, foreclosure.

American Contracting Inc. v. Castlo Community Improvement Corp. Inc. et al, order of magistrate.

City of Campbell v. Fraternal Order of Police, order of magistrate.

Alexus Jones v. Shakela L. Clark, magistrate’s order adopted.

Iris A. Pippen v. Melvin Williams, dismissed.

Sioboan N. Hallman v. Andre L. Hallman, dismissed.

Real estate

Bristol Park Land Development to Carl Angili et al, Cedarway Drive, Boardman,$44,000.

Robert L. Stoneburner Jr. to Joseph A. DeJute, S Main St., Youngstown, $65,000.

Jason Smith et al to Donald R. Smith et al, Walnut St. Struthers, $165,000.

Donald Smith et al to Jason A. Smith, Peachtree Court, North Lima, $165,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Richard P. Colonna et al, Beechwood Drive, Poland, $32,000.

Gregory B. Iaderosa to Albert S. Jaid et al, to Montreal Drive, Canfield, $112,000.

William M. Mcmillan et al to Bruce D. Clatterbuch, Berkshire, Youngstown, $ 65,000.

Genevieve D. Kupeliah Trust to Pamela Root, vacant lot, Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, $1,000

Hilda Carano to Christine Royland, Penhale Ave., Campbell, $16,000.

Daniel E. Clark to Kevin Dill, Sixth St., Campbell, $5,700.

Patricia C. Smith to Richard L. Lundblad, Woodland, Lake Milton, $83,500.

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