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Black group warns Youngstown BOE not to interfere

Published: Wed, April 27, 2011 @ 12:09 a.m.


Lock P. Beachum Sr., Youngstown city school board president


Youngstown City Schools Superintendent Connie Hathorn

By Denise Dick



The Campaign for African-American Achievement supports the city schools reorganization plan, with some conditions.

Jimma McWilson, campaign organizer, said that if board members try to undermine Superintendent Connie Hathorn’s plan to improve the schools, the school district could face sanctions.

Those sanctions include parents removing their children from the city schools.

The campaign terms itself “the African-American community’s response to the social, academic and career crisis facing our youth, families and community,” according to its website.

McWilson said there were incidents of some board members undercutting former Superintendent Wendy Webb’s efforts to improve the schools.

“I support your plan, but be careful,” Robinette Brady, group member, told Hathorn at a school board meeting Tuesday. “I’ve seen board members undermine the previous superintendent.” Lock P. Beachum Sr., board president, said that all seven school board members support Hathorn’s plan.

The plan, effective next school year, will convert Chaney High School to a visual and performing arts and science, technology, engineering and math school for sixth- through 12th-graders. East will have an elective focus on business, education and law. There will also be two sixth- and seventh-grade and one eighth- and ninth-grade academy.

Beachum said board members aren’t administrators. Saying he didn’t want to get into things that may have occurred in the past, he asked Hathorn if any board member had tried to interfere with the administration of the district.

“No, we have an understanding,” Hathorn answered. “I run the school district, and the board provides the policies.”

One example McWilson gave of Webb being undermined was when she and others from the district visited Akron Public Schools to learn how that district has improved test scores. Webb presented those best practices to the school board, McWilson said, but board members didn’t want to implement them.

John Clark, council elder for African Village, an African-centered charter school being developed in the city, said that in 2007, the district was ranked in academic watch and that Webb had plans to bolster test scores.

“Due to the actions of the business community and some members of the board of education, that did not happen,” Clark said.


1UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 4 years ago

Youngstown taxpayers and students deserve no BOE. The state should just let Hawthorn run the show without any school board oversight. Who needs that group of losers on the BOE who have done nothing but put the system in academic emergency and state financial control?

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2Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 4 years ago

"The Campaign for African-American Achievement supports the city schools reorganization plan, with some conditions."

Well if the Campaign for African-American Achievement supports it, guess it's okay then. Get real! Who are they!

"African Village, an African-centered charter school being developed in the city."

Are they serious? A African centered charter school. Wow, amazing.

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3dominoman777(57 comments)posted 4 years ago

go back to africa

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4db(280 comments)posted 4 years ago

Jimma & Robinette?! Where's Kunta Kinte?
-these people need to understand that the ladder of success in America is not African based. When welfare is culled, they'll go hungry.

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5TAXEDOFF(118 comments)posted 4 years ago

Who is this GOOF Jimma McWilson if he wanted a voice on how the school is run he should have moved into Youngstown and ran for the school board.

I guess now all you need is a web site and you can be another Frank Bellamy, some one who spews a lot of trash and nobody listens.

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6Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years ago

The Utopia that has evolved in Youngstown does not embrace Academia nor Productivity . The people do what they like and like what they do . The college kid being executed at the frat house by YSU shows the results .

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7tkytown(43 comments)posted 4 years ago

It's the family "stupid" the breakdown of the famly is the reason the Youngstown schools are in such a mess! It's not the teachers, it's not the administrators, it's the lack of supervision, lack of discipline and lack of love the parent(s) provide their children that causes the breadown in test scores and performance! Quit realigning and spending $ on studies, schools are merely reflections of the community!

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8db(280 comments)posted 4 years ago

An African-based charter school?? On OUR TAX DOLLARS??? Give me a break! Maybe these fools don't realize that they are still killing each other with machetes in much of Africa. That there are no schools except for the ones produced by well-meaning charities (mainly white American). That life is Africa is barbaric and there is no social safety net (aka welfare) to save their sorry asses. Jimma, Robinette, & the head of the African-based school need to go back to their dirty little holes and fantasize about a utopian Africa that does not exist. These racists are talking about controlling our kids, our schools, and our tax dollars - and the Vindicator gives them publicity??

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9seminole(476 comments)posted 4 years ago

Bottom line: you cause the mess, now you want to control it...always "we want' and "we demand" instead of "we have stopped having babies at 14 and living generation to generation on welfare"...get some control within your base then you can demand control of the bullsh-- you have created that has now trickled into once proud and safe suburbs of Ytown.

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10oldmillspice(160 comments)posted 4 years ago

If the headline of this article "White group warned the Y-Town BOE" By God then it would be Racisim A hate crime !!! What do you people want ??
With BS like this no wonder you have hate groups on the rise. Wise up before its to late, your almost there !

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11lovedrama(138 comments)posted 4 years ago

Are white kids allowed to go to the african charter school? Is oprah involved?

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12rumppy(118 comments)posted 4 years ago

Maybe we white folks need to go back where we are from after all, have you forgot, we killed off all the Indians and raped their women. Look at satistics. We have children out of wedlock. When we screw things up and we do, than we look to blame everyone but ourselves. Sure they have problems but so do we
and in many ways, we have more. You all act like our children do no wrong, We don't sell drugs, our females don't have babies. Look at the prison system. I see alot of us in there. Always looking to put others down. White is right.

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13candystriper(575 comments)posted 4 years ago

Why are school board members offered full time benefits for part time work?

Liberal California had a recent poll out that nearly 70% want benefits and pensions cut for government employees and elected officials.

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14Stan(9923 comments)posted 4 years ago

rumppy :

Ya must be runnin fo office !

None of my family killed or raped any Indians . No family members are in prison or on welfare . The only crime that you could consider that we are guilty of is being white . My appologies . . ..

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15rumppy(118 comments)posted 4 years ago

Stan, lucky you. None of your relatives are in jail. Thats a good thing. How about your distant relatives? Of course we are the good guys.
dimebags, what is the street address of your cave?

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16whitesabbath(738 comments)posted 4 years ago

cant we all just get along......this keeps up the peoples will be looting all the stores and burning where they live......so sad history has to repeat itself over and over.

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17Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 4 years ago


"Maybe we white folks need to go back where we are from after all, have you forgot, we killed off all the Indians and raped their women."

Did your family participate in this? Thought so. You ever hear about the PAST? It's like, OVER, nothing you or no one can do about it. Is that so hard to understand? Do the Indians cry about racism every day? Do they make something that is not in our hands in 2011 a major distraction in there way of life? Thought so. You hear EVERYDAY about blacks and racism and owing them everything, but in actuality the PAST is OVER time to MOVE ON! Won't get NO WHERE dwelling in the past. Comprehend?

"Always looking to put others down. White is right."

You have this so wrong. It's the other way around, EVERYDAY. The whites can do nothing right, the white race is always to BLAME for everything. You look at someone wrong your a racist, you say anything negative about the black race your a racist, and on and on. You don't see that everyday?

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18computer_rick(137 comments)posted 4 years ago


I have always wanted to be one of the first posters in a story that is soon to get many posts, flying back and forth!

Seriously, how can you target a school for a specific set of criteria? East high will concentrate on..."an elective focus on business, education and law".

I will skip the obvious joke, because I think that what has been said already is pretty nasty.

But, I do agree with the general thought that it is the families responsibility to get the kid off to school, make sure homework is done, etc. The school provides the location and the tools, it is up to the family to make sure the students follows through. You sure can't blame spending per student. Youngstown Schools spend more per student than Poland. Therefore, the graduates (what few there are) should rank above Poland grads, correct? That is an argument that holds as much water as the argument that because we raped Indians, Yougstown school students are, etc...

And, I apologize for my ancestors. I mean, we did not get here until the mid 1900's, but back in the year 1000, my ancestors were prety much raping and pillaging across Ireland, and you can see how THAT messed them up. So, sorry, I apologize...

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19BusDriver(46 comments)posted 4 years ago

I say let the black community make a black charter school and put all black teachers and administrators in there and when it closes because of trouble and poor test scores lack of attendance then who are they going to blame for that one?

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20rumppy(118 comments)posted 4 years ago

Dimebag, your exposure really leaks out. If you think that all of us white folks don't rob one another and its only the blacks that do so than you are as intelligent as you sound. Please, you are a racist, ignorant man. Your comments dictate just that.

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21rumppy(118 comments)posted 4 years ago

Life2short, I agree with some of your thoughts. It is time to move forward. Do you read some of the crazy,racist, not thought out very well comments? How do you move forward when we think that everything that we whites do is exceptable. That we can do no wrong and that we never take responsibility for anything or the things that were done that effects lives of today? DONALD TRUMP SYNDRUM.

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22Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 4 years ago


"That we can do no wrong and that we never take responsibility for anything or the things that were done that effects lives of today?"

How is what happened in the past affecting the lives of today? Blacks killing blacks is a major problem in today's society and that is because of what happened in the past? The drugs, welfare, single moms, shooting, robberies, prison are all because of what happened in the past? Someone that wants respect needs to have respect.

And getting on the Donald Trump comment, it amazes me the outcry about racism because he pushed to show his birth certificate. Why not just show it 2 years ago and be done and over with. But it's racist. Why?
Do you know what all these names have in common in regards to this stupid Trump inquest?
Mark Kirk, Dick Blumenthal, Wes Cooley, Bruce Faulkner Caputo, Douglas Stringfellow, Hillary Clinton, Joe McCarthy, Ronald Reagan, Tom Harkin.

Suggest removal:

23rumppy(118 comments)posted 4 years ago

Life2short, no tell me what they all have in common with Trump? On your other comment, JOBS are the answer. Watch how crime will diminish when employment is increased. I am not saying that all will change, but my God my problems with your comments are that you act as if its only minorities. And we know it isn't. Lets address who prints the news? Who works for the television stations? Come on now bring it on.

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24PAborn(21 comments)posted 4 years ago

If you really want to know why companies won't locate in the Mahoning Valley, step back and give a good read to some of the comments above. There is so much hatred and racism in these comments that it is frightening. If you can't look past color and ethnicity and realize that, for the most part, we are all just trying to make a living and do what is right for our families, then shame on you.

Suggest removal:

25Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 4 years ago


"Life2short, no tell me what they all have in common with Trump?"

Didn't say they have anything in common with Trump, but all these politicians were called out and had to prove about there military history. So why wasn't that such a big deal as a birth certificate?

"On your other comment, JOBS are the answer."

There are jobs. A felony don't help matters. You have to want to go to work everyday. You might have to take a low paying job but it's still better then crime. Same old excuse. Jobs won't matter one bit. Nothing will change.

"I am not saying that all will change, but my God my problems with your comments are that you act as if its only minorities."

This is EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN, where do I blame ONLY MINORITIES? That is the problem, you can't say ANYTHING because you think it's only about blacks. Not the case! Get over it because you disagree with some of the things people do, blacks included, your considered a racist. Really amazing today's society.

"Lets address who prints the news? Who works for the television stations? Come on now bring it on."

Bring what on? Your the one getting so defensive not me. Does it really matter who prints the news or works for the TV stations, it's on the NEWS 24/7, it's there in black and white, on the internet, someone commits a crime, it's all there to see, don't matter how impartial a TV station or newspaper is. It's a fact a crime was committed. No so hard to comprehend. A newspaper or TV station has every right to voice there opinion about whatever. You don't like what they have to say, change the channel, don't read the paper. Easy enough, no?

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26DOGON(3 comments)posted 4 years ago

Looking back at all of the comments made on the above article it seems that most of you have forgotton "your" history or maybe you never knew it. It is true you stole this land and its resources from the Natives and it is true that you enslaved the Africans and worked them for "free" for more than 246 years.

It is also true that you and your ancestors place laws on the books that prevented Africans from learning to read on penalty of beatings or death.

Your ancestors also placed laws on the books that prevented Africans from living in decent housing, earning living wages, going to 98% of the Colleges and Universities and many of the other higher education trades well into the 1900s.

Things did not really start to change until the 1954 Supreme Court Decision, The 1964 Civil Rights Bill and The 1965 Voting Rights Act, followed by the Civil Rights Revolution of the 60s.

And still things are not equal. Take the fact that the great State of Ohio did not ratify the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution until the year 2003. What was that about? Equality?

Progress has been made, but not because of people like you. But by people of all races who believe in the truth in the lie that Thomas Jefferson told when he said "We hold these truths to be self-evident . . . "

When African people assert that they need to do for self, you seem to have a problem. When they beg you to do more for them, you seem to have a problem. Make up your mind, which do you perfer?

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