Means testing is a starting point

Means testing is a starting point

I have seen or heard many solutions to the problems with public employees, Social Security and Medicare on the Internet and on talk radio. Some are very sensible in my opinion.

The first thing we need to do is apply a “means test” to Social Security payments. Then establish rules requiring retirement as a condition of payments.

After this is done all people who derive their income from public employment should be enrolled in S.S. and Medicare. An exemption could be made for those nearing retirement soon. The same age requirements should apply to them.

The retirement funds of those folks should be rolled into S.S. and an accounting could be done to reimburse any worker who has from their own funds contributed more than would have been deducted for S.S. Most public workers have not paid their own share of pension funds completely anyway.

I am sure better minds than mine can devise a system to keep the best and brightest without regard to seniority in the event of staffing cuts.

Now that all this has been done I think union memberships should be voluntary and no payment to unions other than those who desire representation. This will be the hardest to do because union bosses know they will lose the huge amount they use to buy favor with those who sit across the table at contract negotiations.

When these things are done we can begin a meaningful discussion of campaign finance reform across the board. This is a fair and balanced solution.

Robert J. Husted, New Springfield

Shame on Tressel and OSU

I am not a sports fan but I read with a great deal of interest the article on Jim Tressel. I am deeply disappointed in Mr. Tressel.

But once again a slap on the arm is given for both him and the five players involved. As far as I’m concerned they all should have been fired. As long as the punishment doesn’t fit the crime we will continue to have more of the same. Its just a question of time.

What message does this send to everyone? There are so many people involved in this that did wrong. Dr. Gee should have insisted on harsher punishment. His University was being smeared. Ditto Mr. Smith.

I guess sports and the big money it brings in is more important than honor and decency. Jesus was correct when He said “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” I will never think of OSU in the same manner again.

Margaret Henning, Youngstown