Columbiana school official talks about union pacts

By D.A. Wilkinson


Workers in the Columbiana Village School District will have to pay more for their insurance and get no base-salary increase the next two years.

Superintendent Don Mook recently discussed the new pacts for the district’s 68 teachers and 35 classified workers, such as bus drivers, aides, custodians and secretaries.

The superintendent praised the district workers for not asking for large pay increases.

Mook said teachers will have a base-rate pay freeze for both years of the contract, but they will be eligible for step-pay increases in the second year of the deal, which begins in July 2012.

Lori Posey, the district’s treasurer, said the base pay for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree is $31,824. The top is a master’s degree with $64,969 annually.

Classified workers have a base-rate pay freeze but will receive a 10-cent-per-hour increase each year, the superintendent said.

The biggest problem was a $200,000 insurance cost for workers, Mook added. The district workers will pay $120,000 in insurance costs, giving the district a net savings of $80,000.

There are 34 family plans and 29 single plans for teachers. The old co-pay was $95 per month for family, $47.50 a month for a single person. The new co-pay is 10 percent of a premium that currently is $99.71 for a family plan, $41.04 for a single. The rates will go up in July, but the increase is not known, Posey said.

The administrators are Mook, three principals, the treasurer, a special- education coordinator, and a tech coordinator. There are six family plans in that category.

The old co-pay for the nonteaching staff was 5 percent a month with a cap of $60 for family and $30 for single. The co-pay is now 10 percent of the premium, which currently is $99 for a family and $41 per single. Those rates also will go up in July, but the increase isn’t known. There are nine family plans and six single plans.

The nonteaching, nonunion workers include six employees including nurses and central office staff.

Their old co-pay was 10 percent per month with no caps. The new co-pay is 10 percent of the premium, which currently is $99.71 a month. Family single rates of $41 will go up in July. There are three family plans for nonteaching, nonunion workers.

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