Public employees serve taxpayers

Public employees serve taxpayers

Your April 1 article, “10 things to know about SB5” by Marc Kovac, was truly an April Fool’s day joke. But we tax-paying property owners are not the fools you think we are. Your article included comments from 16 contributors and only one, from Buffalo, N.Y. (the only non-local resident), was for SB5.

Lori Langley, a 20-year Boardman Township employee, said the township administration and the six unions representing the township employees have always been able to come to an agreement. Yes, but in whose favor? Certainly not in the taxpayer’s interest. When a public sector employee union negotiates, any benefits will ultimately end up in the public sector employee’s wages and benefits. So who is representing me, the taxpayer, absent from these negotiations?

Jennifer Walker, a teacher, says “I really feel teachers did not create the financial mess we’re in.” If not the people who were paid with tax revenue, then who did? Was it because the taxpayer did not pay his fair share or enough? How much is enough?

Do you know what I think is fair? Public employees pay 50 percent of their pension and health care premiums, and the taxpayers pay 50 percent — not the 85 and 90 percent currently paid. All vacation time, overtime, accumulated sick and personal days, and holidays prior to Jan. 1, 2011, canceled and history. Use it or lose it. Now that’s fairness.

Frank Greggo, Boardman

Campbell suffers a deep loss

On April 5, Campbell Memori- al High School lost a great teacher, “Mickey” Sorka.

I am sure we all wish when we depart this life that we leave behind a legacy that will be remembered. Mickey did that.

The shock and sorrow at his passing reverberates in everyone you meet in this small community. He touched so many lives in so many ways it is almost beyond comprehension. We are all better off for having known him.

Mary Zetts, Campbell