UAW local, GM resolve work issues



A flare-up between United Auto Workers Local 1112 and management at the General Motors assembly complex here has been resolved, union and plant officials said Tuesday.

“I have every indication that everything is going to be taken care of,” said UAW Local 1112 President Jim Graham. “It’s good now.”

Tensions escalated at the plant last week over issues regarding the outsourcing of repair work to third- party vendors and other work-rule violations.

The conflict culminated Friday with the circulation of a vitriolic flier among UAW Local 1112 members. The flier, signed by Graham and shop chairman Ben Strickland, accused Lords- town managers of being “sneaky, evasive and dishonest on many issues” and warned members, “Management is not your friend.”

The problems raised in the flier have been addressed, Graham said, adding that local leaders met with officials from the international UAW and GM in Detroit on Monday to discuss work rules.

“Tempers flared,” he said. “But the initial issue was resolved the next day, and all of the other issues are going to be dealt with in-house.”

Graham attributed the tiff to the heightened pressure of increased demand for the Chevrolet Cruze. Production on the new car has not yet reached full capacity.

“Everybody is so focused on putting out a good product,” he said. “There is a lot of stress in the plant.”

The recent issues between management and the UAW 1112 members have been worked out, said plant spokesman Tom Mock, and communication is ongoing.

“As far as I know, everything has been settled,” Mock said.

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