Realtor robbed while showing apartment

Staff report


A 52-year-old Realtor told police that two men robbed her while she showed them an apartment Tuesday evening.

The real-estate agent for ERA Tri-Sun Real Estate on Meridian Road got a call from “Ken Edwards” at her work phone asking to see apartments on Hillman Way, according to police reports.

After showing the two men one apartment at 4000 Hillman Way, she showed them the apartment at 4020 Hillman Way as requested, police said.

Once inside that unoccupied apartment, police say one man held a gun to the side of her head, and the other aimed a gun in her face after closing the blinds.

Wearing gloves, the two men went through the woman’s purse, finding $4 and a Bible, police said.

The woman told police that the two men then took her car keys but gave them back after finding no money in the vehicle.

According to reports, the men took 12 apartment keys, her cell phone, wicker purse and scarf — which the woman said the men used to wipe surfaces that they touched.

The Realtor was not injured.

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