Chamber becomes arm of GOP

Chamber becomes arm of GOP

This year the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,, which is the largest business lobby in the U.S., has pledged to spend $75 million to influence voters to vote Republican.

Plus they’ve already spent about $190 million in the last year and a half to influence Republican congressmen to fight President Obama and the Democrats on issues such as health care, financial regulations, energy policy and many more.

Put another way, the “Party of No” is being bought and paid for by the “Republican Chamber of No.”

In an Associated Press article, the Republican Chamber’s political director, Bill Miller, is quoted as saying “...we’re going to go out and engage in an effort to try and ensure we have people on Capitol Hill that will listen to our arguments and propose and promote ideas that are more supportive of the free-enterprise system.”

In other words, the Republican Chamber is going out and buying congressmen who will vote the way they are told. This will include money to try to defeat area congesssmen, including Tim Ryan, Charlie Wilson and John Boccieri, and money to defeat Democrat Lee Fisher’s attempt to become Ohio’s junior senator.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you or I can do about it. But, if you belong to or contribute money in any way to anything sponsored by the “Republican Chamber of Commerce,” keep in mind that, though a few bucks will go toward promoting U.S. business interests, much of your money is going to elect Republicans at every level.

G.J. Jones, Boardman