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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Published: Sun, October 31, 2010 @ 12:00 a.m.

No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

On the evening of Oct. 21, the Austintown Fire Department (Wickliffe Station) with dedication, determination, and a lot of oil rescued a young cat from a storm sewer grate on Four Mile Run Road. Coverage by WKBN and WYTV showed cheering neighbors and everyone glad the cat still had eight of its nine lives. The oily little cat looks at the firemen as if to say “thank you” and is put in a milk crate to await help. But instead, a humane agent is summoned and compromises a happy ending.

We work at a firm located on Mahoning Avenue in Austintown. On Oct. 11, we discovered a kitten, hiding in our bushes looking quite malnourished and homeless. We fed our new friend on that day and those to follow. On the second day the menu included canned cat food, by the third day cat treats, and by the fourth day a 15-pound bag of food. There was talk of a straw-lined cat carrier for shelter. However, the cat never came to eat on that day or those after. So we called neighbors, and posted pictures on Craig’s List.

No news until a week later on Friday, Oct. 22, when we received e-mails informing us our cat had been on the news. Sure enough there was our lost cat, so we started contacting shelters for the exact location. The Mahoning County Dog Pound immediately returned our call stating they did not have the cat and told us to call Animal Charity. After several of us left numerous unanswered messages, one of us called back at 9:51 a.m. and asked if they could at least tell us if the cat was there. Eventually she was transferred to Valarie and was informed the cat was a female and they had determined she was suffering because of brain damage and was euthanized. A co-worker placed a call to Animal Charity at 10:33 a.m. asking how to receive a copy of the veterinarian’s report. Kyle informed her the cat was euthanized because of feline leukemia, the matter was private, not public, the case was closed. So why was our cat actually killed? If indeed the cat had brain damage why waste the time/expense on a leukemia test? After the first call, did the organization realize they had to give a more fatal, incurable cause of death? No matter what was true or fabricated, our cat was not coming back and they will answer to no one for their actions.

This one event may seem trivial in the great scheme of things and even in the minds of some individuals. The world will not grieve the death of this one little animal, as we do; but the injustice this organization seems to repeatedly pull off is of a greater threatening magnitude.

The sadness in our story is threefold, first for the young cat that is forever gone but could have had a home; second for the caring compassionate Austintown firemen who dedicated their time and talents, and third for those of us who cannot look out the window and see the beautiful little white and gray cat soaking up the sun. In any event it doesn’t change the sad outcome for a little cat that was rescued twice and then killed by the Humane Society.

Patty Kurth, Canfield

Darlene Kistler, Newton Falls

Boardman has reason to be proud

My granddaughter, Dan- ielle Taylor, is a student at Boardman High School. So that dictates I attend some of the functions in which she is involved. Recently I attended two functions at the Boardman High School. The first was their orchestra concert. It was a terrific performance by the orchestras and an added bonus of a laser light show was included. I have always been impressed with Boardman’s musical program and most especially by the tremendous support they are given.

The other function was their Witch Walk. It was just plain fun and the kids did a great job with their make up and scaring those who attended.

We hear about the bad things done by a minority of kids. The majority of kids are good kids and we just don’t hear enough about them and their accomplishments, their plus to society. Boardman can be proud of these kids, who are so busy with school and also with extra curricular activities. Great job, kids.

Gail Taylor, New Springfield


1CassAnn(252 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

The news about Animal Charity doesn't surprise me in the least.. talk to their former employees and you will REALLY learn about their dirty laundry.

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2Thinker(15 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

I do not see how these "animal lovers" have any rights concerning the kitten. First of all, when you find a stray animal, instead of just feeding it, you need to take it to a shelter or vet for proper care. These women seemed to just want to have kept the cat fed, and maybe give it shelter by their office, but someone SHOULD have stepped up and done the right thing. Allowing a possibly diseased cat to just eat and then wander off is not the responisble act of a REAL "animal lover."

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3Werecat(73 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

So feeding a stray cat is not the 'right thing' but killing it and lying about it is?
Not every office worker keeps a humane trap under their desk, the odds are that the people in this office were trying to gain the kitten's trust so they could catch it.
There were three groups of people involved in the short life of this kitten. The first group were office workers, they offered it food. The second group were firefighters, they offered it help.
The third group was the HUMANE SOCIETY, whose PURPOSE is to help animals. They offered it death.
What is wrong with this picture?

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4Indy(2 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

To hell with the Humane Society and there asinine swat team outfits. What a freaking joke they are.

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5anothercityresident(12 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

I suspect Dr. Jean Kelty who started Animal Charity way-back-when is now rolling in her grave at what it has become.

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6crosby87(6 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

Any "real animal lover" has the right to be disgusted by the actions of these Humane Agents. Every citizen should be concerned about the lack of accountability for the Humane Society.

I commend these people for the compassion shown towards an abandoned animal and the courage to speak up. I respect the Vindicator for printing the letter despite the political controversy that seems to cloud the true issues. I applaud the Austintown Fire Department for their time and efforts. Most of all, I anxioulsy await the day that Animal Charity and their Humane Agents have to answer for their misconduct.

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7Thinker(15 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

You all forgot the key words "feline leukemia" and "brain damage." You people who claim to be animal lovers don't know much about the horrible effects of feline leukemia, and how putting the animal down once he has it is the only solution. What upsets me the most is so-called "animal lovers" who think it's OK to feed stray, diseased cats... which are likely the results of irresponsible, ignorant owners who never get their pets spayed or neutered...rather than perhaps lead campaigns to stop such abuse to the animals, or volunteer their time at shelters, where they would see how much good those shelters do with their limited resourses, rather than sitting back and criticizing them.

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8becky47(34 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

No...Thinker...what you seemed to forget is that the story changed to suit their needs... either the cat was put down for brain damage or feline leukemia... and as stated why do the leukemia test if you already determined brain damage??? Funny how the stories we are told by Animal Charity change day by day. The day they are held accountalbe for their actions the animals of the valley will breath a sigh of relief. As will all us ANIMAL LOVERS...

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9kimk1957(21 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

you need to get your facts straight. Until then...don't criticize those that DO know the facts,
Animal Charity are killers. They NEED to be investigated.

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10pol26(26 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

The people who live in this area really need an education on the reality that animals deal with every day. Lesson #1: When you find a small defenseless animal, do something immediately to shelter it. The fact that these people upgraded the kitten's food over a period of four days is not impressive. Any kitten found needs immediate veterinary attention, water, food, protection from the elements. Lesson #2: Don't criticize people who work/volunteer at animal shelters for euthanizing an animal. Shelters do the most humane thing they can for an animal and the shelters are so full and a cat with problems will live it's entire life in a cage. Lesson #3: As sad as this kitten's story is, there are millions of kittens dying every year in this country. They are euthanized in shelters or are born to feral mothers and live short miserable lives. If these people really want to do something and help a kitten they should go to a shelter and adopt one. Maybe that's the only good that can come from this tragic story.

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11danikytn(248 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

wow, just another example of cruelty from this supposed group of humane agents, i hope they get investigated and shut down soon. Karma is a mofo.

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12Thinker(15 comments)posted 4 years, 4 months ago

POL26 is absolutely right, and said it better than I did. I'll reiterate: You "animal lovers" out there who think it's OK to feed stray unspayed cats at their doorsteps are perpetuating the cycle of REAL abuse to animals.

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13peedymom(13 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

What Youngstown needs is to be brought into the 21st century. The trend in this country in more progressive states is to no-kill shelters, not killing machines like Animal Charity and other kill shelters. Euthanizing an animal is NOT always the most humane thing to do. You said a cat with problems will live it's entire life in a cage. That is the difference with the Cat Ladies Society. The cat would have been treated and lived in a free roaming shelter. If someone is willing to care for a "brain damaged" kitten, who gives Animal Charity the right to say no, killing it is better? I wonder what percentage of Animal Charity's budget goes to education and TNR (trap, neuter, and return). And how much of the budget goes for euthanization. If they would spend their money more wisely, maybe there wouldn't be as many homeless pets in the area. Again, who oversees Animal Charity and the Humane agents they employ? No one has ever answered that question. The real issue here is an organization that can do whatever it wants and has to answer to no one. There are no standards in Younstown. There are just two groups with different philosophies on how to deal with the stray animal population and only one of those groups is armed.

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144dogs1cat(6 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Let's just say if I owned a cat and it happened to get loose, I would be GLAD that Animal Charity stopped it's suffering. However, this was a STRAY cat...it did NOT have an owner. Ok, so you said you were thinking about keeping the cat...did you go get it's shots, get it fixed? It could have been pregnant, and then you would have had a bunch of kittens to deal with too. The fact of the matter is that dealing with animals is NOT an easy job. Do you honestly believe that those people WANT to euthanize animals? They wake up and say "oh my gosh, I'm so happy to go and kill a bunch of animals today!" Really, people, come on!!! From the story, Animal Charity did not LIE about euthanizing the cat. I love the sad story this person painted, really grabs at your heartstrings...but it also makes me want to puke. What is that address of where you work? I will go around and pick up the thousands of stray cats in the community so that you can see them laying in the sun outside your office. "Thinker" you are the only sane person on here with an educated comment about the problem of STRAY cats and the work that the humane society does.

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15Werecat(73 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

So what you're saying is that, in the most modern and progressive country that has ever existed, it is OK for the agency responsible for rescuing lost and stray animals to KILL most of them? Is that really the best option out there for them? Or are they just that lousy at their jobs that all they can come up with is killing the animals they are supposed to be protecting?

If they spent a fraction of the overinflated salaries they pay on their underproducing employees on finding alternatives to killing I'm sure the results would be nothing short of amazing.

What makes you think this animal was suffering? It looked like the time in the drain was no picnic, but it was out of the drain. It looked a bit the worse for wear, but didn't seem to be neuro or moving abnormally, which would indicate brain damage. As far as the FeLV status of the cat goes - we have only the word of an Animal Charity thug who was last seen shoving an old woman who was trying to save her pet.

If Animal Charity is such an upright and honest agency why haven't they apologized to the Cat Ladies Society and returned their cats and everything else they stole from their Mahoning Ave shelter?

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16BlossomB(16 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

I honestly believe that the people on here supporting Animal Charities probably work there. There is no excuse for their behavior and I think they should be under investigation. Their story is way too fishy. Frankly, I don't believe anything they have to say. Let me let you in on a little secret. I have a cat that recently tested positive for FeLV. My vet did not tell me to euthanize her. I brought her back to the vet's office 3 months later and she tested negative. Maybe you need to educate yourself a little before spreading your crap. You obviously have alot to learn about cats.

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17kimk1957(21 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

These Animal Charity cat murders will not be forgotten for A VERY LONG time. People are outraged! So, if you're an employee there..., or a friend of a friend, get used to the negative publicity about it. You created it because you seized 80+ beautiful adoptable cats with greed and hatred and killed them from gossip and heresay. It's probably not going to stop any time soon. One day...AC will have to deal with the monster they've created. One of them will slightly step out of line and kill the wrong animal(s).
By the way...they're thieves too. They also stole several thousand dollars worth of pet care supplies from the Cat Ladies.

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18Thinker(15 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Listen, my FINAL observation on this subject:

All you supposed animal lovers and do-gooders, organize and mount a campaign to get the state/county/city governments to establish SPCA branches all over. Be ready for to contribute lots of money and time for this to happen. Good luck.

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19leo(12 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Ask yourselves a question here - how many times have you ever heard that Animal Charity has visited or RAIDED Angels for Animals or Second Chance Animal Rescue? The answer is it has NEVER happened because they are respectable organizations that did not have a number of complaints. To hell with the kill or no-kill argument, this is about a group letting its animals suffer and die from what starts as a basic upper respiratory infection. Not treated, it can spread to the cat's lungs, the cat stops eating, the organs shut down. This is what those wonderful Cat Ladies did. Let them lay there and die. Were they getting medicated - maybe at one time, but not in recent months. MANY people saw it for themselves. So, let's bring out the truth. A Prosecutor could not have put them on probation without some evidence of neglect. This FRAUD needs to stop.
Feel free to Flag, I will re-post. I have seen about 10 negative comments on this board, and then they magically disappear.

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20BlossomB(16 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Leo--I don't know much about Second Chance Animal Rescue but I have heard alot (and I mean alot) of complaints about Angels for Animals. This no-kill facility is euthanasia happy. Dogs and cats are pts for something as simple as an ear infection. Is this acceptable to you? I guess since they have a fancy shelter all is right with the world. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Answer this for me, why hasn't another humane agency come in and raided Animal Charities? They've received more complaints than any other rescue or shelter. And as far as that poor kitten is concerned, people love a sad story. If that kitten would have been allowed to live it most likely would have been adopted. As I said before, I don't buy the bs.

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21Werecat(73 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

No, this is about people with their own agenda lying to humane agents to start an investigation and the humane agents not being competent enough at their jobs to even visit the place they're investigating before showing up with a news crew to document their big bad raid. This is about people working their butts off to do the best they could for their animals having to defend themselves against rumormongering and malicious gossip, all started by people who hoped that The Cat Ladies Society would fail.

Cat Ladies Society has always expended the majority of its resources on veterinary care for its cats. They had an upper respiratory infection outbreak this summer. They worked very hard and got it under control without resorting to the usual shelter tactic of killing every animal that got sick. Every animal got treated every day, even if it meant volunteers didn't get out of there until after 11 at night. The cost of antibiotics and the vet bills nearly sank the organization. This isn't rumor or hearsay, this is truty and we lived it.

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22Werecat(73 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Oh and Leo...
The prosecutor put them on probation for having antibiotics. Which really is ironic, Animal Charities raided them with accusations that they weren't treating the animals and the only thing they ended up doing was complaining to the pharmacy board. No charges of any kind were filed. The Cat Ladies Society is innocent of any wrongdoing and Animal Charity should apologise and return their cats and everything else that was stolen.

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23leo(12 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

I guess we can assume that Werecat is Kimm Koocher, who runs the Cat Ladies Society. From what I read in the newspaper, Animal Charity had been in your facility before and had been investigating you. If you had nothing to hide, why did the paper mention that you would not let the humane agents in, that you required they get a warrant? You are nothing but a liar and a fraud. I can only imagine you are supplementing some welfare check or some fraudulent disability claim or a few lawsuit settlements by charging $250 to take a cat and let it suffer and die. Shame on you. Find another way to make your money. Low Life! Don't bother responding, you are not worth anyone's time.

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24BlossomB(16 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Leo--You're the one that's a fraud. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that this person never answers a question. I ASSUME that you either work at Animal Charities, you're one of those PETA nuts or someone at CLS ticked you off. Maybe they denied adopting a cat to you because you're a bad home. This does not change the fact that Animal Charities is corrupt. BTW--I have nothing to do with the Cat Ladies Society.

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254dogs1cat(6 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Here's a question....what do you want these organizations to do with the stray animal population...keep them all? I called Angels and they gave me a rough estimate of how many animals they put down each year....it wasn't a good number. But I'm glad they are not out there, spreading disease, having multiple litters of kittens or getting killed by a number of horrible ways (dogs, guns, cars). But if you want to keep all the stray cats alive, why don't you tell us your address, and we can start a group, and anytime someone finds a stray cat, which is EVERYDAY, then YOU can take care of it. Or instead of complaining and throwing assaults, maybe you should help to get these animals adopted, educating the public about spaying/neutering. I don't believe that ANYBODY has a right to complain/argue about something that 1. they don't know all the information about 2. they aren't doing a damn thing to help change. Also, just stop it with the "euthanasia happy" comments....you are out of your mind if you think ANYBODY likes to put down animals. Angels and other organizations do what they have to do to control the overpopulation, stop disease, and save as many animals as possible...and that means euthanizing sometimes. Nothing is going to change with a negative attitude...so stop complaining, get off your butt and help to make a change.

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26BlossomB(16 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Just for your INFORMATION, I am involved in rescue and I spend plenty of my own time and money on stray animals. You have some room to talk, what the h*ll have you done to help them? I am at the vet's office on a weekly basis, I've taken hundreds of animals to be spayed/neutered, etc. I sure as heck can't help all of the homeless animals but I've done my best to spay and neuter as many as possible. Any animal that comes into my care is treated as if it's one of my own. I sure wouldn't kill an animal because it has an ear infection, demodectic mange or a mild case of upper respitory. That my dear is not rescue, it's called being an exterminator. As far as Animal Charities is concerned, just how much vet work do they provide for their foster animals? Are all the animals at their shelter spayed or neutered, vaccinated on arrival, dewormed, treated for fleas and tested for things like FeLV/FIV or heartworms? I have to add that I have a hard time believing that you even like cats (or dogs for that matter). Maybe it would make you feel better if they were all eradicated. You do know that some "diseased" animals can completely recover and go on to live a normal, happy life. If a rescue or person decides they want to take in an animal with some sort of ailment then that is their choice. At least they're doing something to help which is more than I can say for you.

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274dogs1cat(6 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Wow BlossomB, you have no right whatsoever to question my dedication. How dare you specifically harrass me like that...you have NO IDEA who I am and the contribution I have provided for the animal community. I was simply the next person to comment and you happened to be above mine. I commend you for doing all that you can to rescue animals and get them healthy, if there were more people like you (AND ME), then we wouldn't even have to worry about any of this. It's funny you should ask about Animal Charity because I have adopted two animals from there. And YES, they were neutered/spayed prior to adoption, tested for heartworm and feline diseases, treated for fleas, dewormed and vaccinated. So there's the answer to THAT question. Why don't you call Animal Charity and talk to their adoption person? I'm sure he/she would be happy to talk with you about the work they do there. They are a NON-PROFIT vet clinic that doesn't charge outrageous prices so people CAN afford to get the right care for their animals. How much do you pay for services at your vet? I would bet money that Animal Charity is much cheaper than where you go. You are so funny, questioning if I even like animals. I've got a paw print tattoo, and I'm totally obsessed with animals. But I am realistic and understand that NOT EVERY ANIMAL CAN BE SAVED. I'm slightly optimistic about the Cat Ladies Society being back open. Hopefully they can get their act together and start PROPERLY caring for their cats. Would you like to start a group and see if we can come to a solution to this large overpopulation problem?

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28BlossomB(16 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

I apologize for what I said and commend you for what you do. I do however have to say that the spay/neuter clinics I use are less expensive than Animal Charities. I don't live too far from Youngstown but I have access to some other programs that are more reasonable. The vets I use for things other than spaying and neutering are not the cheapest but one clinic in particular is fantastic as far as the services they offer and their expertise. I think it's worth the extra money. I totally agree with you that all animals cannot be saved. I've had my share euthanized when there is no hope at recovery. People have brought me cats that have been hit by cars, ones that have been mutilated beyond repair by dogs, animals in renal failure, liver failure, etc., etc. I always have my vet help me make the right decision. Rescue is not the answer to the problem, spaying and neutering is the solution. Yes, there needs to be kill shelters because it's just not possible for everyone to be no-kill (I really don't like that term because it's not possible to never have to euthanize an animal.) It is important that we all work together to make a change. We might not all agree on how things should be done but we need to put our egos aside for the sake of the animals.

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29leo(12 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Blossom B - Sorry you cannot read. I adopted three kittens from CLS, one which died very quickly and the other cost me $500 to get well. So, to answer your questions, NO, I was not turned down to adopt a cat.
And No, I am not with Animal Charity or PETA. Does that answer everything for you?
I have been in rescue for animals for 25 years in this area as well as in Pittsburgh, was on the Board of Directors of the biggest shelters in Pittsburgh, have rescued, spayed/neutered and nursed back to health well over 100 cats in my lifetime. So, you see, I DO know what I am talking about. I know what a shelter should and should not be. It should NOT be a place for cats to go and die. There was one of those places in Pittsburgh called Tiger Ranch. Fortunately, the prosectuor there had to courage to close it down. Animal Charity helped to end the suffering of those poor animals. They are in a much better place now than where they were.

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30Werecat(73 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

First of all...
Animal Charity had been to our old facility 3 times. The first 2 times were because of complaints about the neighbors dog - which he kept tying to our dumpster. The third time they'd had a complaint from a woman to whom we'd denied an adoption. They came in, wandered around for a few minutes, then left. No warnings, no follow-up visits.
When Animal Charities arrived at our new facility the day of the raid we let them in and told them to look at whatever they wanted. I did not demand a warrant until they said they were taking our cats.
Do you honestly think a cat shelter makes money? The animals we actually get a donation to take are few and far between. The vast majority of our animals come with little to no donation because we feel bad about their situation and take them.
In the meantime, spay/neuter for each animal is $50, FeLV/FIV testing $25, rabies vax is $5, 2 FVRCP vaccinations $15 each, Advantage $15, Drontal $8. That is $133 per cat for their basic health care.
I also pay rent, electricity, gas, water, that's about $1300 per month. Cat litter, $12 to $30 per day, depending upon how many cats we have. Dry cat food, 5 to 7 bags a week, $12.95 per bag if I'm using a store brand, $30 or more per bag when I can afford a decent food. Canned food, 78 cents per can, up to 24 cans per day depending upon population. Paper towels, about $20/week. Phone/internet/fax, $100/month. Trash $100/month. Insurance $90/month. Then stuff I just buy without tracking... dish soap, parvosol, odo-ban, toilet paper, sponges, laundry soap, bleach, vinegar, gas for volunteers who use their cars for shelter errands, mop heads, brooms, cleanser, printer paper... the 'incidentals' list goes on and on.
Now let's discuss vet care beyond the basics. I spend a FORTUNE on vet care, and I'd be delighted to pull up my itemized bank card list should you stop by the shelter and ask to see it.
An office visit at the vet starts at $35. That's to walk in the door. If the cat needs x-rays or bloodwork... more. If the cat needs hospitalized, IV fluids, special surgery??? Those tiny tubes of eye ointment cost $18 each. Some antibiotics go $3.00 per pill. 2 pills a day for 2 weeks times 20 cats because most of the viruses we deal with are airborne and cats love to share.
I'm behind paying my mortgage, my car has a broken windshield and has been making this strange noise for ages, I'm behind on my utilities, my IRA was wiped out months ago to keep the shelter going.
I'm sorry you had a bad experience at our shelter. However, your bad experience is not typical nor does it make our shelter a bad place. Nor does it make me a liar or a fraud - or a welfare cheat or a "low life".

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31kimk1957(21 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Werecat...Leo acts like a child. Name calling is so immature. If he had a bad experience, he needs to get over it. I've had 2 animals pass away after I obtained them from a breeder! IT HAPPENS!
CLS will prevail. They will do what they do best. Rescue, heal and adopt. There are alot of cats and kittens out there that need your love, attention and forever homes. Keep finding them and disregard the imbeciles.

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32kimk1957(21 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Also, I also find it hard to believe that someone who claims to have been on the Board of Directors of one of the largest shelters in Pitts. , someone, who I would imagine to be an educated , intellegent professional...acts so immature and calls names. Sounds like he has a vendetta.
Nursed back 100 cats over his lifetime? CLS has nursed and adopted over 1000 cats. Who's got more experience?

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33BlossomB(16 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Leo--FYI--I've had experience with all of the shelters in Pittsburgh. As a matter of fact I know some people who have worked at those places. Guess what, they all have problems with upper respitory infections with cats. Years ago I adopted a cat from one of those shelters. Three days after I got her she had to go to the vet because she got very ill. She had to be hospitalized for two days. Do you think I blamed them? Of course not. As a matter of fact when I adopted the cat they sent home a paper with me saying that the cat could be incubating an illness and it should be quarantined from other animals upon arrival at my home.

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34poundpuppy48(3 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Is it true that Animal "Charity" gets $15 for every cat they put down? That would have been over $1200 for the Cat Ladies cats. Maybe they needed to make payroll?? Those same cats cost the Cat Ladies around $10,000 in vet care and maintenance not including operating costs according to what werecat outlined. If the lady who is suing them for the killing of her dogs in their parking lot leaves anything after her win, I hope the Cat Ladies clean up the rest from these criminals.

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35mariposa(4 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

poundpuppy48 - Somehow it always comes back to the MONEY!!!!!!!

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364dogs1cat(6 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

HAHAHAH, PoundPuppy....your comment really makes me laugh.....I would LOVE to know where you get your information from, so I can laugh at them too. It honestly doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Let me ask you....WHO would pay Animal Charity $15 to put a cat down? Oh PoundPuppy, it's funny what people believe, isn't it?

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37mariposa(4 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

To poundpuppy48 - If Cat Ladies put $10,000 into those cats in vet care and maintenance - THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DEAD AND DYING!!!!!!!. Go to a real shelter and see how animals should be cared for. When they are sick, they need to be treated and see a veterinarian. A registered veterinary technician is not a VET!!!!!!!! Don't think THAT RVT would know a horse from a cat, let alone how to treat animals for illness.

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38BlossomB(16 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

So all of the cats at the Cat Ladies Society were either dead or dying? On the video footage I saw of the raid the cats looked pretty healthy. Why don't give us the names of these "real shelters" so we can check them out? I would love to know the names of these places, the ones who actually treat sick cats and don't destroy them immediately.

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39BlossomB(16 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

Mariposa--I was just thinking about what you said again. Do you really think that $10,000 is alot of money? Seriously, how long do you think that amount of money is going to last? I assume they (Cat Ladies) paid rent and utilities, bought food and litter, plus spayed or neutered the cats, tested them for FIV/FeLV, etc. I'm sure they did take the cats to the vet. One trip to the vet can easily cost between $100 and $200 and that's for something simple. Even getting a cat's vaccinations updated can cost over $50. $10,000 is nothing compared to what some of the other shelters in Mahoning County receive. I really think you're clueless and have some kind of personal vendetta against these people.

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40mariposa(4 comments)posted 4 years, 3 months ago

BlossomB - $10,000 is a lot of money. Most shelters do fundraising. Most do not charge a fee to take a cat. If they do it is minimal, (not $250) for someone wanting to get rid of a cat. I am well aware there are a lot of costs involved with shelters. I worked with shelters for many years and even did their bookkeeping. So I know what kind of money it takes to run them. What boggles my mind is that the costs of drugs to treat the illnesses that were listed - URI, abcesses, skin infections, etc. is minimal. From my own experience with cats, Clavamox, Zeniquin are stronger drugs given to treat these things and are more expensive. But Amoxicillin is not as strong but will do the job and the cost is about $100 for 500 tablets. Now I think $10,000 would buy a lot of Amoxicillin. I DO have a clue about the costs, as I have my own veterinarian I go to for my 8 animals (dogs and cats). Have followed your posts on here. A lot of attacks on others going on. Can only imagine you are one of the guilty parties in all of this or you would not be so defensive of them. Get a reality check. No one wants to see animals suffer or die, but this no-kill was a slow-kill. I saw those sick cats myself, wheezing, faces covered in mucous, pus in their eyes, all thrown together in the new and improved shelter. No isolation areas, adults and kittens all mixed in very ill.
They should have been shut down for good. This area needs animal shelters, but needs reputable shelters that will care for the animals, not let them lay and die instead of treating them.

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41BlossomB(16 comments)posted 4 years, 2 months ago

Well if things were so bad then why weren't they shut down for good? I think you're overexaggerating just a tad about the conditions there. As for Amoxicillin being a cure all for everything that shows exactly how little you know about cats and cat illnesses. It's probably the least effective drug and you'd know that if you had any real experience doing rescue. As far as accusing me of being overly critical, I suggest you read your own posts. If you know so much about cats, then I suggest you stop complaining about the Cat Ladies' Society and start your own rescue. Maybe then you'll have a clue about what you're talking about. It's funny how we completely got off the subject of Animal Charities and their mistreatment of that poor kitten. If you gave a rat's behind about animals I think you'd be more concerned about how they operate their shelter. I can't reveal my sources but I've heard alot of terrible things about that place and this was long before the Cat Ladies' fiasco.

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42leo(12 comments)posted 4 years, 2 months ago

BlossomB - Now I am sure you are one the lazy sloths that run the place. Just for your information, I have been involved with rescue for 25 years and can tell you I have done more work, spent more of my time and money helping animals than you could ever imagine. I DO know about drugs - I stated that Amoxicillin will do the job. That does not mean it is the BEST drug, but if these con artists are so strapped for money (all this after a $20,000 donation?), this drug would do something to help the cats. I am NOT overexaggerating about the conditions. When I was there on more than one occasion, MANY of the cats were very ill, not being treated and all thrown together. Perhaps you do not know what an ill cat looks like. Many reputable people saw what was going on there and were very disgusted. I know people who volunteered with KIMM at AFA would tell you what a mess she made at that place and what a lazy ass she was. So blab on all you want. Guess everyone in the world is a liar but the Cat Ladies.
They were not shut down for good because the laws are so poor for animal rights. Lucky for Kimm. Did you notice the City Prosecutor on tv right after this fiasco asking people to pressure their Senator's to pass Nitro's law to help animals? He can only do what the law allows. If KIMM did NOTHING, she would not have gotten probation. Wake up, loser. You have been conned. Add another to Kimm's list. This area needs more animal shelters, but needs reputable ones that will care for the animals, not let them lay and die . Look at the website - how many cats do they mention now have corneal scars on their eyes from eye infections that took a long time to heal? How about the one with the head tilt from an untreated ear infection? These are not real common problems, if the animal is treated properly. See if you can look past the BS and see reality here. The cats in this town deserve so much better.

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43Werecat(73 comments)posted 4 years, 2 months ago

Oh Leo... there you go again.

The FACT is that Cat Ladies Society was NOT given probation. We voluntarily signed an agreement with the prosecutor's office to get our shelter back up and running. There were NO charges filed. Don't you get it? We weren't even CHARGED with anything.

The Cat Ladies Society is the only shelter in Youngstown that will take in a sick animal and treat it with something besides euthanasia solution. We had three head tilt cats, all of whom arrived at the shelter with head tilts. We get cats in with corneal scars all the time - because we are the only shelter that keeps them and finds them homes. Our animals were neither dead nor dying - until they were stolen and killed by Animal Charity.

You sit there babbling on about the remarkable curative powers of Amoxicillin as if that weren't the first drug our vet tried. We spent thousands on vet visits, hospitalizations and antibiotics and I can pull up our bank card records to prove it.

Our approach to cat intake and adoptions is the opposite of most shelters. With our high intake fee, we place the financial burden upon the person abdicating their responsibility to their pet. With our low adoption fees we give the person doing a good thing - adopting a shelter pet - a break. And keep in mind that we often don't get an intake fee and end up absorbing all of the financial burden for that animal.

If you don't want to pay our intake fee, then don't pay it. There are plenty of shelters that let you abandon your pet for free. Granted, they'll kill it, because that's the only way they can afford and keep up with the influx of dumped animals. Oh, you say you don't want your pet killed? Then assume some kind of responsibility for it, either by doing some actual WORK to re-home it or by giving up your cigarettes for 6 weeks and spending that money to get the cat into a no-kill.

As far as you calling our volunteers a bunch of lazy asses... who on God's green earth do you think you are? Our people work very hard running and maintaining our shelter. Most of them are elderly or handicapped or both and they give selflessly of their time and effort. You should try it some time, instead of spewing venom while hidden safely behind your keyboard.

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44BlossomB(16 comments)posted 4 years, 2 months ago

Werecat--I think you might have finally silenced Leo or whatever name this person is going by these days. I want to let you know that I am deeply saddened by what happened to your organization and those poor cats. Leo is obviously a very ignorant person who has no idea what she (I'm guessing its a woman.) is talking about. She has no right to accuse someone of being lazy. As I told her before if she thinks she can do it better then she better get to it. Helping 100 cats in 25 years isn't much of an accomplishment.

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45Werecat(73 comments)posted 4 years, 2 months ago

Thanks, Blossom, for the kind words. I have a sneaking suspicion I know who Leo is and if I'm correct my energies will be better spent teaching ants to sing or something. Even if I'm not, singing ants might be kind of cool. They could certainly raise some revenue for our shelter, which this raid has left nearly bankrupt. Still, we'll keep going as long as we can and keep hoping for another miracle.

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