Trumbull memorial hospital

Sherry Gregory and Cody Miracle, Cortland, girl, Oct. 27.

Sylvia and Phillip Anderson, Warren, boy, Oct. 27.

Nicole and Daniel Cole Burghill, boy, Oct. 27.

Amber Rader and Jason Kascsak, Warren, girl, Oct. 17.

Rebecca Fisher and Douglas Noble, Warren, boy, Oct. 27.

Samantha and John Welker, Cortland, boy, Oct. 28.

Lynn Johnson Vandervort and Royce Vandervort, Warren, girl, Oct. 28.

Zohra Moumayez and Jeremy Adkins Hill, Youngstown, boy, Oct. 28.

Kristen and Jim Ramsey, Girard, boy, Oct. 28.

Lucinda and Marvin Bricker, Middlefield, girl, Oct. 28.

Carl Meehan and Justin Popson, Warren, boy, Oct. 28.

St. Elizabeth Health Center

Jim and Hollie Little, Salem, boy, Oct. 26.

Estaban and Miriam Valentin, Youngstown, boy, Oct. 26.

Rick and Reba Babyak, Youngstown, boy, Oct. 26.

Ryan and Tisha Jewel, Canfield, girl, Oct. 26.

Marc and Mattie Naples, Youngstown, girl, Oct. 27.

Brandie Noble and Andrew Freed, Youngstown, boy, Oct. 27.

Charlette Holmes and Darel Dodson, Youngstown, boy, Oct. 28.

Forum Health Northside Medical Center

Kyra Frost and Larry Yonnotti, Youngstown, boy, Oct. 27.

Jasmine Santos and Jonathan Morales, Columbus, boy, Oct. 27.

Heather Bara, Columbus, girl, Oct. 27.

Britney Dermotta and Larry Lowe Jr., Salem, girl, Oct. 28.

Jodi Snell and Matthew Lehman, Leetonia, boy, Oct. 28.

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