The best election money can buy

The best election money can buy

Because of a Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited campaign contributions with no disclosure as to the source of the funds, hundreds of millions of dollars are pouring into the Republican Party. The whole thing is orchestrated by none other than Karl Rove. This election may be bought and paid for by the likes of Fox News owner Rupert Murdock and other like-minded billionaires.

To put things in perspective, the 2006 midterm election had a funding disclosure of 97 percent. This election, the disclosure rate is a dismal 32 percent. If these billionaires, including Murdock and the Koch brothers (whose net worth increased by $5 billion last year alone) are so proud of their choices for our governor, Senate and House of Representatives, why don’t they take responsibility for their political ads? Why do they hide in the shadows?

The Senate recently considered a bill to bring “secret” campaign contributions into the light of day. That sounds reasonable enough, but every Republican opposed it.

It is said that if a lie or half truth is repeated often enough, some people will begin to believe it. With the hundreds of millions of mystery dollars flying around in the Republican Party, this election may be bought by billionaires who have their own “special needs.” They believe in deregulation so business can take care of itself. They want to continue the artificial transfer of wealth from the shrinking middle class to themselves, the billionaire “puppet masters.”

If no one takes credit for it, something is very wrong and no amount of “secret” campaign contributions will make a lie a truth, no matter how often it is repeated.

Ken Drombosky, Boardman