Man’s inhumanity to pets

Man’s inhumanity to pets

I joined the Cat Ladies Soci- ety after my family and husband’s family had a series of family deaths. I found a group of children, teens, women, and men all committed to the care and well being of these cats and kittens.

All of these animals were the throw-away animals. Some were dumped after their family moved away. Some were tortured, stabbed, run over etc. Kittens with no mom cat to take care of them were left to die. Our volunteers, led by Kimm, took care of them and loved them. They washed walls, floors, litter boxes, and blankets. We played with them and combed them so that they would be adopted into “forever” homes. We took in “special needs” cats. There were people who wanted them. Our pets had names and personalities. I saw sick and scared cats bloom into pretty healthy pets.

These 80 cats and kittens had 10 days to enjoy their beautiful, clean, smell-free shelter, especially built for them by all volunteers. This ended one day when the “Humane Society” deemed it more humane to stuff 2-5 cats and kittens into carriers and take them to a cold, dark place and kill them. Our pets were healthy; they had no “diseases.” The sick ones were ill with colds, upper respiratory, eye infections — all treatable illnesses. They were being treated and in a room away from the other cats and kittens.

These “inhumane society” men broke our hearts. We can’t stop thinking about our pets’ terror at their hands. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. It has happened and will continue to happen as long as society lets these people get away with horrible acts.

Marie Roller, Liberty