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Firefighters let home burn down; owner didn't pay fee

Published: Tue, October 5, 2010 @ 3:54 p.m.

SOUTH FULTON, Tenn. (AP) — Firefighters in a far western Tennessee city let a mobile home burn to the ground because the owner didn't pay an annual $75 fire protection fee, authorities say.

Jeff Vowell, city manager of South Fulton, told the Union City Daily Messenger that the city fire department let Gene Cranick's trailer home near the Kentucky border burn last week because he didn't pay the subscription common in many rural areas.

Cranick's doublewide home is outside city limits. But South Fulton offers fire protection to nearby residents for a fee and once the fire threatened to spread, the department did protect a neighboring house that had paid.

Cranick's son, Timothy, was so angry he later went to the fire house and punched the chief, police said. The younger Cranick was charged with aggravated assault and is free on bond, according to authorities.

South Fulton Mayor David Crocker told the newspaper that if the city allowed people to pay after the fact there would be no incentive to subscribe. As an analogy, he said an insurer won't pay for an auto accident if insurance lapses.


1Cicero(39 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

You students of history will recall this is the way it used to be. One paid the subscription, in return for which a medallion was placed on your house to assure that the fire department would put out the fire.

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2walter_sobchak(2507 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago


Obviously, it is legal to do this in Tennessee. This is a great civic lesson for people. Taxes are paid by the citizenry and that is what funds the public services. What if the fire dept. responded to this fire and then a legit taxpayer has their home catch on fire? You want the service, pay the tax.

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3Silence_Dogood(1603 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

city dweller
You might want to brush up on your critical reading skills, the most important line is this one,"Cranick's doublewide home is outside city limits. But South Fulton offers fire protection to nearby residents for a fee".
You see this is a city service that will extend its service to those that do NOT live in the CITY. Heck its only $75 bucks so he rolled the dice and lost, maybe if he was not so shortsighted he would have realized that he would have recieved a break on his homeowners insurance that would have been more the $75. But then again this Man no doubt did not have homeowners insuranc either. I cant say that I am too distraught of this guy's pitfalls in life for he could have avoided them if it were not for HIS own choices.

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4Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

Those damned republicans,..

Cicero, that's not only predatory and depraved as all hell. It's textbook republican methodology and the liability of ingrate acceptance.

Which if what you're saying about " medallions " as selective coverage is true. It was way before not just my time, But also before the time of my parents and grandparents too.

One of my great grandfathers was a state official in his home state. Which he went over a lot of rights and wrongs with us about unjust laws. But he loved people and he never ever mentioned anything as morbid as that.

Here's the clip of the guy that was effected,.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjb_dq...

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5Traveler(606 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

Not that i don't feel sorry for him. But it is no different the someone that buys a new car and only puts basic coverage on it. Then hopes he dosnt get in a wreck.

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6southsidedave(5172 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

Some more hillbilly humor at its finest!!

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7Eric(202 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

The citizens of the city are paying for the fire department, not the freeloader in the trailer. He rolled the dice and got burned. That was his choice.

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8Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

Oh Jeez,..

Where I'll agree that the guy should have never agreed to live there and put up with or partake in such a goon governed campground. But there has to be a preponderance that maybe he couldn't afford to move elsewhere.

However, those of you trying to contend that man is some freeloader that deserved to have gotten wronged are beyond sick, demented and twisted.

But for any municipality to allow community habitation of a land where taxation is being collected. If the basic services like law enforcement, EMT and fire aren't being provided. Then just what in the hell are they being taxed for?

Granted in rural areas things like water, gas and electric service and trash pickup and sewage services aren't always supplied. But that area where that family lived is so populated. That there's no question that basic law enforcement, EMT and fire has to be provided in those taxes as a matter of collective public safety

I tell you, you Teabaggers that love to hate just for the sake of alleging a self superiority. Are the damnedest bunch of ingrates the world has ever seen.

It's not just my opinion seeing the wrong in this. But it's so heartless, cruel and despicably evil. That those public servants physically cried as grown men. Because they were ordered forbidden to help that family with their equipped, ready and available capabilities.

If it was about the damn $75 dollars they could have assessed him a bill with tacked on fees. In form of placing a lien against his property to ensure prompt payment.

That man and a neighbor offered to pay whatever they wanted to save his families belongings. Where in response the Teabagger mentality of the goon running the racket.

Is daring to allege a contention that the principle of the $75 dollars outweighed both that families lifelong possessions and public safety at large to boot

So the contrast here is where no way in hell I'd have allowed that families belongings to be destroyed if I could help it. You Teabaggers gleefully express you can care less about the guy's family losing everything they owned over a measly $75 dollars.

To include ignoring that families pleas and offers to pay more than 5 times as much. Just to halt the damage or total destruction of an accident that was unforeseeable,.. stay classy you no good for nothing and too nobody haplessly hate filled Hicks.

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9Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

Just listen to what this even sounds like,.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS6E_B...

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10Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

Tell you what rudypoot,..

I'm not worried about party affiliation numbers I'm driven by whats right and I cast my support for those individual candidates accordingly.

See where in contrast you're a penny a pound pre-programmed pull toy .That nobody with any sense respects and it's not bias. Because it's in direct accord with your bearing not bearing any respect for yourself.

See one has to search far and wide to find or comparably match your super stupidity. Thus here you are again placing yourself on display as such a party prop punchline.

Now you just go right on continuing to show your celebratory zeal and kindred glee for that families loss.

Because you're merely solidifying that you're just as deplorable as I've stated you were all along,.. it's without question.

So see sensible people are coming to a realization of how vastly different those like you and I are in my possessing values and those like you don't,.. how that for impartiality?

Where in conclusion you've proved to them that it's you and those like you. That deliberately means them no good,.. and you'd celebrate their loss as well.

Now you just try paying more attention. So we can discuss the results of their responsive accord and impact casting their votes Nov 2nd,.. and via our noted difference I can't thank you enough.

P.S. Got anything from Faux, ABC, CBS or CNN denouncing such a travesty?,.. you treachery toiling Teabagger.

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11Silence_Dogood(1603 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

you kill me, you blather on and on. Your comments are about four times the length of this story and you dont have the brains to figure out the fact that this mobile home is NOT within the City limits. When I say NOT in the City I mean that this homestead is outside of the City limits. Therefore it is NOT(UNDERLINE NOT) the City's job to put out the fire. It is no different then if a call came into the Youngstown fire station from Joe Blow requesting that the City send its fire truck to Goshin township to put out a fire there. Now if Joe Blow were to make an agreement with the City ,well then it would be the duty for the City to go to Joe's house and put the fire out, but Joe didnt do that now did he.

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12Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

Hey Rudypoot

I find it hilarious that a bluster filled balloon headed reprobate like Shill O'Really. Has exposed you to a word term that you so desperately cling onto. To serve as your only feigned attempted hope to give an impression of cognitive thought retention.

Be it known I'm not impressed at such a feat. Because your experiment isn't even remotely close to what Pavlov, brought out of a dog or what NASA accomplished with a chimp or the medical breakthroughs that we're accomplishing with lab rats.

So see beyond either speculative preponderance of opinion. That duly and unquestionably ranks your mental capacity. As being beneath the dog, chimp and the rodent,.. you cluelessly inane composition of compost in character beyond caricature.

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13walter_sobchak(2507 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

According to Olberman & the MSNBC glitterati, the Tea Party would champion such an occurence as the Tea Party people want to take back from the govt. They stand for rugged individualism, self control, and self worth. Olberman et al., believe that only govt can provide for the people and all govt is good, especially a centralized govt. This way, only the govt has the power and everything you have is only obtained throught the good graces of the govt, as if it is a monarchy. Proof-positive is the way MSNBC fashions the debate about taxation. They and their democrat minions say that "we", the govt., can't afford a tax decrease as if the money is already "theirs". Money belongs to the individual citizen and the govt should provide the services that they can afford with the revenue that the people send them. Isn't it interesting that the govt for any years was able to be financed through tariffs and duties! Now, the politicians tell you "Look at everything we give to you!"

So, very simply, the Tea Party threatens their very existence so they must be demonized!

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14Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

@ Senseless Sh_t

You unquestionably speak as an abominable fool toiling in such an abhorrent existence,..

Those residents of that municipality is irrefutably being taxed. It's just a backwoods example of absolute greed aided by ignorance and incompetency.

That affords such a racket to continue and the uneducated residents in accord allowing such an endangering angle to persist.

In a civilized society there's no way in hell that a selectively taxed are of mass habitation. Should be allowed to host children or animals under the guise of a at will endangerment by such a known hazard.

Granted the guy isn't smart nor wise to have rooted his family there. But I'll damn sure never harp on that as any means to allege he or his family or those pets got what he or they deserved.

See as long as you're no criminal. If I were providing such a service and you were delinquent. No way in hell would I order or stand and watch such a thing happen to your family.

To wit you're even one that by your harboring such a polarizing and detestable ignorance I disagree with to the point of despise.

However, by it only being perceived as your worthless character and you not known or thought to being a social disorder criminal. Not your lack of values by my possessing those that I do wouldn't allow me to partake in forcing your family or pets to suffer such a loss by your ignorance.

In such an instance I'd have provided the aide you required. As well as demanded you pay for services rendered. To include upon ensuring the safety of all involved I'd told you to get your ignorant @zz the hell out of my face.

See where I'll admit I'm not perfect. But I thank god, my parent, family member, pets and friends. That they're compatible consolation that allowed me to develop.

Into a man where I refuse to be as detestably dumb, cynically silly, surreptitiously stupid, carelessly combative, abominably ignorant and so moronically misguided.

To such a degree of self liability as bringing anything like you or those like you. Whom bring such nonacceptance and disrespect upon yourself.

When in such an instance it's clear that in your twisted form of pointless and meaningless totality. I'm even assured that you'd foolishly embrace a false assumption that you'd somehow used me,.. and yet remain languishing as such a listless liability to yourself.

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15Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

@ Slob_Shack

No you recalcitrant ingrate,..

The despise for you Teabaggers is your deliberate dumbness that forks such a dysfunction that you're beyond defensible reason.

See you're cluelessly combative about how you so incessantly lie. You're postured predators by that measure and you seek to orchestrate damnation over sensible civilized humanity.

Thus you're the absolute worst that this world has to offer, tolerate or witness in the existence of all mankind by that reason.

It's not just an American opposition but that sentiment and recognition is embraced all throughout the world.

It's you and those like you who's exacted and epitomizes the global term of ugly American. You dysfunctionally breed distrust, deceit, dislike and such disgust and disrespect.

That you not only create discourse where you dwell. But you bring global conflict to the rest of us. For which we damn well don't appreciate any association with you for that.

Now you take that back to you lying leaders and let it serve as a focal point of recognition during your diabolical debates at you hate rallies.

See Slob_Shack, in discussions like this. People can clearly distinguish a vast difference between those like myself and those of my similar values and you and those like you whom lack them.

So be it known your contending to allege some victimized martyrdom as a defense is as deplorably dumb as deceptively and delusional as you sound defiant.

It's a new day Slob_Shack and we as a unifying people has saw, recall and are enduring what those of your mindset has rot upon us all.

You Teabaggers are being informed of that and and that republican ripoff of the nation and bilking global alleys won't be tolerated any damn more.

Like I told you before, I'm one that's behind the vast opposition forces that's avowing to no longer empowering you. So with pride I duly inform you of that.

For which I'm of the absolute assurance that no way in hell do you like it. Although nor can you contend with me or those I'm banded with. In a unified non prejudicial accord to ensure our country vanquishes your subversive efforts,.. YOU SECULAR SIMPLETON !!!

Suggest removal:

16walter_sobchak(2507 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

I will once again violate my own rule and respond, you Neo-Maxi-Zoom-Dweebie. (Here I thought your mom took away your computer.) Never said I was part of the Tea Party nor do I agree with all they say or stand for, you ninny. But, in my heart of hearts, I definitely have you pictured as a teabagger! Wipe your chin, please; it is disgusting.

It is "those like myself and those of my similar values" that true Americans despise. With your arrogance, you would lord over people because only you know better. It is "you and those like you" that the Founding Fathers would have tar-and-feathered. The original Tea Party arose from the Brits enforcing things like the Tea Act, Stamp Act, the Sugar Act, the Townsend Acts, etc. and that led to the Boston Massacre. The next massacre will occur on Nov. 2 when the power in the Congress will be altered in response to Obama-care, pork-barrel "stimulus", bailouts, et al.

"...Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government..."

Now, that may be far too simple for you to grasp, you contentious bastard. But, I assure you, that people like Obama, Reid and Pelosi will find out right quick from where true power in these United States is borne. Now, pull up your pants and get back down in your mother's basement!

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17walter_sobchak(2507 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

walter sobchak,

A great American and a great bowler!

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18Silence_Dogood(1603 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

The Dude abides.

You go Man!

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19Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago

You're a weak freak there Slob_Shack,... LMAO !!!

See this isn't about Mr. Olberman nor MSNBC you twit smitten Teabagger and don't run from your distinction either you deplorable dummy.

See when anyone with sense reads your Slob_Shack styled salutations of sauntering about your own simpleness. It reigns true to the adage that you are what you are as so weak and wicked there Wally. To wit you make it unquestionably clear that you're an anarchy angled imbecile,.. Got that?

Which in condensed form of abbreviation inscribes as a Teabagger who's now trying to allege it's { you're } not. While having tried to hide from your identity as a irresponsible republican,.. a mere forked tongue tramp and both your faces are of a fraud there Waldo.

You so falsely proclaim that this current president and Ms. Pelosi and a Harry Reid as country killing culprits,.. you lying worm of no worth.

See that's a deceptive deflection line you've been instructed to try to twist the fact, that what we as a country are recovering from. Is what 8 years of boy Bush, bionic Cheney and that reich of rape, rob and pillage republicans cited as a rousing success of their governance,.. DON'T RUN FROM IT YOU LYING NO GOOD FRAUD !!!

So your attempts I refuse to allow you to hide behind your circular silliness. Where you think anybody is going to buy into your efforts of attempting to deflect this as if it's some TV ratings dispute you cunning contortionist Clown,..AND SO MUCH FOR EMBELLISHING YOUR CIRCUS !!!.

See in response I had to stop myself from citing you as so stupid and disingenuous you're clueless,.. you have not that much intellect.

So in cursive correction fact is you come off as so disproportionately stupid. That I don't think you actually bear, possess or can muster enough sense to consciously be disingenuous.

You're no American you self loathing sloth of super stupidity. You're an ingracious relict with no moral fortitude. With a sufferance of a lying disorder.and not enough sense to realize how easily that's detected,.. you bowling ball headed buffoon.

Now in regards to Tar-n-Feather and forefathers you freakish fraud. My being native American and of cultural mix. I hail from this land you ingrate variety import.

See your forefathers are from such a place that they had to flee from having made it impossible for you to be hatched there you maniacal misfit.

Thus be it known that if there's Tar-n-Feathers to be wielded in the here, now and beyond. It'd be you who'd bear the smattering you reason for existence riddled reject,.. and child defiling Drunk.

Where in conclusive analysis you make if unmistakeably clear. That you know you're good for nothing and nobody and that's why you lie about your entire existence of being,.. WORTHLESS & WITLESS !!!

Suggest removal:

20walter_sobchak(2507 comments)posted 5 years, 4 months ago


You are a clueless reprobate of such inferior lineage but you refuse to acknowledge facts and insist on deflecting the truth about what is happening to the greatest country on the face of the earth, fashioned by men of Divine Providence to enable the lowliest of low from throughout the earth to rise and achieve greatness for the benefit of all mankind. Great men that these imposter leaders could have nothing in common with!

There, without any name-calling, I have rightly put you in your place with Truth!

Suggest removal:


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