School board looks at finances

By kristine Gill

School board members and the superintendent briefly lamented at Wednesday’s meeting the failure of this month’s levy that would have brought new money to the district.

“We feel economic times were part of it, and some people are convinced taxes are bad,” Superintendent Dante Zambrini said.

They then continued with the adoption of the five-year forecast, which treasurer Pattie Kesner said will be tight for the next few years. The district must avoid going into a spending deficit as mandated by the government.

“We were hoping to add new levy money to this,” Kesner said of the forecasted budget.

Also at the meeting, a concerned father addressed the board regarding an alleged assault against his son. The Herbert Road resident said a teacher allegedly sprayed some sort of chemical on his fourth-grade son, who did not suffer any permanent damage.

“I want to know why this teacher was still in the classroom the next Monday,” the father said, adding that his son has since changed classrooms.

Zambrini said an investigation is under way in that case and had no further comment.

“Due process is being followed and investigated,” Zambrini said.

The father said he was content with that reply and would avoid legal proceedings if the investigation proceeded properly. He said he has already contacted police.

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