‘Patriot:’ Be careful who you tag

‘Patriot:’ Be careful who you tag

The following unsigned hand written envelope was placed on the windshield of my wife’s Mitsubishi at the Liberty Giant Eagle.

“How dare you place an American flag and a Support our Troops sticker (magnetic ribbons) on a vehicle made by the company that made engines and planes that were used to bomb AMERICAN (real Americans) men and women at Pearl Harbor SHAMEFUL AND DISGUSTING!”

To that anonymous “patriot,” I reply:

1. Some time ago I watched a documentary on the USS Arizona Memorial about the meeting of American survivors and Japanese pilots who survived, and they shared genuine comradeship as old warriors who survived a battle.

2. I bought those magnetic ribbons from my wife’s VFW Ladies Auxiliary a few years ago and I am responsible for their placement. They were originally on a Chrysler.

3. I am a Life member of the VFW & DAV as I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran who flies the U.S. flag 24/365. I am also retired from the U.S. Navy with over 20 years of active service.

If you don’t like how I display the flag I fought for, come tell me to my face.

William Bolash, Liberty