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Man charged in assault gets plea deal, then frees himself from house arrest

Published: Sat, November 20, 2010 @ 12:09 a.m.




A city man given a three-week reprieve before he was to be sentenced on charges related to a home invasion and a sexual assault has vanished, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Lexter Williams, 29, of Kendis Circle, pleaded guilty to four counts of kidnapping, three counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of aggravated burglary, and one count of gross sexual imposition with gun specifications, and being a felon in illegal possession of with a gun.

Mahoning County prosecutors and Atty. Thomas Zena, representing Williams, agreed to 10-year concurrent sentences on all the charges as well as a three-year term for the gun charge, meaning Williams would spend 13 years behind bars.

Williams was due to be sentenced Monday by Judge Maureen Sweeney of common pleas court.

Williams had been in the county jail since his arrest in January 2009, but, as stipulated in his plea agreement, Williams was given three weeks at home on electronically monitored house arrest before he was to begin his prison sentence.

The agreement said that should Williams break the terms of his temporary release or commit another crime while awaiting his sentencing Nov. 22, he could face the maximum 86-year sentence.

A filing in the court Friday says Williams failed to report daily to the Community Corrections Association on Market Street as ordered, and he cannot be located by the electronic monitoring device that was attached to his body. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

A report to the court from CCA says Williams called the office to say he had no transportation to the office for his daily check-in Wednesday. Williams, according to the report, failed to check in Thursday, and the transmitter on his ankle indicated that it had been tampered with and may have been removed. The report says CCA confirmed Friday the electronic device had been removed, and Williams could not be found.

The charges against Williams stemmed from a Jan. 22, 2009, home invasion in the 100 block of Livingston Street on the city’s East Side.

Police accused Williams and three others of entering a home through an unlocked door, demanding money and sexually assaulting a female occupant at the home.

The three other people associated with the case have all pleaded guilty to felony charges. Two of them have been sentenced. The third man will be sentenced Jan. 4.


1Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years ago

A animal is loose because the chickensh@# is to scared to accept his penalty like a man. Useless cockroach and a burden to society. Nothing but a wimp. Find him and cage the filth up.

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2UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 5 years ago

Unbelievable that this scumbag was let out for 3 weeks before he was to go to prison! The judge and prosecutors failed top do their jobs and should be fired.

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3Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years ago

"The agreement said that should Williams break the terms of his temporary release or commit another crime while awaiting his sentencing Nov. 22, he could face the maximum 86-year sentence."

This fellow knew that they weren't serious when they gave him three weeks of R&R before prison time . TEACH HIM A REAL LESSON ! PUT HIM ON PROBATION !

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4palbubba(746 comments)posted 5 years ago

Another failure by the Justice system and the Prosecutors office in particular, who by the way is seeking a 60% increase in his budget. I say priority #1 is get rid of Gains, then all these wishy washy judges. This animal should never have seen the free light of day again for the crime he committed. The real crime was the plea deal that was going to allow him to spend 13 years or less for the multiple horrible crimes he committed.

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5piak(508 comments)posted 5 years ago

Par for the course around here. And it isn't going to change any time soon.

Maybe there should be a special page in the Vindy labeled: Court Ordered Stupidity. It would probably be filled frequently.

Vote them ALL OUT!

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6seminole(476 comments)posted 5 years ago

Typical juris idiocy in the valley. These so-called smart people that pass the bar and represent the legal system and sit on the benches are absolutley laughable and incapable. Every felon is being offered pleas deals and let out on bail. Now the citizens have this felon loose. Thanks to the prosecutors office and the judge for another shining example of stupidity at work. Just like the Boardman police, no accountabilty for performance, just walk through your days in a fog, get paid, go home, come back tomorrow and screw-up some more...

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7misterlee(118 comments)posted 5 years ago

The people who complain that we don't lock enough people up are the same people who don't want the government to collect more money in taxes to pay for proper facilities for holding dangerous people. *cough*Stan*cough*
the Sheriff's Department is dangerously underfunded and has no choice but to let dangerous people out of jail. Holding people in the county lockup isn't free! Until people realize we need to better fund government services and stop letting private for-profit companies do this work for us, these things will continue to happen. It's a real shame we just don't learn.

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8Tony1(53 comments)posted 5 years ago

Why let him out for three weeks,he has been in jail for almost a year.Why Gains allowed this to be part of the plea,is absurd.

It's time for gains to go !!!

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9bsdtwd(41 comments)posted 5 years ago

I hope someone in his family posted bond and is now out of the $$. These judges need to toughen up or the revolving door for thugs will engulf what's left of the city. The East, North and South sides of town are already war zones full of useless, on parole & unproductive humans. Take a drive (with doors locked) down Market from Midlothian to the downtown. What do you see? Decay, empty bldgs and a glimpse of what the West side will eventually look like. The attitude and involvement of parents are nicely summarized by the state of Ytown Schools and the recent story about the disruptive student on the bus. His mom (no dad of course) blamed the driver and the assistant. "Not my baby" is the common refrain. This results in what we now have. A dysfunctional City, School System and children/thugs enabled by a great deal of parents/Moms who don't care.

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10Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago

Save it misterlee,..

Where I'm no fan of " Stanley " but by your position here beyond criminally defensive and offensively foolish.

It's without question that you sound like and are clearly some despicable rouge organized crime shill. That's associated with orchestrating and facilitating criminality and collecting a salary off city, county funds to do it,.. ABSOLUTELY !!!

See your taxation under funding claim is beyond absurd and your attempt to sway favor for such a claim by trying to deflect this as a contention of disproportionate racial bias is beyond preposterous,.. WITHOUT QUESTION !!!

To wit the question looms,..

1. If you're not going to keep such a CONVICTED criminal of the numerous and intolerable offenses like what Williams committed incarcerated,.. Who do you keep incarcerated?

See you're alleging all that's incarcerated in county lockup are either as and or more heinous as Mr. Williams. For which that's not just patently false and grossly inaccurate,.. IT'S FLAT OUT A BALL FACED LIE !!!

This is a blatant and indefensible display of gross incompetence or corruption of the courts in the very least. For which and you've failed miserably in your effort to skew it and that's without question,.. PERIOD !!!

To wit whoever you are for the sake of justice and public safety you need to be unemployed and prosecuted for your snakebite role in orchestrating things like this,.. ABSOLUTELY !!!

See you KNOW somethings wrong when as two polar opposites like Stanley and myself both clearly distinguish you as such.

You can't cite bias on any measure or degree either. Because only those in the middle between the drastic differences of deliberations between those like Stanley and myself are the,.. GUILTY !!!

See neither gender, age, race, political party, economic status, educational background or anything else is left to your defense nor can be used as a means of deflection,.. try again?

See without question what's perfectly clear here is,.. THIS ISSUE IS CORRUPT, INDEFENSIBLE AND INTOLERABLE !!!

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11Traveler(606 comments)posted 5 years ago

We could free up a lot of jail space just execute every one in jail on a life sentence. ITS That SIMPLE we could even start with Sidney Cornwell. Once thats done we could start looking at everyone in there with a 25+ year sentence. Honestly with some of the stuff they did to get so long a sentence do they deserve to live? Look at some one like Madoff we could even sell tickets to his execution. Think of it instead raising taxes or cutting spending. Then to cut cost even more we could start looking at the perks they get in jail. Why do they have Cable TV or any TV.

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12Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago

What a display

This is horrific and it has absolutely nothing to do with underfunding or under-staffing and it's beyond mistake via jurisprudence incompetency.

One merely has to ask themselves for the nature of the crimes committed and the time the felonious heinous criminal knew he was facing.

Who in their right or honest mind serving in ANY capacity would have even as much as even considered releasing the individual prior to sentencing?

CASE AND POINT - Vindy circa November 11, 2010

QUOTE - Lexter Williams had been charged with four counts of kidnapping, three counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of aggravated burglary, and one count of rape with gun specifications, and being a felon with a gun.

Fact Link - http://www.vindy.com/news/2010/nov/11...

See via public record of offenses the individual didn't even deserve the plea deal he was given to begin with. However, now to top that off he's granted the gratuity of re-becoming a dangerous and no doubt re-armed felon at large.

Solely as a result and totally by the facilitation of what the populous is posed to question is it corruption or incompetency by a Judge? and prosecutors?,.. it's a no brainer.

So one has to ask given all the charges and the extreme nature of all the crimes the individual committed. Just what else could he had possibly done short of single handily re orchestrating 9/11. That would signal to that Judge? and prosecutor? that ANY period of release was unwarranted

Then one has to ask themselves between a Lexter Williams and or that Judge { Sweeney } and prosecutor { un-named }. Just who's more a facilitator and orchestrator of crime and criminality,.. IT'S THAT CLEAR !!!

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13starofesther(168 comments)posted 5 years ago

All those charges and was given three weeks at home on electronically monitored house arrest before he was to begin his prison sentence. That was a big mistake and makes no sense! Praying he gets caught ASAP!

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14justice1(3 comments)posted 5 years ago

lets see, agg burglary, agg robbery, kiddnapping, sex offense, gun....... hmmm, good job judge sweeney and the prosecutors office for another fine performance. What a deal, only 13 years, another fine plea bargain. Has anyone ever asked whose side the prosecutors are on? They are supposed to seek justice for the victims and help protect honest hard working citizens, HAHAHAHAHA. God bless the police for doing there jobs. Shame on the prosecutors office and Judge Sweeney, and any other coward that works in Gains' office.. And he wants a 60% increase. And when was the last time he was in his office???? Its time for a change in this county, GAINS MUST GO AS SHOULD ANY OTHER JUDGE WHO DOES NOT PASS DOWN MAX SENTENCES on these violent repeat animals

Suggest removal:

15justice1(3 comments)posted 5 years ago

Its time the people of this county wise up and take notice of what is going on around them. Just start paying attention to all the plea bargains "circus leader Gains and his circus clowns" cut. Well not all is staff are clowns, there are a few prosecutors that do a good job. ( M.T., J.M., M.D. ) i think thats it. Gun specs dismissed on a regular basis, light sentences being passed out, prosecutors not prepared for trial (oh sorry did i say trial, they dont go to trial, its easier to plea ), Judges ( not all ) confused on laws and sentence guidlines. Depending on the which Judge, Def Atty and prosecutor are present, one could confuse them with the 3 blind mice. This county justice system is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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