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Report: Student taunted bus riders with gun

Published: Wed, November 17, 2010 @ 12:09 a.m.




Police, school officials and supervisors at an independent-school busing company are investigating a complaint that a 17-year-old student threatened a bus driver and students with a gun.

According to police reports, the 17-year-old Ridge Road boy was riding a school bus home from University Project Learning Center on Ford Avenue just after 5 p.m. Monday when he began calling bus riders, the driver and an assistant foul names and using swear words.

Reports say the bus stopped at the boy’s home, but he refused to get off.

The driver and assistant told police the boy repeatedly refused to get off the bus, then wrestled with them over the door handle when they decided to return him to the school. Reports say the boy then grabbed the male assistant’s jacket, causing a scuffle.

Reports said the assistant pushed the boy from the bus, but the teen began kicking and punching at the doors and windows, breaking one of the windows before running toward his home. The driver pulled over to wait for a new bus to take the rest of the students home, as is company policy when a window is broken, but the boy was not finished, according to the report.

The driver said she looked in the rearview mirror and noticed the boy come back out of his house with something tucked in his jacket. The driver told officers that students on the bus screamed that the boy had a gun.

She told police officers moments later the boy pulled what appeared to be a long, black gun from inside the jacket.

The driver told officers as she began to drive away, the boy began chasing the bus with the weapon in hand.

The driver told police the boy’s actions stemmed from a disruptive incident Friday where she knocked on the boy’s door and complained to his mother about his behavior.

The boy’s mother reportedly complained to busing-company supervisors Monday that the driver and assistant started a fight with her son after the alleged incident with the gun.

John Terry Allen, ombudsman for Youngstown City Schools, said he is still looking into the matter, but did say the boy is a special-needs student at the UPLC school and is no longer at the school. He said the matter is being handled but did not say how.

“He has been dealt with, and I am sure if there is any further discipline that needs to be handed out, it will be done according to the student code of conduct,” Allen said.

Kimberly Powell, a supervisor answering the phone for Community Busing on Tuesday, said she could not comment on the incident because it is still under investigation. She also would not say whether the boy is permitted to ride the bus.

Charges have not been filed against the teenager.

Messages left at the juvenile division for Youngstown Police Department were not returned Tuesday afternoon.

The incident comes just weeks after the school district announced plans for a contract between parents and the district governing behavior on school buses.

The rules include obeying the driver, no fighting or verbal abuse, no eating or drinking on buses, no misbehaving at the bus stop and no yelling or shouting.


1mom2boys(11 comments)posted 5 years ago

@ wolfen, The courts won't give him probation. If you read the article carefully it states that while a police report was made "NO CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED"... thank you very much Youngstown City Prosecutors!!!! The state of Ohio cannot figure out why children in the Youngstown City Schools cannot pass high stakes tests - DUH! If you had to sit in class with kids like this because the juvenile court does very little to rid the streets, and more importantly, the schools, from violent juvenile offenders, how do you think you would perform???? As far as code of conduct goes, Mr. Allen himself stated this was a special needs student, so guess what that means? The child was already in the most restrictive placement other than a residential facility (aka jail), or home, if the City of Youngstown doesn't lock him up, he goes back to UPLC. They can only keep special needs students out for so many days. As far as bus contracts in the Youngstown City Schools go, I'm curious how that's supposed to change anything... what about the 40-50% of parents who refuse to sign & return the contracts? Will their children be denied the privilege of transportation??? I think NOT! So what a waste of copy paper & ink that was! Let me guess, the kids whose parents did the right thing & signed the contracts will be the only ones held accountable if their behavior is unacceptable at any point in time; of course, "unacceptable" is a relative term when you're forced day in & day out dealing with such large numbers of children being brought up to disobey & disregard authority. I'm curious, just exactly how can two adults in charge, whose directions are to be followed by students, can possibly "pick a fight" with him??? This mentality is debated on a daily basis around the city, and I don't get it, if an adult's in charge, they're in charge, if the kid doesn't like it, tough, don't come to school & the parents should rot in jail if they refuse to support the process. How people get away with this generation after generation is beyond me!

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2Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years ago

"The boy’s mother reportedly complained to busing-company supervisors Monday that the driver and assistant started a fight with her son after the alleged incident with the gun."

Yep, sticking up for this future waste, he had access to a GUN, 17 years old, and to the mother that's okay. Unreal.

"The driver told officers as she began to drive away, the boy began chasing the bus with the weapon in hand."

Another future animal on the horizon. And next will be the comments as usual, "hes a great kid", "he does no wrong", "known him all my life and hes so respectful", and on and on and on.

"John Terry Allen, ombudsman for Youngstown City Schools, said he is still looking into the matter, but did say the boy is a special-needs student at the UPLC school and is no longer at the school."

Yep, can see it now, special needs, he'll end up being the victim now.

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3ojanet22(134 comments)posted 5 years ago

I love how the mother blames the victims. No wonder the kid turned out like he did. Special needs my butt! The thug should be in the slammer!

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4palbubba(746 comments)posted 5 years ago

What we need is another tax increase so that we might be able to supply counciliing for everyone involved and give all the officials a pay increase. What happened to zero tolerance? All Judge wnats is more funding so that we might continue to be terrorized by these thugs. LOCK him up for the safety of all involved, the mother included who wants to make her son the victim.

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5steelwagon(284 comments)posted 5 years ago

You bet,another misunderstood salt of the earth good boy trying to turn his life around.
Of course he's the victim and it's all the fault of society.

At least that's what momma says.
Her special needs idiot needs his lazy worthless trouble making ass whipped then he needs to learn how to turn big rocks into small rocks so he has some kind of education.

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6ytown_kills_me(67 comments)posted 5 years ago

typical ytown trash...lock 'em all up..or better yet just make ytown schools juvy lock-ups

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7mrblue(1159 comments)posted 5 years ago

A special needs kid? All the more reason not to have a gun in the house. Expell the kid and bring charges against the parents. If you don't correct the problem now, you will have more problems in the near future.

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8Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years ago

Intolerable nonsense

Clearly he didn't want to go into his house and something so disturbing occurs there. That he'd rather laboriously rebel and make a hazardous nuisance of himself before he accepted going where he lives,.. and or does time existing.

Where not knowing what his problem is. Fact is that on the cusp of adult aged misfit is begging for more than he's worth and what society and those students and bus driver doesn't need to have to be terrorized by. His mother is clearly his worst enemy and a facilitator of breeding hazardous malcontent and potentially murderous mayhem,.. and making that gun available to him is a criminal offense in and of itself.

See if he can't conduct himself far better aside from and along with no need to force students, teachers and bus drivers to put up with him. It's without question he's not going to be anything in life other than a hazardous burden and financial drain on society. He's coming up on his adulthood birthday so if he doesn't abstain from school on his own kick him out

To wit his mother should be criminally charged with charges of gross neglect, aiding and abetting and parental negligence, To include he himself should be banned from city school transit assistance for such a display and possibly even forbade from city schools,.. immediately and permanently.

See it's all about safety, structure, civility and making sense here. Which apparently what he and his mother doesn't know. Is nobody appreciates this and not everybody is going to be tolerant to his endangering behavior of wielding weapons on their children, spouses and or parent or sibling that has jobs looking out for them.

So much to a point that he's not the only one that with take assertive actions. Because he'd better be realize that some parent or family member of who he's terrorizing. Can become compelled to take care of him and his mother in a manner that the school board and courts won't be making the decisions on their dispositions administratively

Again wanting safety for all his and his mothers actions aren't hospitable.So they'd better come to their senses and realize not everybody is going to sit back and let them think it's all up to them as to who puts up with him or either of them or not.

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9BusDriver(46 comments)posted 5 years ago

Special needs kid and access to guns!! All those adults in that home need to be charged and all children taken off of them, and take any checks that Im sure they are getting for that special need kids as well.

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10mom2boys(11 comments)posted 5 years ago

"And, it is not completely true that the child can only be out so long. It is likely he will be either on home instruction (teacher visits to home) or on home instruction (pretend he is being educated on a school computer at home with mother supervising). Bad behavior leads to less school. Sounds like a good deal."

Well, most likely we won't be able to read a story on Vindy.com that states that this student was charged & imprisoned; however, I beg to differ about the validity of my claim that he'll be back in school at UPLC if not jailed. 45 days is the maximum allowable amount of time a disabled student may spend in a more restrictive setting if not ordered incarcerated by the courts, so yes, Psycher99, this student will be back at UPLC this school year if he is not incarcerated as a result of this and/or other offenses. He's likely on probation already, which I speculate may be the reason he's not been charged yet. Once the JJC cronies figure out just how to handle the situation (if at all), the chips will fall. I just feel bad for the kids & adults on that bus who were fearful for their lives, particularly if they knew this teenager was a loose cannon & dangerous, with a lethal weapon in hand.

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11Stormieangel(136 comments)posted 5 years ago

I agree that a 'special needs' kid should not have a gun in the house. But what about laws that say guns are to be kept in safe places where kids can't get to them? I never had this problem with my kids or grandchild. Always had a loaded gun in the house but the children were taught , as I was, that guns were for hunting game or target practice. Yet my parents knew, as I did, that the parents were always responsible for the actions of their underage children.
If this kid has some mental issue, he cannot be expected to adhere to rules. But Mom should know this and the gun HIDDEN in a safe and locked box IF she feels she needed one. But too late now and the parents should be held responsible for their child's actions. Good grief he could have shot at that bus and hit some other kid. I am glad the bus driver drove away from him in spite of the rules not to drive with a broken window. Now let us see how the court (LEGAL system) can just make this into a nothing issue and let this kid go home free and clear. When will our LEGAL system become a JUSTICE system and protect the innocent? I doubt I will live to see that day for I don't think it will ever come around. How sad it is.

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12mom2boys(11 comments)posted 5 years ago

Well, most likely we won't be able to read a story on Vindy.com that states that this student was charged & imprisoned;

...and I stand corrected! With full video! Well at least we got to find out that the perpetrator is behind bars - for the time being at least.

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13observer1(1 comment)posted 5 years ago

If you need proof of the incident, one of the students captured it on video, not all of it but most of the incident. He simply was too disruptive and hostile. It could have ended multiple times but he was too defiant. He did show signs of having issues controlling his anger. His parent should not be enabling him, but taking the necessary means to help him have a productive future.

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