Cruze sales are just right

Cruze sales are just right

The Chevrolet Cruze isn’t exactly selling like hotcakes, and that’s a good thing.

As anyone who has worked the griddle at a maple syrup festival can tell you, it doesn’t take long to fry up a passel of pancakes. Pour a couple of ounces of batter at a time on a hot grill, wait for the bubbles to break, flip once and within another minute, you’re done.

Producing quality automobiles is not so simple, quick or easy.

That’s why General Motors and its workers at the Lordstown plant are taking their time in ramping up production of the Cruze. Nothing has more potential for deflating future sales than rushing a flawed product to market.

Excellent sales

Chevrolet dealers in the Mahoning Valley report they selling Cruzes as fast as they arrive. Nationwide, more than 5,000 were sold last month, far exceeding the October 2009 sales of the Cruze predecessor, the Cobalt, and exceeding even GM’s expectations. And production and customer interest will be growing, especially with the addition of a high-mileage model at less than $19,000.

There are those who were willing to see General Motors fail two years ago in an ideological tribute to economic Darwinism — all other considerations be damned.

Those of us who drive GM, who know that many of our neighbors work for GM and who realize that the economy of the Mahoning Valley, the state of Ohio and the nation as a whole would have suffered greatly, can be glad that it didn’t come to that.

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