Energy producers work for you

Energy producers work for you

A Nov. 9 letter (The siren song of big oil)offers outrageous accusations against America’s oil and natural gas companies without a single piece of evidence to back them up. Oil and natural gas companies represent some 9.2 million Americans whose livelihoods depend on the industry’s ability to deliver a reliable and affordable supply of energy to American consumers (while pouring billions of dollars annually in taxes, fees and royalties into federal and state treasuries) — and they have an obligation to keep “Americans informed of our energy reality, including through advertising.

About 60 percent of the oil that Americans consume comes from North America — including Canada and Mexico, longtime loyal allies of the American people. Incidentally, while making certain consumers in Youngstown and elsewhere have the energy they need, U.S. oil and natural gas companies are also spending billions of dollars to develop advanced energy technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while meeting future energy needs. Between 2000 and 2008, the industry invested more than $58 billion in new low- and zero-emissions technologies. This represents 44 percent of the $133 billion spent by all U.S. industries and the federal government combined.

America needs to have a serious discussion about its energy future, but it can only do so if Americans are armed with the facts, not unfounded accusations.

Terry Fleming, Columbus

The writer is executive director of the Ohio Petroleum Council.