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Boardman trustees weigh options after police levy fails

Published: Tue, November 9, 2010 @ 12:00 a.m.

By Ashley Luthern



After an additional police levy failed last week, trustees say they are considering all options to keep the township in the black for 2011 — including returning a federal grant to hire two police officers.

The 3.85-mill, five-year additional levy for police services would have brought in an estimated $3.7 million annually but was rejected by 430 votes.

“We all felt like we’d been kicked in the stomach,” said Trustee Tom Costello.

Two police officers were expected to be sworn in this month after the township was awarded a one-time $413,148 federal grant that will provide the officers’ starting salary for three years. The grant, however, stipulates that the township pay for a fourth year.

Returning the grant “is one option that no one wants to have to execute,” said Trustee Larry Moliterno at the board’s regular meeting Monday.

Officials also are contemplating methods to curb personnel costs, which are the largest expense for the township.

“I think there’s potential for” layoffs, said Trustee Brad Calhoun.

The trustees did go into executive session at Monday’s meeting to discuss collective bargaining with the township employees’ unions.

Calhoun added that trustees should decide on these options within two months. By then, he said, the fiscal office should have an accurate prediction for the township’s 2011 revenue.

At the meeting, one resident said that people were confused during voting.

“Many people told me they had difficulty seeing [the police levy] on the ballot,” said Patty Marsico of Boardman, who was an observer at a polling location.

She suggested a bold headline on the levy should the trustees put it on the ballot again.

Administrator Jason Loree said state law requires that standard language be used on the ballot and that the placement depends on the number of other issues voters have to decide.

Trustees would not say Monday whether they will put the levy on the May ballot but conceded that, too, is an option.

“My personal opinion, and I’m not speaking for the entire board, is that we need it, and we need the additional revenue,” Calhoun said.

In other business, township leaf pickup begins Monday and runs until Dec. 3. Each street will receive a weekly pickup of paper-bagged leaves. To check the leaf pickup schedule, go to http://www.boardmantwp.com/road/road_roadinfo_fall.asp.


1Rokscout(310 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

What happened to the promise that Boardman wouldn't lose any more police under the "new regime"?

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2UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Time to cut the healthcare and pension benefit costs for the Boardman PD. The economy and the Boardman taxpayers can not afford to continue to grow Big Government taxes that they have to pay. Why don't these Political Dumbos get the message already? John Kasich delivered it loud and clear November 2 - cut BIG Government spending and reduce taxes to bring back jobs to Ohio, not increase them.

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3NoBS(2827 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

So let me get this straight - they're threatening layoffs, but picking up leaves? And paying to dump them?

Is anybody paying attention to anything??

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4dmacker(536 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

We hear about the high cost for providing police services for the thousands of business customers who travel in and around Boardman everyday especially during the Holidays.
Boardman police make hundreds of arrest for shoplifting in the local businesses.
What do the Boardman businesses pay toward the cost of providing this police service? Does any of the sales tax collected go toward supporting the police department?

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5apollo(1227 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

The groundwork for the financial mess in Boardman was laid many years ago when former trustees like Mancini, Costello, and others permitted the townships unions to extract the inheritence money collected to be used for the union contracts. Around 40 million dollars in the inheritence tax alone. A large chunk when Mrs DeBartolo died. So now the township workers are making $20,000 per union employee more than peer communities Austintown and Miami township.

The solution is to get these salaries back to where they belong. That would save around 3 million which is approximately what the last levy was requesting.

The trustees will no doubt take the usual and easy way out. Putting the levy on the ballot again and again until they either grind down the voters or find a special election month (Feb is always a good one for suppressing the vote) where fewer voters go to the polls and the 1000 or so voters with a dog in the fight can swing the vote to passage. (employees, Sonny's friends, and family members)

The voters should keep voting NO and force the trustees to make the tough decisions and the unions to take REAL cutbacks not just freezes.

You can see the salaries here:


Police are averaging over $90,000 each NOT including benefits.

Firemen around $80,000 and road department around $70,000.

Much higher than the peer communities.

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6author50(1121 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Boardman Citizens elected Robyn Gallito, Kathy Miller and Tom Costello over the last 4-6 years. That tells you the depth of the voters minds in Boardman. The aformentioned loved to tax, spend and make headlines. Moliterno isa goverment double-dipper as is Calhoun.

Boardman will not change until Clarence Smith, Mike Morley, Connie Knecht and a few others are taken out as the puppet masters.

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7republicanRick(1736 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Obscenely high wages for government employees. Not to mention overly generous pensions, healthcare, uniform allowances, etc. Only solution is to run lean police and roads department for 5 - 7 years with wage freeze.

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8ValleyNative(174 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Looks like it's time for Boredman to tighten the belt!

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9harleydog(243 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

We voted for a tax increase a few years back for more police and fire and it did not happen. Now they say they wanted this tax for the same thing. But after they start collecting the money they will find a reason to spend it somewhere else. You have dumb,dumber, and dumbest running the show and they are clueless. Thank God the 8000 plus voted this one down. Hopefully it will go down again next time the trustees try to ram it down our throats.

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10apollo(1227 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Miller and Galitto both tried to address the spending side of the township. That got them unelected. The salaries of the township union workers are simply too high, the audit points that out. As I pointed out years ago, the township wasted money on substations, CALEA, cars for everyone, and overly generous contracts based on inheritance money. It's now time to reign in spending, not raise taxes. I doubt these trustees have the fortitude to challenge the unions especially since Calhoun is a union rep for Boardman teachers and Costello has shown a propensity to give the unions whatever they want. Moliterno is nothing more than a professional trough feeder too. At least they and Leicht are all owned by the same local power broker and his trash newspaper.

We will get more propaganda like the Boardman Reporter printed and those cute little flyers telling us how many calls the police get yearly. Don't buy the bull. Stay strong and vote NO on any tax increase. Keep the dollars where they belong, in our pockets. The employees are already making way too much money and have better benefits than most.

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11seminole(476 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

I am loving this! Finally, people are realizing and speaking out on the mismanagement of Boardman Township and it's overpaid employees. Every one of you previous to my post are dead on The township should be audited but they somehow came up with a balanced budget to save their a--es from being audited months ago. How did that magically happen? The police are absurdly overpaid and do not do their jobs. Look at how much trash is rolling through the streets of Boardman and tell me they are effective. Calhoun should be booted. He does his taxes in the classroom during school hours and tells the kids to read a book and be quiet. The unilns have abused the previous regimes into taking deals that have bankrupted the township. Look at how many actual fire responses the fire dept has responded to over the years. They show up at ambulance calls for some reason, probably because they have in in their contract so it looks like they are actually doing the job they too are grossly overpaid to do. And the road dept? What a joke that is. Just watch how many pick-up trucks you see cruising through out the day and they are not doing anything but making rounds. And please don't try to say they are "inspecting" the roads. Flaws are obvious enough...DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE LAZY OVERPAID PUBLIC SERVANTS!!! The missappropriation of funds has to stop. And the excuse that some people "couldn't see the levy" on the ballot is ridiculous. Everyone knew it was there, it was a huge issue going in. Nice try, though. Just another failed attempt at trying to explain Boardman's continued failures.

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12harleydog(243 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Next election let's keep the tidal wave moving and boot these morons out. Costello was a big part of the problem when he was booted before and the people of Boardman put him right back in again. If this is the best leadership that we can come up with then we are in big trouble.

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13Freeatlast(1991 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

We do not know any of your names who seem the have all the answers . But I'm sure you will step forward and run for the positions next election and fix all the problems in your first week and give back all your pay. RIGHT

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14Freeatlast(1991 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

I like !!! If you think you can run it better step up and DO IT.

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15ValleyNative(174 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Hahah,and then "Freeatlast" doesn't sign his real name. Chuckled out loud to that

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16Freeatlast(1991 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

I did not tell anybody how to I could do the job better or how they should do thier job . And one time I did tell and got about 50 calls from someone . I do not need that .

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17Freeatlast(1991 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Kim you are right , but what is wrong, is that a lot of the ones who will not step up sit here and tell those who do how do the job , and they can do it better , or how stupid,and corrupt they .And most of them do not have a clue how things get done . I have been there more then once both in business and public life . Too many people just become part of the problem and not part of the solution .

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18apollo(1227 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

I could do it better and everyone knows who I am. Kotheimer is part of the problem. He's now a double dipper. I would do it for free since I don't need the wage or the benefits. I'm also certain that I'd get little to no union support and also get attacked mercilessly by the current regime who benefits from the status quo. It also takes 2 trustees to make anything happen as Miller found out. The township is simply spending too much money on frivolous wastes and contracts far too generous based on inheritance money.

Ask the fire chief about the drop program and the ridiculous amount of money he is going to extract from that when he retires in 2011.

Vote no on all new taxes and force the trustees to do THEIR jobs as taxpayer advocates. Givebacks should be the norm on all new contracts until they get in line with peer communities. Paying police over $90,000 on average is ridiculous. Plus all the perks and vacation days is simply stunning. The fire department is also overpaid and underworked. Sending the big truck out on fender bender accidents is stupid. Why should we pay road workers $60,000 a year to collect leaves? Just more stupidity.

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19apollo(1227 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Check out the audit or the salaries at;


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20apollo(1227 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

If the citizens only knew all the perks and the salaries/benefits they'd never vote for another levy. The township employees are lucky that most residents are too busy to keep abreast of such giveaways.

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21Freeatlast(1991 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Run and fix it apollo

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22apollo(1227 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Your job should be to round up carts at GE.

Let someone who actually needs a job be the part time zoning person. $10.00 dollars an hour for someone already milking the retirement system is a crime. Political payback for helping Calhoun get elected is sure fun though, is it not?

Yeah, I win since the levy failed. But, watch the trustees just keep putting in on the ballot until they find a very cold February day to suppress the vote.

Time to get he salaries and benefits in line with peer communities.

Drop program is sure going to be nice for Dorman. When are the taxpayers getting to see that number?

The 3 trustees are typical spending machines.

How is CALEA working out?

The substation?

Still cooking those clearance numbers? Or maybe presenting no numbers at all?

Calhoun's teacher ratings still nowhere to be found! Especially after KK told him that they weren't too flattering.

Open those contracts and give back some of the inheritance money that should have been saved for the current rainy day and infrastructure.

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23conservative4you(44 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

i think it is outrageous that the 3 trustees asked for additional money, when the township employees are making so much more than their peer communities. I briefly scanned the performance audit and cannot believe what i read...the residents of boardman should be up-in-arms. It is a slap in the face by the trustees, what in the world are they thinking.

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24Millie(192 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Gerberry was on the list that either the Plain Dealer or Akron paper did about elected officials double dipping He was making his retirement from teaching I think and now can collect from the State of Ohio Didn't his wife work at Boardman as a teacher? All we hear about are layoffs what about going through the budget and making reductions in overhead. On channel 19 Leicht said they had a big increase in hospitalization...... now who did not know that was coming? Make the other cuts and hire the police if they are needed.

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25ytown1(398 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Do you live and contribute to Boardman Township? Or do you only take from it?

It is the latter I believe, you should have no comment on this unless you live here, and yes I do live here and pay taxes to the township and schools.

The only answer has been in front of them all along, reopen all contracts and make necessary adjustment to match peer communities, do away with all of the gains given to the rank and file that were based on any inheritance revenue which is not a guaranteed revenue source that any contract should ever be based on.

Just because you have a windfall of say 45 million, does not mean every one gets a 100% pay increase, you just cannot sustain those contracts, just as the situation we have found ourselves in today.

If the adjustment to reduce the giveaways like the drop program and the double dippers like the chiefs shenanigans were corrected, we could hire the required officers without any additional tax revenue, They already have the 2.2 mill levy for police and fire and have never justified where all of that money has gone too, how do they expert us to give them anymore?

So KimK, when these issues arise in say Canfield or wherever you live?? You can comment all you want to, other than that this is not your fight, you can observe quietly on the side. Unless you want to move back here to Boardman ( A Nice Place To Call Home) and contribute something back to the community that you appear only to take from.

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26conservative4you(44 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

speaking of cuts, start in the Road Department. According to the Performance Audit, the RD is over staffed - peer communities do not have assistant superintendents, nor do they have a road inspector, and the peer average for labor/driver/operator is 8, Boardman has 19!!! What in the world does a Road Inspector do 5 days/week. Or, with all these chiefs, what does the Superintendent do all day long? The Boardman RD maintains 5.8 fewer lane miles per FTE than the peer average of 15.7 miles, while the expenditures/lane mile are 56% higher than the peer average.

Per the Audit, by eliminating 2 assistant superintendents, the road inspector and 3 labor/driver/operator positions would save the Township $400,280/year. How many police officers could the Township hire with $400,000? Why have the Trustees ignored the recommendations of the Audit?

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27apollo(1227 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Don't you love how KK gets his panties in a wad when I tell the citizens about the wasteful spending and double dipping going on?

The police chief is the next double dipper. He's going to rake in well over 125,000 just in retirement and salary when he retires and then gets rehired soon.

A poster above who actually read the audit is correct. The salaries of ALL departments are far beyond common sense AND peer communities.

Past trustees just paid all that inheritance money out in contracts that made the cost of Boardman government unsustainable over the long term.

Everyone MUST take 10 percent pay and benefit cuts in order to start to bring them in line with what they should be. Then they can address the manpower shortage. It's not the citizens fault that Mancini and Costello were more interested in getting reelected than actually doing their job.

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28apollo(1227 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

What I need to get on is double dippers in Boardman, the drop program, pumping up the last 3 years to increase the pension at taxpayers expense, substations, CALEA, cooked clearance, unqualified IT coordinators, and the general malfeasance and corruption in Boardman that costs the electorate 20,000 per employee than it should. Of course when someone like you benefits from the giveaways and trustees who know nothing but trough feeding are in control, we get the current financial mess. The incompetence is simply stunning.

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29ytown1(398 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Kotheimer Property Search Link?


Amazing thing happens, only one shows up under Kim, it is in Canfield? What do you have, shell companies covering for some slum properties you rent out as section 8? Or is anonymity the way to go when it comes to this?

Or better yet you need to shield these transactions to cover your butt, because you used insider information with your fantastic inside connections to make some more sweetheart deals at the taxpayers expense? Just a wild thought I know, but we do live in the Mahoning Valley.

In response to your comment:

-ytown1 -

-I merely posted the following(#17 above) and what's his name, once again, decided to blame me for all of Boardman's so-called ills:

You are what we call the poster child to what is so screwed up with the system, Double Dipping, Drop Program, 100% Pensions payed for by the taxpayer, and the 3 year push to determine those pensions, it all stinks to high heaven and needs corrected as soon as possible.

If this would be corrected along with adjusting payroll to mirror the recommendations of the audit to match the peer communities, no new taxes would be needed.

Kim I ask you to be part of the solution and not be the part of the problem that keeps taking and taking.

Go ahead Apollo re post that payroll information again. We need to let as many people know the real truth of what happened to Boardman not the lies that we are fed by Clarence and his cabal.

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30republicanRick(1736 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Kim Kotheimer is the ex-Boardman cop, right? Retired in his early 50's with a full pension? Now just putters around and loudly defends the spoils that provided him with a cushy retirement?

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31conservative4you(44 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

The Boardman News and the "Good Old Boys" blamed the financial demise of the Township on Miller & Gallitto, when in reality it was Costello & Leicht, who now have the nerve to ask the people for more money. Leicht {supposedly the financial guru} has played a large role in leading the Township to this point. What does the Performance Audit say about the Clerk? It is interesting. In 1995 a citizen group recommended to the Trustees that a Capital Plan be developed for the Township and that the inheritance monies be appropriated to the Projects in the Plan, but the Trustees blew them off.

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32republicanRick(1736 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Absolutely correct, Costello and Leicht (especially Leicht) created this problem. Miller and Costello did not have the skill and/or guts to navigate out of this mess. Welcome to the New Boardman, or, YoungstownSouth.

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33republicanRick(1736 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Oops, I meant Miller and GALLITO couldn't manage their way out.

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34southsidedave(5199 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

The Boardman Police are overpaid now, they don't need a raise.

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35harleydog(243 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

Costello and Mancini were the start of this mess and Gallito and Miller paid the price. Also, that idiot at the Boadman Trash newspaper ripped them apart every week in his rag paper, when he should have been laying the blame on Costello, Mancini and Leicht. Shows how much he and the other fools pushed to have Costello back in office. I hope the people of Boardman vote the levies down and make the township live within the budget.

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36conservative4you(44 comments)posted 5 years, 8 months ago

let's look at this logically - the Trustees need to implement the Performance Audit, i.e. demonstrate to the residents that they are good managers, not just rubber stamp politicians, accepting the status quo. The Audit clearly illustrates that there is a tremendous amount of waste in the Township compared to peer communities, i.e. overpaid and overstaffed. The Township spent good money for the Audit, why put it on the self, another waste of good tax dollars. Run the Township like a business. It is unfortunate that more residents have not read the Audit, if they were to read it, then there would be more pressure for implementation. Isn't there a Business committee, who is suppose to advise the Trustees, I wonder if they read the Audit.

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