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Hubbard police invest in powerful weapons

Published: Mon, November 8, 2010 @ 12:00 a.m.




Detective Mike Begeot aims to equip Hubbard Township Police Department with weapons “as good as or better than the bad guys.”

As weapons-craft officer for the department, he welcomed a recent purchase of Remington 12-gauge shotguns. The pump-action shotguns with pistol-grip stocks also have been fitted with after-market lights and can project teargas cartridges.

“It’s a tactical tool in the event of an emergency. It’s a powerful weapon,” Begeot said. “Everyone knows the sound ... [of the gun being cocked] and knows what’s coming next,” he said of the ominous slide action of the weapon being primed for use.

Chief Todd D. Coonce said new racks for the weapons also are being installed in cruisers. “We want to try to make them uniform in the vehicles,” he said. “So there is no second-guessing where it is.”

Begeot added, “Officers need to know exactly where the shotgun is when they have to act quickly. Having them in a uniform place and the same release helps.”

He also noted officers will have a special sling on which to attach the shotgun so that they never have to put the gun down.

The department has three SUVs on the road — two Ford Explorers and one Ford Expedition, all 4-by-4s — and seven Ford Crown Victorias. The SUVS will have upright racks; the cars also will be fitted with racks on the cages separating front and back seats.

“The Crown Vics were a favorite of police departments because of their size,” the chief said. He added that the department usually puts between 140,000 and 160,000 miles on the cars and “had good luck with them.” But, he noted, Ford is ceasing production of the Crown Vics in 2011; the Ford Taurus is seen as the replacement.

“But the last few winters, we needed the 4-by-4s to get around,” Coonce said. He added the department will have a mix of vehicles.

Coonce said the shotguns were bought with funds from the general budget of the police department, which is $1.4 million. “The renewal levy passed,” Coonce said about the election this week, adding that the 1.75-mill tax levy generates about $144,000 for the department.

While the community supports the police department, it didn’t fare so well in seeking a recent federal COPS [Community-Oriented Policing Services] application for police manpower. Only 22 departments in Ohio received funding.

Hubbard Township has seven full-time officers, including the chief, and 13 part-time officers.

Coonce said he was fortunate to have funds in the budget to buy the shotguns. The weapons replace ones that are about 10 years old.

Begeot said officers must qualify annually on all weapons used. Coonce said Begeot was selected to be weapons-craft officer because of his expertise and interest.

Begeot, who began his police career in 1977, came to Hubbard Township in 1982. He had worked at Liberty Police Department. Begeot said he prefers his Colt 45. The full-time officers carry a Glock semi-automatic 45, Begeot said. Part-time officers, who buy their own weapons, must carry a “good quality and caliber” weapon, Begeot said.

Begeot said weapons training also covers the use of deadly force — using it to protect an innocent person or to defend one’s self.


1DanaScullyMD(7 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

Let's hear it for the Hubbard Police Department!!!! They are the BEST cops around. They make this the best town to live in. I feel completely safe living here. I am all for them and the job they do. Love love love them!

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2timOthy(802 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

Nice gun and I hope they are not need. Good hype maybe!

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3Lifes2Short(3882 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

"“Everyone knows the sound ... [of the gun being cocked] and knows what’s coming next,” he said of the ominous slide action of the weapon being primed for use."

And hopefully the low lifes think twice now. And if they need to be used then hopefully they use them.

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4henryviii1509(274 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

Load them with slugs and OO buckshot! The slugs will take out any perp even if hes wearing a protective vest! And the OO is for moving targets.

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5Traveler(606 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

Guns some of the nice stuff still made in the USA. Now if they would only be more proactive about using them on the lowlifes they deal with every day. We could save millions on trials and jail.

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6JoeFromHubbard(1776 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

The money spent on the shotguns could have been used for more pressing needs of the township. That said, their possession by the PD does add an element of discouragement to undesirables in the area. The strong police presence makes a noticeable difference in this community.

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7VINDYAK(1824 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

The 12 gauge is so versatile today, with so many loadings available, both lethal and defensive. But Begeot said he prefers his Colt 45? That is a single action revolver caliber (or also now "The Judge") Did he mean to say .45 auto? I can't imagine a police officer carrying a large revolver which fires a Colt 45 (also known as a 45 Long Colt). Nothing wrong with being well protected, but that is a lot of gun.

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8Bigben(1996 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

"I am a bit in disbelief about these being up to task against say a fully auto assault weapon like inner city gang idiots are totting more often."-At close range they are superior to the so called assault rifles" unless bad guys are .... In such a case I understand your point.If need arises for long range work sniper rifles can be called to action.

"I can't imagine a police officer carrying a large revolver which fires a Colt 45 (also known as a 45 Long Colt). Nothing wrong with being well protected, but that is a lot of gun."-

The power goes to the revolver but not by much.The auto fires a 230 grain at about 830 fps. The revolver -loads vary but 255 grain at similar or slightly faster velocity is common. The army in the 1800s loaded the colt down to 230 grains at 730 feet per second velocity. There was no long colt then simply 45 colt and the weaker 45 Smith & Wesson Schofield round .So energy isn't night and day different between auto and revolver. Don't forget the western lawmen carried such revolvers back in the 1870s and they worked well.

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9Bigben(1996 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

As for the 12 gauge any minor doubts I had regarding the power level of the weapon were erased last deer season when one 3 inch slugger round from my 870 Remington dropped a 230 pound testosterone / adrenaline filled buck going full bore at 40 yards. I will spare the details lets just say it was an impressive pass through .A deer is much tougher to bring down than a human. Buck shot is also impressive at reasonable ranges.

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10Bigben(1996 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

No lousy shots aren't going to do well with an assault weapon.It must still be aimed in the correct direction even if "spraying". They also climb during recoil.A lot of gang bangers can't shoot for crap.I do say they have one thing going for them (in the comparison of weapons -one is greater range )the other you and I are aware of but we don't want to advertise.Shoot half those ding dings hold there pistols sideways.If someone knows how to shoot well a shotgun can do the job on an asasult weapon at closer ranges and on entries-they are fast handling and throw 9-13 .32 caliber balls out in a circle simultaneously.

Your welcome on the info for the Colt .I don't want to bore anyone with details who aren't gun fans.

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11Bigben(1996 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

I do agree with you that law enforcement is at a disadvantage at longer ranges. It might be useful to have some assault rifles around until and if the snipers are needed.

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12Bigben(1996 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

If the bad guys aren't strapped up the cops can get it done at close range . It only takes one shot. If they know an assault weapon is on the scene they can maintain the situation until the 308 sniper rifles or close range 5.56 mm sniper rifles are deployed. The majority of thugs just pack handguns -dangerous enough no doubt but not in the neighborhood of assault rifles.

You forgot to mention the Ak 47 was the most massed produced assault rifle or rifle period in history. I think somewhere in the 50 million were made across the globe. For accuracy give me an AR -15-faster ,less drop but a little less pop. An Ak is almost at 30-30 power levels as far as foot pounds of pressure.

I don't think the police would get AKs anyway they probably wouldn't have fully automatic either. The military to my knowledge years ago went to semi and selector switch with 3 round bursts years ago.Why? Ammo wasting. The faster the bad guys shoot the faster there are out of ammo-it goes quick.Your better off keeping a cool head and squeezing off accurate shots.I suppose it would be nice for the police to have Ar 15s for the odd time they are at a distance and need to settle a confrontation while the snipers are in route. But they wouldn't want to spray bullets around in say a neighborhood that could penetrate cars and homes. It must be done precisely.While the 12 gauges are no mistake having a couple AR 15s handy with good training wouldn't be a bad addition either. I guess we are in agreement on that.I'm sure they are pricey but well worth it.

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13Bigben(1996 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

I have a .223 savage model 12BVSS 26 inch barrel, hair trigger , free floated the works .^x24 with 44mm lens to get it mounted as low as possible.It is more of a bench or rested gun as it is weigh too heavy to accurately to shoot standing. Got it for groundhogs. 50 grain black Hills v max will put 3 rounds into 3/4 inch groups at 200 yards on a calm day.My 26 inch barrel puts that round at 3,360 FPS. I could load it up to slower 60 plus grain 600yard rounds but they wouldn't put the dramatic hits on groundhogs out to 300 -400 yards.It is sighted dead on at 200 so I'm good out to 300 without doing a ton of doping.Inside 150 yards that combo is explosive.Plastic tipped with large for caliber hollow point behind it-ut oh.

.Good info on the AK. The former Soviets went to something smaller than ours -I think it is called an AK 74 with a little bullet.It is a tad slower then our 5.65 mm too but lots of tissue disruption at closer ranges-tumbling ect.The AK is rugged and reliable you have to wonder why when folks have something good they have to mess with it.

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14Bigben(1996 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

Wikipedia has the AK type rifles at 100 million but AK 47 at 70 million. From what I have gathered over the years 50 million is more like it for the AK 47 specifically but that still makes it the most massed produced rifle in history and I would think the most mass produced gun in history.

Agreed 3 shot bursts with a selector switch option for semi auto is better than full auto in the M 16 type rifle platforms.One shot to the kisser with this rifle and its lights out bad guy.

"These officers in Hubbard remind me of the old image of the County Sheriffs. "

I sure wouldn't own a Tech 9 or any of its ilk.
The AK is robust and dependable from what I have seen. I personally like the ARs because they are so accurate.
Hearing -Good point when I first shot my .223 back in 2003 I thought it is only a medium powered rifle bullet and a 22 at that so I can get away without hearing protection. Big mistake and one I won't make ever again.I shot a groundhog in Northern Trumbull several years ago and I was positioned next to a farmer ' s dairy barn. When I touched it off he came running out and said he thought the world had ended.lol.

Scary ammo -.375 Remington Ultra Mag and of course the Browning .50 -they look like cigars.
"We really need more no nonsense smart and straight shooting (pun intended) guys like we use to have."- - - Indeed we do.

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15Bigben(1996 comments)posted 5 years, 7 months ago

I meant to say 75 million on the AK 47 specifically not 50 million. One type of weapon that hasn't been mentioned is the MP 5 9mm and the 40 caliber version. They are short carbine like weapons .Personally I think the shotgun has this system beat on entry work for close combat. I don't know if Hubbard has these but Trumbull county Sheriff's Dept did in the late 1990s as I had the opportunity to hold one.

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