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School’s name triggers group’s ire

Published: Tue, May 25, 2010 @ 12:10 a.m.

By Harold Gwin


Exterior work is done at the new Woodrow Wilson Middle School at Indianola and Gibson Avenues on Youngstown’s South Side. A group now wants to change the name to something else, saying Wilson was a racist.



Protests, demonstrations and boycotts may be on the horizon in the city as a community educational support and activist group seeks to attack what it sees as the practice of structural racism it says is endorsed by the school board.

The United Front 4 Educational Justice, the advocacy arm of the Community High Commission On Closing the Academic Standards Achievement Gap for Afrikan Students in the Youngstown City Schools, has put the community on notice that the commission is prepared to take action.

Central to its concern is the school board’s unwillingness to consider changing the name of the new Woodrow Wilson Middle School to open this fall on the city’s South Side.

Members of the commission approached the school board months ago asking for community forums to discuss the name of the new school, arguing that President Woodrow Wilson, though credited with great achievements, was racist.

Some historians agree that Wilson, a product of post-Civil Ear Reconstruction in the South, allowed racial segregation in departments in his administration and that his zeal for humanitarian justice didn’t extend to American blacks.

The school district, which has 69 percent black enrollment, should pick a more appropriate hero, Gregory Warren, a member of the Community High Commission, told the school board last fall.

Jimma McWilson, who lists himself as a family education advocate, sent a letter to Mayor Jay Williams on Monday giving “notice of intent to engage in protests, demonstrations and boycotts” in the city.

When asked what that meant, McWilson likened the plan to the civil rights movement in Montgomery, Ala., in 1957-58 that saw voting rights marches, bus boycotts and high school integration.

He offered no time frame for when the protests might begin but pointed out that Montgomery protsts lasted 381 days.

The naming of the school may have been a trigger for the movement, but the issues go deeper, according to McWilson’s letter.

The board’s current plan to place all failing students from all middle schools in the new building is “segregated tracking,” he said, arguing that the new middle school, “in essence, will serve as [school board] President [Anthony] Catale’s prep school for the school-to-prison pipeline he’s been promoting.”

Catale pointed out that it was Wendy Webb, the district’s superintendent, who has proposed putting a new program to be called Pathways to Advancement in the Wilson building. It wasn’t his suggestion, he said.

Webb, who is black, said the program isn’t targeting students but is designed to provide intense academic intervention for students in grades seven through nine who are failing two or more subjects.

The idea is to accelerate their learning so they can return to the mainstream classroom, not offer them remediation, she said.

Catale said the program must yet win the approval of the state Academic Distress Commission overseeing Youngstown’s efforts to recover from academic emergency.

As for the school name, the signs have been ordered and are in place and the name was part of the $190 million school reconstruction program from its beginning about six years ago, he said.

The building is on the site of the former Woodrow Wilson High School which existed from 1928 until it was razed in the rebuilding program. The name transferred to the middle school with little or no debate, though there was a push from some Wilson graduates to retain the name because of the school’s historical significance to the city.


1UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Now naming the school "Barack Obama" would be racist too.

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2igotsomethintosay(31 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Maybe they should spell African right first...could you imagine some white group spelling African "Afrikan", it would be racist! Go down south, there are confederate flags everywhere, why? Because its history. There was never a problem with the name of the school in the 80's and 90's when black students made up a large portion of the school, so there shouldn't be one now. So maybe I shouldn't send my son to school at Mooney, b/c mooney in greek means a women's vagina, and i find that to be sexist toward women! Church groups always have and still want to change the mascot in Campbell because they are the Red Devils. Indians, Devils, they are mascots!! Maybe they should name the school Barack Obama High School!? Oh wait, he's white too so that won't do. How about George Bush High School? No, darn, b/c he went to war with an Arab country and then we might offend arab students and families. Hmmm, Well, whatever name they chose, let's hope the Community High Commission On Closing the Academic Standards Achievement Gap for Afrikan Students doesnt chose b/c they may spell it wrong!

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3dro6(8 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Please Im with the comment "you folks bored,you have to start something". The name has been good enough for all of us graduates throught the years. Everyone is too good for it now? Should be proud its part of this areas history.

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4palbubba(746 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

They should be protesting the fact that Wendy Webb is still the Superintendent at the worst performing school district in the state. Are we worried about the education of children or the name of schools? Changing the name will improve nothing.

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5Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

They have to be kidding. What a useless waste of time and effort on this groups part. If you want to protest something make it worthwhile or on a issue that really makes a difference not a school name! Unreal.
Well there at it, might as well protest these to...
Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge
President Woodrow Wilson Houses in Manhattan
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN-624)
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

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6LadyJan(12 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

This "coalition" should get it's head out of the sand and really take a good look at the students. Their behavior in school, lack of respect for teachers, and their wardrobe.. Don't you just love looking at their underwear!!! They give the impression they don't want an education and can't wait to become gang-bangers.

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7Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


"Don't you just love looking at their underwear!!!"

Again...that has to be the most idiotic thing I've seen in my life, especially the ones that can't even WALK because there pants are to there ankles. If you want a good laugh go to Walmarts in Boardman on any night and just see all the fools trying to walk around. It's hilarious how stupid they look.

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8walter_sobchak(2421 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Woodrow Wilson, like all presidents, were men of their times. History cannot be changed but it should be dutifully taught. We could study Lincoln and realize that the Emancipation Proclamation is one of the most misunderstood documents in our history. It actually had little power over freeing the slaves when adopted but was a good political document. George Washington owned a number of slaves and also employed white indentured servants. Same with Jefferson. Do we change names of cities also.

The Youngstown City Schools have far bigger problems, academically and financially, than the name of a school. However, a lot of very influential and important people passed through the school's halls. I can say that as a proud graduate of Wilson HS, I am disgusted with the performance of the students of the school for quite some time. So, call the school whatever you want. A rose by any other name would still wither and die!

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9henryviii1509(274 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Sneak up on some "pants on the ground" punks and yell "POLICE", watch how many trip and fall because of their wardrobe.

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10CandyfromCanfield(172 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

excellent point, walter. to protest the name of a school, rather than the miserable state of the school system, the abyssmal graduation rate, etc., seems pretty pointless to me. woodrow wilson high school's legacy in our community is priceless. leave it be.

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11Silence_Dogood(1558 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

We all need to realize that there are those amongst us that make a living/life calling out of "protest". You have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as prime examples. They try to blame thier own shortcomings by blaming it on "racism" , real or imagined.These people are failures in life that want to put the blame on "whitey" for thier own shortcomings.They are the black racists by blaming others (based on thier race) for thier own failures.

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12Westsider8(8 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

I would hope that the time, money, and effort used would go towards improving the education and home-lives of the students that attend that school. In life sometimes we get caught up in the minor details instead of looking at what is actually happening. Youngstown is trying to keep it's collective head above water, and this group is worried about who to name the BRAND NEW school? Be happy that they will have a nice environment to learn in. Use the money and time you were doing to use to protest to have a family night. Have free book give-a-ways or bring in food for the children. The schools are for the kids, so let's turn our efforts to making their experience better. There is no need to worry about the name.

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13ANTIYOUNGSTOWN(251 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

It is unfortunate that people have to write so many blatant racist remarks. It muddys the waters for some who make good points. Like the person who posted that Wilson was a "man of his times" and therefore his behavior reflected that. I`m sure all the presidents prior to and some after Wilson weren`t pro-black.

Does this mean we lobby to take George Washington`s face off the $1 bill because he owned slaves? FDR never acted decisively enough to prevent or stop the Holocaust (Jews), he never activily tried to end segregation(blacks), nor did he worry about the Japanese-Americans when he forced them into camps on the west coast, taking their property in the meantime. Yet many cite FDR as one of the best presidents.

As many have pointed out, worrying about superficial issues like the names of schools or streets seem so unimportant when we compare them to the real problems of todays society.

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14walter_sobchak(2421 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Although I have moved to the suburbs, I do try to patronize those businesses that have stuck it out in the City of Youngstown, but there are few legitimate businesses remaining except for some restaurants and bars. My question to Jimma McWilson would be "Just what do you plan on boycotting?" I mean, really, is this person for real! Most of the businesses have fled the city and its 2.75% income tax! I know, maybe he should boycott YSU! That should do the trick.

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15kimbrly815(1 comment)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Ohhhh here we go.....This school has been named this for years..and no thought about it. Now all of asudden its a problem? Why now? No wonder why racisim is still going, its because noone will stop it! Unbelieveable! Concentrate on the academic emergency not something that is totally worthless. I heard a great quote the other day Its ok to have Black pride..Its ok to have PR Pride but when when you are proud to be white..your a racist. What world are we living in??!?!?!

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16justonevoice(94 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Just a few years ago, there was a business of some sort that opened up on Glenwood Avenue - I believe it was a home that had been turned into a clothing store and outside was a huge sign that read "Black owned business. Support your local black owned businesses". I was shocked at that. I mean, if there were a sign hung out a business that said "White owned business, support white owned businesses" - this would cause a riot. Why is it that only "white" people are considered racist? I'm not trying to stir up trouble or controversy with this statement and question, I honestly am not, i'm just sincerely curious why it only seems that "white people" are deemed racist.

This is 2010 - I think we should all move on from the racist thing and quit using it as a crutch and I also think
we should forget about the name of the school and is it racist or isn't it but concentrate on the young minds inside the school.

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17kornersburgkid(57 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Build another prison on the site. That's where most of the thugs will end up anyway. Give them a head start to their future.

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18Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

"The board’s current plan to place all failing students from all middle schools in the new building is “segregated tracking,” he said, arguing that the new middle school, “in essence, will serve as [school board] President [Anthony] Catale’s prep school for the school-to-prison pipeline he’s been promoting.”

I have an idea . Let's call it the "BARACK OBAMA MIDDLE SCHOOL" . This is a new era for the school .

Woodrow Wilson approves this message .

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19jason83(21 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

city_dweller say's
"White people regularly move out of neighborhoods when black families moves in,"

I say.
We don't want to, we have to.

city_dweller say's
"White people generally do not get followed around a store by employees who think they'll steal something simply because of their race,"

I say.
Because chances are we wont steal something and chances are they will.

city_dweller say's
"White people generally find themselves in the company of people of their own race at work and in public,"

I say.
At work? Come on.

city_dweller say's
"White people can be pretty sure that their children will learn about important people of their race in school,"

I say.
Because we make sure our children go to school.

city_dweller say's
"White people can be pretty sure that their rude behavior and sloppy appearance won't be chalked up to their race,"

I say.
That is because the majority of the majority do not practice "rude behavior and sloppy appearance". The majority of the minority do.

city_dweller say's
And white business owners know people won't avoid their store because it's white-owned.

I say.
I know most " white business owners" who would prefer you avoid their business.

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20redvert(2199 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

jason83, Could not of said it better!

OK. I got the solution. We give each kid a $100 a week if they agree to keep the school name. Of course the payoff ends when they reach 21. I got a feeling this problem will go away!!!

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21ytownexpat(7 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

The racist comments on this thread are nothing short of appalling.
"What's wrong with segregation?" Really?
An institution that represents a community can and should be named in a matter that reflects the community's values...this is not unreasonable.

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22Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

A very informative sermon from Pastor Manning.


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23Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Oh calm down,..

Woodrow Wilson is the name of a indefensible racist that the country is advancing beyond and his name need not be given any further credence,.. he was a disgrace.

See to weigh in with differing perspectives would be respected. However, what's displayed here is a cackling of Klan rally variety crack heads and hood wearing hicks mealy mouthing like some moronic meth mutants,..

More sensibly so what Wendy Webb is black and didn't oppose it? She's one individual and the masses mouthing off here never agreed with her before so why so selectively now?,.. she's irrelevant and soon to be gone.

The issue here is it'd be the same thing if per say by contrast there was a school named Malcolm X. Where when whites became outraged they were to be alleged as whiners by non whites,..

Even though Malcolm X's racial opposition was fueled by the Klan having killed his father just for being black. As well as a defensive posture to contend with the Jim Crow society he was trying to change.

Where in contrast Woodrow Wilson was racist just because he wanted to be. Thus I'm one of the many that have no respect for that nor him and if's founded,.. no sensible or wholesome individual would or could respect him.

So sure the High School bearing the name of Woodrow Wilson High School existed from 1928 but this is now 2010.

Which the rebuilding program was for a school not to retain a name of a historic racist. The name being transferred to the middle school is in bad taste,.. PERIOD.

The push from some Wilson grad's to retain the name alleging some historical significance to the city apparently doesn't know history.

In that case why wasn't there a new Cleveland Monroe, or Garfield elementary, Science Hill, Princeton Junior High, North or South High school and a host of other school names retained?

See how that works,..

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24One_Who_Stayed(240 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Incredible. . .

I'd imagine if Woodrow Wilson were alive today and knew of the complete failure of the Parents, Teachers and Administrators of this district to educate these kids properly, he probably would not want his name on it!

Lets concentrate our efforts on he problem, shall we?
And the problem isnt the name on the front of the institution.

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25Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


There is no debate about this. It's foolish and stupid. Jimma McWilson is nothing but a racist. Please go back to your planet. It's getting old.
Watch the sermon from Pastor Manning I posted you might really learn something.


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26ANTIYOUNGSTOWN(251 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

"Even though Malcolm X's racial opposition was fueled by the Klan having killed his father just for being black. As well as a defensive posture to contend with the Jim Crow society he was trying to change."

So, you are saying that Malcolm X was a product of his enviroment? Then the same can be said of Wilson since Wilson`s father was a supporter of the Confederacy and owned slaves.

While I don`t condone Wilson`s behavior, I understand that he and the other presidents were products of their times. Wilson did not oppose segregation and let it happen, but what president afterwards stood against segregation? Truman? Kennedy? Almost 40 yrs later? FDR didn`t oppose lynchings in the south because he knew he needed southern democrates support for his New Deal reforms. So do we call FDR a racist too? How about all the presidents prior who owned slaves? What do we say about them?

All I`m saying is if you are going to vilify a president because he stood by and did nothing to help a minority or a group, then at least say they were all guilty of it.

The we can rename Wilson HS, the Happy, Warm and Fuzzy School Where Everyone gets Along and Everyone Does Well.

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27Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


Here's the thing,..

Let's not favor nor forge tunnel vision nor a kaleidoscope of centurion name games to get off tract of the beaten path here.

See we're ALL products of the collective environment and I'm not pro McWilson or anti Catale in this matter.

This is an instance where an individuals name being re-engraved on another school that doesn't merit any homage.

No ones mounting any effort to state Woodrow Wilson's name should have been stricken from the former building.

What's being stated is his name and his reflective policies don't merit continuing on a totally different and new building.

So where to interject the differing times associated here is a valid and direct reflection of relevance.

However, to try to infuse names of others not associated nor relevant not only doesn't apply here it's a prevarication from principle.

See we're speaking of one individual name, one rebuilt school and the grounds of opposition to it as well as any merit to favor it.

Which in hashing that out to infuse names as proverbial apples and positions as abject oranges. Would be an effort of avoiding the plumb of the crux being we're not serving fruit salad here,..Ok?

Where I'll not take part in nor give homage to nor take umbrage to any selecting a mere gloss of reticent shades or hubris hues. Picking particulars in the re-lipsticking a pig nor selectively hand pick from a stie of them.

Woodrow Wilson was a Klan boy and confederate that got the countries merchants violently rebelled against by Mexico and a pre Hilter Europe.

Where to save the country from being taken over via his racist and segregationist agenda. He found to save himself and the weaklings he co-horted with.

He drafted hundreds of thousands of the very blacks he disfavored as the only means for them to bear arms in the military to avert his own peril.

However, as to not digress here Woodrow Wilson had the other school named after him in 1928 which was reflective of the era. However, it's now 2010 we've advanced beyond such a time and the new schools name should reflect that.

Suggest removal:

28ANTIYOUNGSTOWN(251 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

I appreciate the history lesson on Wilson but it is not needed. I`m not defending him or his views regarding race, just pointing out that he, like every president prior to and 30 yrs after didn`t exactly do anything to help race relations unless they profited from it politically.

Perhaps the name, Woodrow Wilson HS, is dated but to say a group is going to hold a demonstration the likes of the civil rights movement over it is a little ridiculous. If the name Woodrow Wilson was such a topic of dispute, why not take issue with it before? Why wait until the old school was leveled? Perhaps there is another agenda?

No matter, if anyone wants to make an issue out of the name, so be it. Waste their time. It does not change what happens in the classroom

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29Education_Voter(1014 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

So Nunya,
Do you think threats are the way to accomplish this goal?
These threats in fact are directed at a bystander. The mayor has no authority over the schools. They are run by the state government with oversight from the school board. So what's the plan here? To hold the mayor hostage until they get what they want?

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30walter_sobchak(2421 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

SO Nunya,

Do you think that this group will go to the great State of West Virginia and protest the various schools and public buildings being named after that former Ku Klux Klansman by the name of Senator Robert Byrd? I would doubt it. I really don't understand what leverage this group believes that they have. Protest whom? Demonstrate what and where? ANd there is nothing left in Youngstown to boycott except maybe YSU. Thankfully, my university is taking steps to eliminate the open enrollment policy so that the competition will be better.

BTW, Nunya, where did you learn grammar? At a barbershop?

Suggest removal:

31Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


No I'm no advocate of threats,..

I have no idea why that groups push back is directed at the Mayor. I'm also not aware of when the group was informed of what the name of the school was going to be either.

However, what I am stating is to oppose any new structure paid for by general taxpayers dollars has substantial merit.

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32MFC997(258 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

just name it after fitty cent ... I mean that's what they want right ???

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33MFC997(258 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Oh ... and if this doesn't prove that YTown has become Little Baltimore (West) or Little Detroit (South) nothing will. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go watch "The Wire" to brush up ...

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34Left2right4(35 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

I like Stan's suggestion. The name, "Barack Obama Middle School" works. A new era... I agree with him on that as well. "Barack Obama Middle School" gives me hope.

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35Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


"However, what I am stating is to oppose any new structure paid for by general taxpayers dollars has substantial merit."

In all honestly if this group didn't publicize this stupid idiot protest would you really care what the name of the building was? Do you think if these kids ever went to school they would care about the name of the building?

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36mike08(4 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

unfortunately i did not get a chance to go to wilson high school they sent me to the new east high but almost all my family has (aunts, uncles, and cousins) have went and graduated from wilson i just dont see the point in changing the name of the south side school after all these years any one from the south side that went to public schools has went to wilson its been its name since 1928 over 50 years blacks and whites have been goin to wilson and hasent been a problem for any one who is this guy that wants to protest it wheres he from did he go to wilson what bussiness does he have?

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37Jake(112 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

What are the "great achievements" of Woodrow Wilson? The League of Nations? The Federal Income Tax? The Federal Reserve? We're still paying for the follies of Wilson to this day. Oh, and he was overtly racist.

I normally have no time for everyone who is "offended" by a name or a word, but I agree with the notion that we shouldn't be honoring Woodrow Wilson.

Suggest removal:

38ANTIYOUNGSTOWN(251 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

"What are the "great achievements" of Woodrow Wilson?"

So Jake, how many Nobel Peace Prizes do you have on your shelf?

Did you found an organization that was the foundation of an international organization called the United Nations. An organization that gives nations a platform to discuss issues instead of going to war?

So these are follies? Really? If they were such follies why are they still in exsistence?

Our government is built so that we could correct wrongs. So I guess if his "follies" are still around after 80 yrs, they must not be all that bad.

Suggest removal:

39Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


You're serious?,..

You know there sobchak it's clear you're no intelligent being. Thus cogent discussion with you is thus disabled via your inability reason with any applicable decorum of decency.

See regardless to where he's seated. Fact is Robert Byrd is merely an evolution of stone aged disgrace that's only flirted with decency in the last years of his mortal life.

Along with your cleaving to the KKK as if it's in anyway seen by far more wholesome, sensible, intelligent and spiritually sound beings. As anything but more or less a bushel of boondoggled inbred ingrates then you're nuts,.. truly.

Thus to infer the general consensus of the populous of a west Virginia, as any intellectual hot spot or locality to reference to emulate is a laugh.

See hailing any relevance as to the prevalence of such primitive patterings of primate mentality being predominant on that plat of land. Is the epitome of incompetence and a telling inscription of your imbecilic insolence,.. lets distinguish how stupid you are.

See what you've detailed as ardor is mere clown fodder. Because west Virginia isn't most notorious for anything other than the region of such racists radicals. That they've laid prey to claiming the ownership legacy of supporting mining mobs.

To ceremoniously manuscript the murdering of the populous members. Under the guise of serial accidents and no rights to unionize stripping the coal from the land that those being killed actually owns,.. beat me, whip me make me " right " bad checks.

See they rail an allegiance of same race immunity aligning to continue to be buried alive by fellow likeness and pride themselves in racism,.. isn't that abundant brilliance there Wally?

Irony is the current president is the only one in history. To humanely intervene and try to emplace and enforce federally ordered safety measures to stop the happenstances of those murderous mass burials in those mines.

See that / this President just so happens to be black. They didn't vote for him and he didn't need their votes then and doesn't even need their votes forthcoming to be re-elected either,.. isn't that something.

So no see to to those as " bright " as you that's your kind of allegiance. But to those like me such a general consensus of such a populous. Is about as bright a crowd that would believe the Jews should build a temple or shrine for Adolph Hitler,..

See sobchack I'm certain you've been called more than stupid or just a sucker before,..

Suggest removal:

40redvert(2199 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Nunya, had me worried for awhile, no BS from you in almost two days on the Arizona thread. And now we find you over here running your mouth. All those fancy words, bet you have numerous social degrees!

Glad to see you are still here, you are quite entertaining and I am sure we will all have fun with you.

You are up!!!

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41blkpride(186 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

A great majority of blacks still refuse to conform to the norms of society even with all of the opportunity out there. Education, Job Preference, Food assistance, Free Medical. How much more?!? Get on with your lives. You were not enslaved and neither were your parents or grand parents. Take advantage of the opportunities out there and make a better life for yourself and your community.

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42ysugrad10(4 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

I dont get this whole situation, its out of control if you ask me. If im right, wasnt there already a school in the YCS district named after wilson?? so how can a group fight something now, but never say a word years past??? and I think YCS district parents, and community need to be worried about the state of their childrens education then some school name. A school name shows nothing, its the grades, achievements, and progress that matter

Suggest removal:

43redvert(2199 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Yes ysugrad10, you are absolutely correct on all points. But to some, if you can divert attention away from the fact that you may of failed as a parent to instill pride in your children it serves your purpose.

Suggest removal:

44walter_sobchak(2421 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Yes, I am correct. Your grammar could have used a few years of instruction under some Dominican nuns. Maybe then you could have proper sentence structure so that others, less intelligent than me, could have some vague notion of what point, if any, you are trying to make. It seems to me that the point is you have an addled mind that is incapable of putting together more than two sentences in an attempt at a coherent thought.

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45ANTIYOUNGSTOWN(251 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

I guess the people in DC don`t care about President Wilson`s past. They rebuilt the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and didn`t seem to care about renaming it.

Suggest removal:

46redvert(2199 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Come on Guys, don't scare him off, he is entertaining as hell.

Reading USA1's last post reminds me of something we all need to remember. If you do not know a poster personally, you have no idea if that person really is the image of what they may portray. Nunya may be the home schooled 13 year old USA1 was describing!

I don't know about others here but I have a habit of picturing what certain posters would possibly look like. I picture Nunya as skinny and having slicked down hair. Wally Cox comes to mind. Think Mr. Peepers with a bow tie!!!

Suggest removal:

47Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Scare him { me } off?

Oh no there redskirt, StoogeSA1, sad sac sobchak and Co. don't front you crying clowns,.. LMAO !!!

I'd not posted for a brief period because I don't sit at my computer systems all day. See I actually physically support what I stand for.

Where it sometimes requires me to mentor in a hands on manner as to support others that want to make the world a more safe, civil and sensible place to dwell,.. surely you keyboard klutz's know nothing of such a selfless assertiveness.

See it is what it is boys and in the genuine sense of forthright honesty. There in fact is a crowd that's reveling in how this is all transpiring.

For which with absolute certainty it's d@mn sure not you of the sexist, racists, Teabaggers variety,.. and you KNOW it and HATE it.

So be it known that those who's truly enjoying this mass plastering of my and a few other right minded individuals.

That's banded together and are running roughshod through you staggered stage props,.. it's them and me that's enjoying these exchanges.

See it's widely known that you clowns are deplorably dumb as a box of rocks and wrong on every side of every discussion that's engaged to debate.

Where to your chagrin, confusion, disdain and disgust. Is you've tried every trick in the book to subvert the truth, facts and correlation and you're being distinguished as becoming tasteless jokes on humanity

See there were some that were trying to reason with you. But I immediately recognized you're not the kind to collectively learn with you have to be taught in a no holds barred type manner.

So as an individual I entered this interactive forum of discussion a relatively short time ago to do just that,..and boy did you make it easy.

Where in having immediately embarrassed and humiliated the moronic mainstays of the mealy mouth movement's sexist and race hating hero's.

It was so profound that there are a number of your new recruits that's been asked to come along. For which I'm now using as them tools as well to show and exploit how dumb you in that faction are.

Which reveals just how idiotic someone or anyone would have to be to even ponder aligning with your eggheaded ideologies

See it's THAT distinct { and hilarious } how you so disingenuously proclaim to be enjoying my hosting a crashing cymbals clinic on humiliating you at will.

So by all means lets continue and celebrate my being a contributor of sinking your silly little sucker's only sickness ship.

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48dro6(8 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

They are still putting in metal detectors though Im sure...No protest against that? And the kids rights....

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49Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


"See it's widely known that you clowns are deplorably dumb as a box of rocks and wrong on every side of every discussion that's engaged to debate."

Oh, so your always right? If someone debates whatever your actually trying to say on your long winded useless comments, there wrong and your right. Funny when you have no clue about real life how you think so highly of yourself.


This is how I picture nunya


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50Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


What's wrong with metal detectors?

See there should be no opposition to the metal detectors and they're no infringement on anyone's rights.

It's a sensible safety precaution and one I duly support and it matters not where they're emplaced.

If any student, parent or anyone else feels they're being infringed upon by the presence of metal detectors.

Then they need to self contain themselves to the confines of their own place where they can infringe upon themselves.

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51redvert(2199 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Now when you look at Nunya's last rant you should understand why I want to keep him around. You got to admit, he is entertaining.

Nunya, do you have a problem when the metal detectors beam in on your tin foil hat?

Lifes2Short, he would be the little fat guy on the right in your link!!!

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52YOUNGSTOWNPUNISHER(19 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


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53Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Nunya :

"See it's widely known that you clowns are deplorably dumb as a box of rocks and wrong on every side of every discussion that's engaged to debate."

So whats wrong with naming it BARACK OBAMA MIDDLE SCHOOL ? Is it because I suggested it ? You may just have something in common with a box of rocks !

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54najjjj(106 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Nunya, you make many valiant attempts at intelligent debate. But, alas, ranting on like a wind bag cannot disguise your reverse prejudice. It only displays your lack of knowledge of the proper use of written English. One point I strongly take issue with is this: In 1928 student's would dare not behave in the manner they do in 2010. I deplore racism of ANY kind, your's included.

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55Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


Here's the thing,..

Although thus far I'm pleased and exceptionally impressed with president Barack Obama thus far.

However, my non bias posture in regards to naming a school for any seated U.S. president not even halfway through their 1st term to me is premature.

See his legacy is in the process of being written. Thus I'd hold off on any naming of a school to pay recognition to any such presidents name.

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56Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago


How Abstract,..

See you enter into the dialogue self humiliating yourself with a deranged name.

For which you confound and compound it with an even more deflective diatribe as your dictum as delivered and derived from that of a derelict.

See where it's to be noted that some of all races speak and conduct themselves in a less than admirable or favorable manner.

However, neither those colloquial or generalized aspects have absolutely nothing to do with the topic in content or context of this discussion in the least.

So see your barrel head banter is that of a bad barroom or back alley variety at best.

See it's apparent you've merely entered to become one of the newest for those like me. To rightfully { and pleasurably } embrace the fact we didn't falter to be as indelibly dumbfounded as you.

So now where it's noted, I'm not so sure how appreciated it is. For you to have shown your contribution worth?

That's plummeted Youngstown to become so widely depicted as the bottom of the barrel. When it comes to countrymen or global neighbors looking for gems of humanity or even the human race.

Suggest removal:

57Nunya(1356 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

@najjjj schnoz the nincompoop

Lets give recognition to your stupidity,..

See you're peeved because I don't want fans I want deliberating discussion and that's something you can't deliver you diminished digbat,.. sure my fault huh?

To clarify that it's to be duly noted how you distinctly entered this discussion. Totally without presenting any aspect of any assimilated thought nor perspective on the topic being debated.

Thus and solely to get right at your begging for me to analyze you you selfish simpleton of self sufferance,.. and of course to contend I'm making no impact?

See beyond your telegraphing that it emphatically reveals the fact that you far exceed being just mere dumb.

You've even surpassed that plateau to display you're arguably the most idiotic and disingenuous imbeciles of all creation.

You're so dysfunctionally delusional you even dare tried to posture as bearing any sense intellectual. Yet only manage to exploit your own stupidity and offer me to point it out,..

See in our having managed to solidify our posture, purpose and positions. Without bias it's unquestionably clear you're merely yet another simpleton that takes umbrage with / too.

My having no qualms with, hesitation by nor reservation for allowing myself and onlookers to laugh at your prancing punchline disguise.

See the only thing you take strongly take issue with, is my having such a fluent, candid, accurate and colorful no nonsense approach. To presenting sensible perspective that periodically allows myself and others.

To revel in my / our effortlessly citing you as the incredulous ingrate incompetency clown[s] you and those like you are,.. thanks a billion there Gaboonz.

So see now it's fitting and suggested, that you trek right back to the very { and or like } phony baloney cloakroom. That's full of a collection of meth heads, liquor languishing and crackpot crackhead variety cretins.

That you consort with as constituents and cohorts you seething dank swain that dared to so fraudulently front alleging to be swank?,.. and smarts way out of your grasp.

However, for personal gratification it'd be my pleasure. To continue to make fluent and textbook examples of absolute eggheads of those of your variety with you and your incompetency included.

See that's no " valiant attempt ". That's genuinely called intellectually breaking you off, you poor impostor of and absolute fraud fob idiot that's daring to allege you bear any intelligence,.. got that?

Now having punctuated your poignant and pitiful failure. Let this serves as a fitting muzzle to complete your puzzle.

In a way that even your so called friends are laughing at you { take a bow I couldn't have done it without you },..LMAO !!!

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58redvert(2199 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Make note, there were four three line paragraphs in he/she/it's last rant. In the last week he actually had at least one four line and I heard rumor of a five line. His attention span is getting better!!!!*

Nunya wrote, @najjjj schnoz the nincompoop. Somehow I picture that home schooled 13 year old...... With a bow tie of course.

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59najjjj(106 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Every year there is a contest held for the most nonsensical, trite piece of writing an author's fevered mind can come up with. You, Nunyu, would be a shoo-in.

Who the heck is this being, and does he/she/it always share their fevered/drug induced rantings here?

HEY, maybe it's Conan O'Brien practicing a new bit! You gotta love that Coco!

I say we start a Nunya comedy rantings page on Facebook. The perfect idiot venue, for a perfect idiot.

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60YOUNGSTOWNPUNISHER(19 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

Nunya...............ur a pompusssss ass and those colloquial or generalized aspects you referred to I'll have more for you soon! To busy working as oposed to you i do have time to look up elocuent words to show boat myself

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61Westsider8(8 comments)posted 5 years, 6 months ago

I'm ashamed that my city has people who are so disrespectful and racist. I'm speaking of both sides of this argument. I would bet dollars to donuts that very few of the posters on here would publicly act and talk the way they do on here. Anonymity on here shows people's true character. I once read; "Character is how you act when nobody is watching." I think that applies here. I know I have my demons, but what some people are posting is not just hurtful, but also stupid. It's embarrassing.

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62harbres(29 comments)posted 5 years, 5 months ago

Like several have said on here... the real issue at hand is being overlooked by worry about a school name.

The Youngstown City Schools are in serious trouble. People have lost sight of what is important... these kids need educated, they need controlled (by parents and school together). They need guidance not a bunch of adults bickering over the schools name.

Something I have to add here... we wonder why kids act the way they do? Well if their parents are acting the way some of the commenters here do... where do you think they learn their disrespectful ways from? Shouldn't they have some good adult examples?

Just a thought.

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63Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years, 5 months ago


"I'm ashamed that my city has people who are so disrespectful and racist."

Wheres the racist remarks?

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64Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years, 5 months ago

blkpride :

"A great majority of blacks still refuse to conform to the norms of society even with all of the opportunity out there. Education, Job Preference, Food assistance, Free Medical. How much more?!? Get on with your lives."

Just a bit of compassion here eh ? They are getting on with their lives . The norms of society don't embrace their culture . They are forging paths into new territory . They don't feel that they owe society anything . Theirs is an evolving culture where there are no boundries . The clash of cultures occurs when the laws of mainstream society are used to oppress them . Their happiness doesn't doesn't entail making mainstream society happy .

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65YOUNGSTOWNPUNISHER(19 comments)posted 5 years, 5 months ago


Suggest removal:

66redvert(2199 comments)posted 5 years, 5 months ago

Yes but it would get boring!!!

Suggest removal:

67blacklady(1 comment)posted 5 years, 5 months ago

It's really ridiculous how people can argue racism over a name of a school. It's really sad to hear how blacks are always at target for not being sh**. When the comments are spoken about blacks, their parents, their thug look etc. I would like to no what makes a white child or parent any better? Tell me why, because in youngstown it's just not blacks it's whites to. And as a mother of 3 in the youngstown city school district I am very involved with my sons and their education. When someone wants to speak on a individual of any color it targets all colors. Just as there is blacks with foodstamps, medical and cash assistance, their are whites. The color should not be judged by the character of the person. And thats really the problem in the world now, people are so caught up on the color that they do not take the time to look at whats really going on. Bottom-line when people are committing violence, when their are children that don't want to learn, when you see that so called thug look, when their are parents not taking time out with their children with their education, ITS ALL RACES! It is not, no where labled as blacks. When you speak on youngstown city schools Wendy Webb is the one to blame. She is the one that tore down all these school making other schools hold 30 kids in each classroom or more. Limiting their education for the attention they need. Since she has been on the board it's been nothing but headaches. To speak on Boardman schools yes, they have a solid educational structure, and less activity is out there. I love boardman and I acknowledge how they operate on their entire township. They are great, but being white does not make no one better than the other. Just because you see majority blacks not giving a D*** does not mean all are the same. I have been a real mother caring for my kids on my own, and helping them to learn and be the best they can be, so I will say again not all BLACKS are going down the wrong road. Are their whites on welfare? Are their whites that commit violence? Are their white children that mothers don't take time out with? Are their whites that sell drugs? Are all white people financially stable? You no the answer and thats my point.

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68Lifes2Short(3879 comments)posted 5 years, 5 months ago


Watch the video


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69Stan(9923 comments)posted 5 years, 5 months ago

"The board’s current plan to place all failing students from all middle schools in the new building is “segregated tracking,” he said, arguing that the new middle school, “in essence, will serve as [school board] President [Anthony] Catale’s prep school for the school-to-prison pipeline he’s been promoting.”

The kids going to this school will be deprived of the ability to compete with achievers . Their existence will revolve around culture and not academia . Perhaps there should be no grading system in this school that will label them as not up to par .

Suggest removal:

70AXLE69(181 comments)posted 5 years, 5 months ago

usa0 pro-teabagger,I love how you always manage to slip something about unions into your posts no matter the subject matter. Still playing the hypocrite card eh? For those of you that don`t know,usa0 pro-teabagger was an active member of the UAW from 1983 until 2006 where he enjoyed generous wages and benefits thanks to his contract negotiated by the union.

Suggest removal:

71Laurieljc(63 comments)posted 5 years, 5 months ago

Protesting the name of a school? With the issues that we have in Youngstown, and, in particularly, in our schools, why not protest drop-out rates, school violence, or bullying? Well, he won't be protesting bullying because that is just what Mr. Warren is doing....trying to bully the mayor into changing the name to something that he finds acceptable. Shame on you, Mr. Warren. With all of the problems that Youngstown has, your protest is a waste of energy that could be better spent on things-like maybe volunteering in the classroom or mentoring these kids.

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