Not a fan of life in the city

Not a fan of life in the city

I am writing in response to the writer who proclaims there is a lot to love about Youngstown, yet, this person resides in Austintown.

I am sick of these people coming here and proclaiming thugstown — not Youngstown — is so great to live in. Tell me where. All this person was writing about was those bars downtown. All we hear about is downtown this, downtown that. Last I checked, there are four sides of town, but all you hear is downtown.

What’s so great about downtown? All I see is bars for the elite folk to bar hop and get nasty and drunk. Where are any improvements in the city? Sure not from where I live on the East Side. This city is full of anarchy, run by a monarchy, and there’s no democracy unless you side with these wannabe thug politicians here.

And please, tell me what the mayor has brought to this city other than lasting shame? You look at the news and in the paper, and all I see is him mugging and shining for the media.

And don’t get me going about these useless storm troopers called cops. All they do is ride around. Now these leaders wanna get tough on crime? Oh yeah, now we have the pleasure of the money-raising pullover-a-thon known as zero tolerance, which doesn’t solve a thing or put a dent in crime. What a joke.

As a veteran of the U.S. Navy, it was our job to protect our country and make it safe. Now as a civilian, where is my protection? I’m either gonna get mugged, shot and/or killed by these urban terrorists, or the cops are gonna, uhh ... beat me up. Hey, it’s true.

This person who wrote the May 3 letter couldn’t fathom what we as decent citizens hear and see daily: drug sales all up and down the streets, no vice units shutting them down, muggers mugging the muggers, cops looking the other way, loitering at mostly these corner stores in the hood.

These leaders are putting on a dog and pony show. So what’s to love about Youngstown? With this current bunch in leadership, not a thing.

Abdul Harris, Youngstown