Angler hopes lure catches on

A moment of inspiration at the kitchen table sparked an idea that a New Springfield man hopes will catch on with anglers around the world.

The idea, says Ron Dennison, was for a three-part articulated plug that would dance and wiggle in front of his favorite game fish. He doodled up a prototype and came away with a lure he found to be very effective.

Today, his living room is full of boxes containing his patented Triple D Action Max.

“I was sitting at the table one day thinking that I’d never seen a triple plug,” Dennison said. “I had seen two-part plugs, but not a three-part. So I cut up a wooden lure and put it back together.”

Voila! The Triple D Action Max was born.

The prototypes and subsequent versions featured a small metal lip and behaved more like a jerkbait, Dennison said. Recently, however, as the patent was about to expire, Dennison tooled up a plastic-body rendition that sports a plastic lip.

Today’s Triple D Action Max is designed to be fished as a crankbait, Dennison said. At 4 inches long, the three-part body undulates enticingly as anglers pull it through the water.

The new version is patented, and Dennison arranged for a manufacturer to make 2,000 lures. Now he is working at finding retail outlets and has talked with major retailers over the past several months.

“Gander Mountain has expressed interest, so I’m hoping it will be on the market soon,” Dennison said.

In the meantime, he’s put some in the hands of walleye pro Sammy Cappelli, who promised to put the Triple D Action Max to a test over the past several days at Mosquito Creek Reservoir.

Dennison said the Triple D Action Max works well on walleyes and bass. He’s also caught giant crappies and bluegills on the bait.

“When I got the new plastic baits, I went out to the one-acre lake on my property and caught a bluegill on the first cast and a crappie on the second,” Dennison said.

The lure also tricked a 5-pound largemouth as well as a 2-pound crappie.

“I also caught a really nice walleye on it in the Mahoning River in Lowellville,” he said.

The Triple D Action Max is available in six color combinations: black and silver, chartreuse with black back stripes, green with black and white spots, dark blue with gold and silver, black with gold and rainbow trout.

The plastic lip is configured to pull the plug down to 3 to 5 feet, depending on line size and retrieve speed.

Dennison said the three-piece body is designed to wobble like a live fish, the extra action serving to attract interest of hungry predators.

And now he’s hoping that retailers are equally as hungry for the creation.

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